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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Card Destruction

Card Number - SDY-042

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 07.10.03

SomeGuy Thursday - Revisiting Card Destruction

Both players must discard their entire hands and draw the same number of cards that they discarded from their respective decks.

Magic Card
Normal Magic
Card Number SDY-042
Card ID No. 72892473
Super Rare

Card Destruction pretty much has the same uses as before. Besides in a few types of decks, it's rarely ever Main Decked. Although, he does do a decent job in the Side Deck once a good Exodia Deck comes your way. But with cards such as Fiber Jar and Backup Soldier, Exodia isn't as afraid of Card Destruction anymore.

The reason why Card Destruction isn't good enough to be Main Decked in every deck, is for the sheer fact that it's card disadvantage. If you're holding one card in your hand besides Card Destruction, it's a two-for-one deal. Unless you're holding a Sinister Serpent, Card Destruction is a very situational draw card.

Let it sit in your Side Deck for the time being.

Rating: 2.9/5 
SandTrap Well, hehe, I got a few interesting opinions on yesterday's CotD Review. Let me take this time to reflect upon those responses.

Jason, the Canadian Puzzle Duelist: You seriously owe me a duel ;). I want to play against so many beatsticks :D. And yes, Cannon Solider will be g0dly in the next set in the right deck. Now if you could just hook me up with some Pokemon stuff...

Ken, the Back-Up-Now-Main-Puzzle-Duelist: You don't like me cussing? I will ****ing cuss any ****ing time I ****ing feel like using my potty mouth. Did you like that? Yeah, you liked that, *****! Rofl. :D

Anyone else I neglected: Um...tough? Ionno...

Yeah, so anyways, today's CotD Review is on...Card Destruction! w00t!!

Still have that Card Destruction sitting in the Side Deck, waiting for an Exodia player to stumble into your tournament scene. Well I'm not sure...oh wait...I'm getting a newsflash just now...this just in...Exodia sucks! Why bother keeping CD in the Side Deck with all the disruption we already have, along with the fact that Exodia sucks in the first place? Maybe you could try maindecking it. *Gasps of horror are heard in the background*

Well, this card has its ups and downs. For the Ups, this card can speed up your deck, and allow you to dump big monsters like Jinzo and small ones like Sinister Serpent into the graveyard. By having a faster deck, you can get to those valuable card-drawing, hand-disrupting, and staplish cards that much faster. And the faster, the better. With Jinzo in the graveyard, it is easier to summon it with the recursion cards. Sinister in the graveyard = Sinister in the hand. Plus, Sinister Serpent can add to your hand count, and thus give you more cards when using Card Destruction.

Another bonus is disrupting the opponent's hand. Why are cards like Witch and Sangan valuable? Because, not only do you increase your card hand advantage, but you get to search for a card that you need in whatever situation you happen to be in. A reason that players wait till Main Phase 2 to use hand disruption like The Forceful Sentry is to see if the card searched via Witch/Sangan may be dangerous. Well, Card Destruction can work the same way. If you know that the opponent just searched for a valuable or powerful monster, get rid of it. If you know your opponent has a really nice hand, then use Card Disruption to annoy them and potentially ruins any future plans they had with those cards. Plus, with Yata-Garasu going back to the player's hand at the end of the player's turn, you know you'll nail that Yata with a well-placed Card Destruction.

Now, the downsides...well, using this card means a -1 in the Card Advantage department. Plus, topdecking this card won't exactly be the best pull in the world. Drawing this when you have a great hand won't help either, or when you know that the opponent's hand sucks. But hey, if the opponent's hand sucks, then you win anyways, right? The worst thing you could do with Card Destruction is help give speed to the opponent. Just try to know what your opponent has or doesn't has via hand disruption, reading the opponent, or just general communication. If you can save Card Destruction for when you know you will have the advantage, then you will speed up your deck and put you in a better position to win the Duel.

Rating: 3.4/5. I honestly am going to start playtesting this card, purely for the disruption/Yata factor. And hey, with me already using Painful Choice to get Sinister out fast, I can use it with CD as well and help give me a bigger hand. I mean, you could use this card and get exactly what you need to cope with a certain situation. Just don't get unlucky and topdeck it against a Jinzo or something =/ 
DuelMonster Thursday:
Card Destruction
Yu-Gi Starter: 042/Super Rare
Regular Magic: Both players must discard their entire hands and draw the same number of cards that they discarded from their respective Decks.

I LOVE THIS CARD...It has been in my deck since the beginning of my playing days. I would rate this card up there with the 6 staples but most see this as a half and half card, which it kind of is, I mean, If you have no cards in your hand and you opponent has anything more than 3 cards in theirs it can be mean, or if you have a bad hand, you can try for a better one. But if you have a handful of good monsters it may sit in your hand for a while. The main use for this card is either being side-decked for Exodia or in a Deck Destruction Deck. It can be pretty fun to use with Penguin Solder and Giant trunade sending card more cards to the Graveyard and increasing the number of cards your opponent has to draw. Also using it after your opponent grabs a card from Sangan/WotBF dieing or playing Graceful Charity is the harshest.

This card will never loose it's value, well not money value because it has none since it's a Yu-Gi Starter Deck card and it's restricted one-per deck so everybody who doesn't buy a starter can get one for probably free off someone who bought 3 of each starter like most people who can afford it do, but where I was going with this... It effect will always be needed it some deck somewhere no matter what sets get released.

Casual: 4.0
Tourney: 4.5
ArtWork: 3.2 
Pegasus Card Destruction, 7-10-03: 

Since it came out in the Yugi Starter deck, this is one of the oldest cards in the English game. Most people use it as a deck-thinner, a method of hand destruction, a method of deck destruction, or to discard cards from their hand (or their opponent's hand) to revive them. You can gain back some of the cards you discard with Super Rejuvenation, if you discarded dragons, so this card may actually help your card advantage. 

Unfortunately, it's restricted to one. Not to mention it does the same thing to your opponent. But that can be a good thing against Exodia decks, for example. 

Another problem is magic cards. To protect yours you'd either have to use them or set them, and setting them sets them up to be destroyed by Heavy Storm or the like. Better to keep them in your hand so you get to draw more cards. 


Casual: 3/5 in the right deck 

Tourney: 2.5/5 in the right deck  


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