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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Dark-Piercing Light

Card Number - MP1-015

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 1.07.03


Dark Piercing Light

One of the Supers in MP1. Quite playable as you would know exactly what your opponent have down there so you can decide whether you want to get rid of them or attack them. However, your opponent still gets the flip effects, which makes it less playable. Another similar card which is a LOT better, IMO, is Ceasefire from PSV. A quite underrated card (Ceasefire, not Dark Piercing Light) that you should definitely check out.

Overall, DPL is not that useful. You want to keep your deck as close to 40 cards as you possibly can and I don't think it's worth it to put this card as it takes up a precious space. If you want to play with it, just stick with Ceasefire...

Rating: 2/5
Yonex Dark-Piercing Light -- Wednesday

Introduction: Can i get a collar with that?

Normal Magic
Flip all of your opponent's face-down Monster Cards on the field face-up.
The Effect of the monsters will activate at this time.

+Reveals monster

-Gains effects
-Opponent's only

Analysis: Today we continue the McDonald trend by looking at Dark-Percing
Light. This card is pretty much a slim down version

of Swords of Revealing Light. This just flips all of your opponent's monster
face up. This can be good, since you will actually be

knowing what your attacking into, maybe for strategy? But like Swords, your
opponent gains any effect, which can be bad.

Also, it's only your opponent, so you cannot do it to yourself to gain that
quick 1 turn flip effect. So it has really bad points :/

Rating: Not good magic overall. Ceasfire is way better than this card. It
does damage to the monsters, and doesn't allow any of

the effects to happen. Really poor version of Swords of Revealing Light. It
gets a 2.3.

Conclusion: Other cards make this card bad.
wartortle32 Wednesday - Dark Piercing Light

Today we look at dark piercing light. The effect is similar to SORL without the stall effect. It flips all the opponent's monsters face up, but it does not
negate the effects.

We look at another McDonald's promos. Since the flip effects (if any) are activated, this card is not all that great. However, there are some benefits. Being able to see all the monsters lets you easily decide in what order you want to attack the opponent's monster, since you can easily compare the attack strength of your monsters with the defense of the opponent. I dont think it is worth the space in your deck though. Ceasefire is a much better card, but I guess that's pretty obvious.

1.6/5. Not really all that useful like pretty much every card in the MD promo set.


Wednesday - Dark Piercing Light

This can be a fun card.  It also has quite a few uses.  You acn take the element of surprise away from your opponent.  You can also ruin and tricks he would have with flip effects.

There are also a lot of times during game play that your opponent is just throwing face down monsters into play to buy himself some time.  This let's you see if they are just stalling or leading you into a trap.

This is probably one of the more interesting and useful cards out of the McDonald's promo set.

Rating: 3.6
SomeGuy Wednesday - Dark Piercing Light

Today we take a look at another one of the Super Rares that has recently been released in the MP1 set.

You know that side effect that Swords of Revealing Light has that doesn't get much attention paid to it? Well, when you take away the part that says 'your opponent's Monsters can't attack for three turns', you get Dark Piercing Light.

So yes, it's a below average card in my book. Why play it when you can just use a Swords of Revealing Light or even better, Ceasefire. Sure they are both restricted, but you wouldn't need more than two cards that flip your opponent's Monsters over anyway.

_If_ Dark Piercing Light had the added effect that 'all Monsters with flip effects would have their effects negated', it would of been a pretty good side deck choice. But what do you expect from a set that's distributed at a Fast Food joint?

Does Dark Piercing Light give you any advantage whatsoever? Not really. Maybe if you and your opponent both had 1000 LP remaining while you had a solo Hayabusa Knight vs. his face down solo Giant Soldier of Stone. But that may never happen to you.

Besides that fictional settting, the only time that it will give you a real advantage is if your opponent has a face down Man-Eater Bug while you have nothing on the field. You could play Dark Peircing Light causing his M-EB to destroy himself, allowing you to play your Monster from your hand safely.

Rating: 1.9/5

Wednesday - Dark-Piercing Light
Wait, aren't there three cards that can do this already?  When I see this card, I think of Swords of Revealing Light, Light of Intervention, and (a personal favorite) Ceasefire.  This card, on its own, isn't very good.  It just gives your opponent an early excuse to activate Flip effects.  Actually, maybe it's not that bad.  You can see your opponent's strategy (albeit a little too late), and you can avoid hitting a Wall of Illusion or something, but that's about it.  I would rather use Ceasefire than this guy, because at least that does damage :/.  As I said for Millennium Shield, keep it in tradeable condition =/
Score: 2.4


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