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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Card Number - EDS-001

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 01.17.03

wartortle32 Friday - Exchange

Today we look at exchange. You and your opponent show each other your hands. You take one of his cards and vice versa. You cannot use this card if you have no cards in your hand.

I went to a tournament 2 weeks ago, and this card was the reason I lost. This card can be lethal, especially when you use it on your first turn and you go first. The opponent will be unable to negate it and chances are you can take a powerful restricted/semi restricted card. And if you set your powerful cards down on the field before you use this, the opponent will get nothing good in return. But later in the game, using this becomes more risky as the opponent's hand will usually be smaller and the chance of finding a better card to take will be smaller.

I give it a 3.5/5. You may want to side deck this.  Exodia players had better find some ways to counter this. Maybe get your own exchange to take back your pieces if the opponent takes one of your pieces with exchange.



Take any card from your opponent you choose,
Make a bad choice and you will lose,
Be sure to have nothing good first,
When played right your opponent will be in for it...the WORST.

What can I say? I love writing about cards I love. This simply is my favorite card. The cool picture is backed up by a really strategic effect the card has. In Yu-Gi-Oh, a single card can turn around the game and tilt the odds in your favor. Having a lot of choices (via your opponent's hand) is more than enough to put you in the driver's seat.

Exchange also ends the game for Exodia decks. Take a piece from their hand, and they are history. Where I play, people know that I use this card constantly, as a result I find them placing good magic and trap cards face down in order to avoid the nasty exchange effect. What that does is puts them in heavy storm range.

The downside is that your opponent also gets to take a card from YOUR hand, but you have the timing advantage, which is intricate to using this card to it's best potential.

My rating? 4.5 It should at least be side decked in EVERY deck. This baby is a keeper.
SomeGuy Friday - Exchange

Hehe, This is a fun card. Tournament wise, the best use for it is in your Side Deck. If your opponent is playing Exodia, it works just as well as playing a Card Destruction against them.

Obviously the best way to abuse it's power is to set all your good cards while keeping your worst card in your hand. That way you can give your opponent a card you don't need. The problem with exchange is that it's a 2-1 for one card. Meaning it costs you the Exchange as well as a card from your hand in order to take a card from your opponent's hand. This doesn't necessarily make a bad card though.

Your worst card for your opponent's best card is almost always good. Unless your opponent only had one card and it was worse than the one you had.

IMO it isn't maindeck quality, but having 1-2 in your sidedeck will occasionally help you out.

Exchange is easily the better card out of the three (Skull Dice, Grateful Dice & Exchange), and it being Upperdeck legal is very cool.

Rating: 2.9/5

Not good enough to snatch a 3, but much better than alot of the other Video Game Promos.

Friday - Exchange
With the legalization of promo cards in tourneys (now all we need are rulings ~_^), we can now justify rating them!
This is a fun card, quite honestly.  It's best utilized when it's the only card in your hand.  You get one of your opponent's cards, and they get.............nothing!  (There is not an official ruling about this at this time, so don't send me any hate mail if this turns out to be an illegal move.)  Or, you could use it with one other card in your hand and give them something useless =\   It's good to take an opponent's restricted card, like Raigeki or Change of Heart.  Since not everyone knows about the promos (well, they do now ~_^), it will come as a surprise.  I would run 1-2 in your side deck, if you feel your opponent has excellent drawing luck.  If not, then just keep them in your binder.  Someone will want them, probably =/
Score: 2.9 (mainly due to its fun factor)
Yonex Exchange -- Friday

Introduction: Gimme some good! Give you something bad.

Normal Magic
Both players show their hands to each other. You both select one card from
each other's hand and add it your own. When the

cards are sent to the Graveyard, they are placed in the Graveyard of the
original owner.

+Gain Cards
+Look at opponent hand

-Show hand to opponent
-Lose cards

Analysis: With the Promo path finally revealed, what better card to pick,
then a card from the set. Today, we look at Exchange.

This is a very interesting card. It pretty much switch cards with your
opponent. You can gain cards, since if you have a bad
hand, and they have a good hand, you gain something good. Also, you get to
look at your opponent's hand, which is always good. Finally, this hand idea can counter whatever combo they are planning. Cyberjar, Exodia, etc. The bad is this is a little bit of luck, hoping your opponent has something good. Also, you have to show your opponent your hand, meaning your opponent can make a plan too. The ideal of drawing this card at the wrong time, can spell you losing cards, rather then gaining.

Rating: Still a fun card to play with. This could definitely see some interesting game plays. This gets a 3.0 in my book.

However, it is not solid enough, yet.....

Conclusion: Exchange this for another card in your deck?



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