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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Mystic Tomato

Card Number - MRL-094

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 07.11.03

SomeGuy Friday - Revisiting Mystic Tomato

When this card is sent to the Graveyard as a result of battle, you may select 1 DARK monster with and ATK of 1500 or less from your Deck and Special Summon it to the field in face-up Attack Position (no Tribute is required for monsters of Level 5 or higher). The Deck is then shuffled.

Card Number MRL-094
Card ID No. 83011277

With the release of Don Zaloog, Mystic Tomato will get the necessary boost it needs to become a very playable Monster. But besides the obvious use of Don Zaloog in the near future, Mystic Tomato also works very well with Monsters such as Witch of the Black Forest, Sangan, and Cannon Soldier.

Witch of the Black Forest or Sangan searched by Mystic Tomato, makes for some very solid card advantage. While a timely searched for Cannon Soldier can potentially help end some close games. So whatever the situation calls for, chances are Mystic Tomato can sustain it.

Mystic Tomato will only get more playability as the sets go by.

Rating: 3.7/5 
SandTrap Well, it's finally Friday! Time for our last CotD for this week. Let's look at Mystic Tomato, a card that will see more play when the next set is released. And after seeing pictures of all the SCR/UR/SR cards, I'd say it is coming pretty soon.

Mystic Tomato is so sexy. If you wanted, you could have the Tomato be killed in battle, search for Sangan, have that die, search for Witch of the Black Forest, have that die, and then search for Jinzo. Excellent idea if you want to keep up the hand advantage. With this and Sinister Serpent being continuously discarded each turn, you could be gaining +3 cards each turn (draw + sinister + search). Sounds fun :D

So, how else can Mystic Tomato be used? Good question, lil' Billy. Well, with Don Zaloog coming out, Mystic Tomato can either search for Witch, Sangan, Cannon Solider, Don Zaloog, or even another Tomato. And in this game, with a usual one summon per turn, keeping monsters on the field is very important. 

Also, think about CS's uses. Snatch/CoH a Gemini, summon Cannon Solider, hit with both, and launch the Gemini. That's 1900 + 1400 + 500 = 3800. That's 1/2 the opponent's LPs with 2 cards. I like that. Or you could launch a set Witch, grab Jinzo, and tribute CS for it. I mean, there are many uses for it, and with tons of LP deletion being played already (ie, Hand Disruption, Lily, etc), CS can win games, and Mystic Tomato can help bring it out whenever you need it.

Rating: 4/5. I gave Mystic Tomato a high rating because of the great usage and synergy it has with other commonly-played cards. I myself will most likely be playing at least 1, especially when I get my hands on some Don Zaloogs. 
DuelMonster Friday:
Mystic Tomato
Magic Ruler: 094/Rare
Effect: When this card is sent to the graveyard as a result of battle, you may select 1 DARK monster with an attack of 1500 or less from your deck and Special Summon it to the field in face-up Attack Position (no Tribute is required for monsters of Level 5 or more). The deck is then shuffled.

Surprisingly I don't think this card has been reviewed for being about a year old now. The card is mostly seen in Exodia Decks to summon Sangan and WotBF or even summon Exodia pieces for the intent of Hane-Haneing it back to your hand or for them to get destroyed and then BackUp Soldiering them to your hand. He has a couple enemies though, If killed while Banisher is out, while Ha-Des is out by a fiend, or destroyed by Lesser Fiend he won't get his effect to Special Summon a monster.

I've never had this card in any deck I've built, mostly because I don't play Exodia, I don't care to get a specific monster out that quick and it has to be destroyed in battle and sent to the Graveyard to activate, so if it gets Dark Holed, Raigekied or Fissured he won't activate either. The most I'd use it for is to get a Wall Of Illusions out to take or prevent the next hit.

Casual: 2.5
Tourney: 3.0
ArtWork: 2.5 
Vortex XD Friday July 11, 2003

Hmm, life is so cool and busy. Ah well, todayís card is Mystic Tomato. 

Mystic Tomato 
Card Number MRL-094
When this card is sent to the Graveyard as a result of battle, you may select 1 DARK monster with and ATK of 1500 or less from your Deck and Special Summon it to the field in face-up Attack Position (no Tribute is required for monsters of Level 5 or higher). The Deck is then shuffled. 

I personally love this cardís effect. Not only does it thin your deck, but it can search for potential Monsters that can help your current situation. Think of 2 great DARK Monsters with attacks lower then 1500. Ahhh, the first two cards that pop up in my mind are Witch of the Black Forest and Sangan. These are both great monsters that are played in a lot of great decks in this game. Just by using Tomato, and getting Witch or Sangan with its effect, you can thin your deck down by 2 cards. And remember, thinning your deck is good in this game because you draw the cards you need more often. Cannon Soldier can also be gotten with this card. 

The real truth is, the Tomato has yet to show its true potential until Pharonic Guardian is released (which is actually quite soon). It can grab monsters like (all in original Japanese Names) Don Zaruug, Dark Jelloid, Nyudoryua, and Soul Hunting Spirit. All of these cards are great, and deck worthy. Grab the good monsters while thinning your deck along the way. I would certainly suggest trying it out in a Disruption Deck, especially with Pharonic Guardian around the corner. Only problem I can see is its weak attack, and sometimes, not a very good monster to get when youíve already used up all your DARK monsters =/.

Casual: 3.5/5
Tournament: 3/5

Once Pharonic Guardian is released:
Casual: 3.8/5
Tournament: 4/5

Yes, how do I come up with these weird ratings =/ ? 


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