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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Image from Upper Deck

Exodia (Revisited) - All 5 Pieces
Playable Now?

Card Number - LOB-124

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 02.05.03


Exodia The Forbidden One, Left Arm of The Forbidden One, Right Arm of The Forbidden One, Left Leg of The Forbidden One, and Right Leg of The Forbidden One

We're reviewing 5 cards at once today. =)

Exodia was reviewed when LOB first came out. However, last time there wasn't really any support for Exodia decks. We don't even have Witch of the Black Forest and Sangan...

Let's fast forward to now. We can now use 2 more reliable stall cards other than Swords of Revealing Light and they are Messenger of Peace and Gravity Bind. We also have the Painful Choice + Backup Soldier combo to get the pieces faster. We also have Prohibition to protect your Gravity Bind and Messenger of Peace from a Heavy Storm, making it harder for your opponent to get rid of them. In the next set, Labyrinth of Nightmare, we will also get one card that allows you to get back the pieces that were removed from the game via Nobleman of Crossout or Soul Release. You should also sidedeck a couple of discard cards (like The Forceful Sentry and Confiscation) to combat against your opponent's Exchanges. Monster Recovery also provides as an alternate Hane-Hane and lets you draw a fresh hand. Talking about Hane-Hane, it will soon be absolete thanks to Penguin Soldier which is coming out in the new Joey's Starter Deck. Penguin Soldier allows you to return up to 2 Monster cards from the field to their owner's hand. This allows you to Reborn your pieces via Premature Burial, Call of the Haunted, Monster Reborn, The Shallow Grave and Spear Cretin and then bounce them all back to your hand.

As you can see, Exodia decks have gotten a lot stronger now. You might notice an increase of Exodia Decks especially after PSV came out. Once LON and the new Starters come out though, Exodia would be a lot stronger. However, don't forget that we will also get more anti-Exodia cards like Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer. A similar method of winning to Exodia is through the FI.N.A.L. Destiny Board which is also coming out in LON. Some people think you could combine both themes into one deck but that would not be as effective as you need a lot of cards. Just stick with Exodia. =) 

Rating in an Exodia Deck: 5/5 (well, you HAVE to have all 5 pieces in an Exodia deck so... ;-P)

Rating: 4/5 (Exodia is one of the most playable decks right now next to Beatdown and Clown Control)
SomeGuy Wednesday - Exodia (Revisited)

Once again we take a look at the extremely popular, Exodia. Everyone who gets a piece ends up wanting the whole set. Though, most of the time they don't come easy.

Personally, I prefer to Ebay the Exodia sets that I come by, rather than play with them. It IS a pretty decent deck, but, it's more of a casual deck. And casual play is something I don't usually have the time for. You can say I'm a 95% tournament player, 5% casual.

I'm not saying it can't win tournaments (I've seen it win plenty), it's just that there is so much Exodia hate in the enviroment, and Backup Soldier can't save it all. One card to note is the newly legal Exchange. Unless the Exodia player has Exchange of it's own, it's most likely not going to be seeing it's Exodia piece again.

Looking into the next couple of months, Exodia will steadily gain & lose power, just how it has been doing.

Penguin Soldier is a big plus to Exodia decks. Combo it with Magician of Faith/Mask of Darkness and itself, and you will be able to reuse alot of cards (Preferably Pot of Greed, Graceful Charity, or Monster Reborn/Premature Burial to reuse Witch/Sangan).

We also get Graceful Charity, which is another plus. Drawing is the key to winning in Exodia decks.

And the card that is both good and bad for Exodia.... Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer. In Exodia it stops your opponent from removing your Exodia pieces from the Graveyeard. Against Exodia, it does the removing.

So in short, there are alot of cards that benefit Exodia, but in return there are also plenty that hurt it. If you can play your cards correctly, then you should be able to do pretty well with it. If not, have a fun time topdecking.

