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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Gravity Bind

Card Number - PSV-073

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 01.27.03


Gravity Bind

Let's all mourn for the Raider's lost yesterday at Superbowl XXXVII... T_T

Now, I'm not a huge Football fan or anything, but Oakland is so near to me that I just HAD to support the Raiders.

Once that is done, let's get back to the CoTD. Gravity Bind. One of my most favorite Trap cards released so far. It stalls your opponent if he's playing Beatdown until he can remove GB or at least get a Jinzo out. It's great in Exodia decks. You can also make a good Gravity Bind decks by playing Crass/Dream Clowns, Hayabusa Knight, White Magical Hat, Goddess of the Whim, Giant Soldier of Stone, and some others.

It's a really effective card in the right deck. That's why I'm giving it a high rating.

Rating: 4.5/5

Yonex Gravity Bind -- Monday

Introduction: Stop right there!

Continuous Trap
All monsters of Level 4 or higher cannot attack. Their positions may still
be changed.

+Stops attacks
+Trap Card

-Trap Card

Reasons: We start of this week with another card to help Weenie decks,
Gravity Bind. The whole point of this card is really to stop attacks, or to
prevent all attacks coming. This means that only level 3 and lower monsters
can attack, which includes very few attackers. Most of the time, this card
is use with all the Weenie monsters, Dream Clown, Cannon Soldier, etc.
However, it is somewhat in effective, in decks that needs to wait to get a
combo setup, Exodia is a good example. This card is also effective with it
being a Trap Card. This means that when your opponent is about to attack,
you can use it to negate an attack, if the level of the monster is 4 or
higher. However, this card is a Trap Card is also a bad side. With Jinzo's
being everywhere, it will hurt this card badly.

Rating: A card only to be in certain decks, mainly Weenie decks and decks
that require a combo. This card is solid for what it does. It gets a 3.3. It
is really good, but with an easy Mystical Space Typhoon or Heavy Storm, this
card is gone.

Conclusion: Use this card wisely.


Gravity Bind

In a bind your opponent will be,
No way out your opponent will see,
But when they blast you with Storm are Typhoon,
You will feel like a big fat buffoon!

Today we are reviewing the ever so annoying Gravity Bind! What makes this sooo darn good you ask? Easy, by keeping it in play, you can tear beat down a new one. Gravity Bind even has a whole deck type based on it. One of them being Clown Control ALA SomeGuy. When playing a gravity bind based deck, you usually want to make sure you have ways to counter cards like Mystical Space Typhoon and Heavy storm. That is why Prohibition is also a staple in these type of decks. Jinzo also rains on Gravity binds parade. So make sure to run plenty of counter type cards when playing Gravity Bind =)

Rating? 4.0 a real solid control deck staple.

SomeGuy Monday - Gravity Bind



Gravity Bind is the card that many deck types arose from. This card pretty much single handedly made Exodia, Burn, and Weenie decks viable in tournament formats [As well as CC ;)].

With the aid of Counters, Prohibition and the like, this card can completely crush the average beatdown that we see so much of these days. Against decks such as Velocity Prime and new age beatdown decks, you'll definately have to do more thinking and strategizing, but the win can be pulled off.

The worst part to Gravity Bind, is that decks based around it get slaughtered by Jinzo. So having a plan ready just incase they summon Jinzo is very necessary.

Also drawing a Gravity Bind when you already have one on the field can be slightly annoying. Especially if you crucially need a card to give you game advantage.

Rating: 3.9/5

Monday - Gravity Bind
Ah yes, the card that everyone loves to hate.  When beatdown users see this card, they moan and groan.  If they don't get rid of this thing, or get out a Jinzo, they're in, like, trouble.  Your Hayabusa Knights, White Magical Hats, and Dream Clowns are free to run amok under the protection of binding gravity.  Heck, your Jinzo #7's are free to do almost what they want, just watch out for opposing Hayabusa/WMH/Dream Clown :/  I would be careful 2nd/3rd game, though, because if they swap in a Prohibition and Prohibition Gravity Bind, you lose unless you also run Messenger of Peace :/  This card works excellent in Dream Clown decks, Exodia decks, burner decks, and stall decks.  Beatdown decks, you COULD run it as tech to create a field-wide lockdown (similar to Thousand-Eyes Restrict), but if you can't get it off the field, you could be in trouble.  This guy is lockdown in a bottle, all you have to do is open the cap.
Score: 3.4 (wuv this)
Adam F. Hey, my first card of the day and we get to look at a favorite of mine:

Gravity Bind
Continuous Trap
All monsters of Level 4 or higher cannot attack. Their positions may still be changed.

I like this card. Some people would say otherwise because most people run cards that are level 4 or higher, AND because the level 3’s that people use are useful (Hayabusa Knight, etc.), but this card, when in the right deck, can spell horror for your opponent.

If you run a deck like “clown control”, this card is a must. It prevents your opponent from attacking, and gives you a lock, allowing you to attack with clowns or hayabusa knight, etc.

If you run a beatdown, obviously, this card is going to screw you over royally, needless to say, don’t run it.

If you run an Exodia deck, this card will allow you to stall to get out more pieces, most of the time, so is definitely one for the main or side deck. Combine with Labyrinth wall for a great stalling opportunity.

Combining this with level 3 effect cards could save you in a tight spot. The card is great for a stall deck. It has its ups and downs, and I find it very useful most of the time.

I give this card a 4/5, If you aren’t running a beatdown, I’d say put it in your sidedeck for sure, it will allow you to stop a beatdown opponent dead in their tracks, and it will allow a stall for time if you need it.


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