Rating: 3.3/5

Adam F. Well… I never thought I’d be reviewing this…

Exodia the Forbidden One
… and all his limbs…

Well, everyone knows what this does, right? No? oh, that’s unfortunate…

Anyone who holds the 5 cards in their hand is declared the winner of the duel… Key words here… IN YOUR HAND!… for some reason, lots of people believe that they can lay one or two of the cards on the field and if they have them in the field/hand combined, they win…Not so (To my knowledge). Just thought I’d clear that up right off…

Powerful cards indeed…

Obviously, combos include

WotBF, Sangan, etc… Stalling with gravity bind, SORL and others are good as well…

If you run these cards in your deck, be ready to counter things like Card Destruction, other hand destruction cards and even cards like Cyber Jar, which would force you to play any pieces that you draw onto the field.

Cards that you should run in an Exodia deck are pot of Greed, anything to stall, and even Upstart Goblin (effectively reduces the number of cards in your deck by 1).

I give these cards 2 different ratings

5/5 in the proper deck. Exodia decks are popular for a reason, these are good cards.
2/5 in the improper deck: an interesting backup plan, but not as effective as if the deck were set up for the sole purpose of getting the pieces of exodia into your hand.

Exodia and the 5 Pieces.

Automatic victory sounds very nice,
You can easily use Sangan as a Sacrifice,
To get the pieces out very fast,
The loss will be hard to get passed.

Exoida OBBBBLIIIIIIIIITEERRRRAAAATE!!! Okay, Okay, that is a little bit overused, but it's the truth. Exodia is one of the most hated decks in the game, and for good reason. Exodia is simply a strategic deck to play. So many cards have great synergy with it. Sangan, Witch of The black Forest, Painful choice, and Back Up Soldier, which seems like it was MADE just for Exodia.

There's 2 ways to simply end Exodia. 1. Get the head in the discard pile, since backup soldier does not retrieve monsters with effects. 2. Use EXCHANGE. Get one of the pieces, and your opponent is not getting it back easily.

So my rating? Separately, they are crap. But when you make a deck built solidly to get out Exodia, you have a lethal weapon on your hands.

Rating: 4.5

It would get a higher rating, but side decks are FILLED with ways to stop Exodia.
wartortle32 Wednesday - Exodia

We'll look at Exodia today. We've already looked at Exodia in the past, but we'll do it again and see what has changed since the last time we saw it. Obviously,
the effect of these 5 parts say that when all 5 are in you hand, you win.

When we last looked at Exodia, Metal Raiders was the latest set out. Back then, we had 2 Sangans and 2 WotBF to help get Exodia. Since then, we have had a
bunch of cards that have helped and hurt exodia. With the release of magic ruler, it basically killed exodia. There were so many hand disruption cards, that it was near impossible to win once someone knew your strategy and put their hand disruption cards in. But now with Pharoah's Servant, it brought back Exodia. Most of you know the Painful Soldier+ Backup SOldier combo that was allowed by the release of Pharoah's Servant. Now, it isn't all that impossible to get exodia in 2 or 3 turns. But with the release of Labyrinth of Nightmare, I dont see a good future
for Ea lota decks. There are alot of graveyard removal cards in LoN, so you had better find a way to bring back removed pieces ifRightuse Exodia.

RIght now, I'm going to give Exodia a 4/5 for the current metagame. Most likely it will decrease in usefulness with the release of LoN, but only time will tell...
IQ Exodia

If you're thinking about ever using Exodia you have a major decision in your hands, because you can either A) Try to build and Exodia deck that can handle your current environment, the Jars and beatdown decks which is something that sounds a lot easier than it is or B) just grab the 5 pieces, Sangan, Witch and splash them into your current deck. As you can see there isn't a easy way to play an Exodia deck because you don't only lose card advantage and are forced to play weaker cards but your opponent could win turn 1 by getting rid of your pieces and using Remove Soul, which should be in every Side Deck.

My point is that even tho Exodia can win you the game is really not worth it, if you get the 5 pieces you're better off selling them and buying either more packs with the cash you get or a Mechanical Chaser.

Rating 3


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