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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Gemini Elf

Card Number - LON - Secret Rare

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 02.24.03


Gemini Elf

We're back to reviewing good cards again. Since LON is coming out really soon, let's start with the reviews shall we?

Gemini Elf is probably one of the most anticipated Secret Rares. Why? Because it has the highest attack for a Non-Tribute Non-Effect Monster. Some people would say, big deal.... Dark Elf and Goblin Attack Force can kill it anyway. With the future release of Scapegoat in the new Joey's Starter Deck though, those 2 cards won't be as effective as they are now. You would probably need a constant big hitter or 2 and Gemini Elf would be a pretty good candidate for that. Some people spent a lot of money to get Mechanicalchasers just for that extra 50 more ATK (and Limiter Removal). Gemini Elf would be considerably easier to get than Chasers but not a lot of people would be able to get multiples of it so soon. This gives you a huge advantage if you can get multiples of them in your Beatdown deck against people who still run stuff like La Djinn, 7 Colored Fish and Harpie's Brother. Heck, you could even build Earth decks with Gaia Power as we have plenty of good Earth Monsters now...

Recently, this card was sold for over $100 on eBay! Either the person who bought it doesn't know the rarity of it or he just wants one really bad. Remember though, LON cards would not be legal in official tournaments until UpperDeck gives us the okay sign. I feel kinda sorry for him/her... =/

Overall, if 1800s are popular in your area, expect Gemini Elf to make a HUGE impact in your tournaments.

Rating: 4/5
Yonex Gemini Elf -- Monday

Introduction: "I'm only 50 more ATK than Mechanicalchaser"

Level 4

+No drawbacks

-Secret rare

Anaylsis: Well I'm back with the Card of the Day. Taking a few weeks off
because of sickness and school work. Back to start this week fresh with our
first look at Labyrinth of Nightmare. First like to say, Upperdeck (Konami)
kept the original name of this card. Now we begin. Currently the strongest
ATK point monster without a drawback. This means that it would toally
replace those people who can't get there hands on Mechanicalchaser unlike
some people *cough* IQ *cough* who has *cough* twelve (12) *cough* (not sick
anymore). But the 100 increase (for most people) is a big step up. That
means that this could dramatically change the tide of mosnters. However,
1800 are still good, but in a 1 on 1 battle, 1800 just doesn't work. Well
there is only one bad, it's a Secret Rare, which can be a good thing if you
really think about it. Many of those people predicted Gemini Elf to be in
Tournament Packs and going to be as hard to get as Mechanicalchaser.
However, Upperdeck suprised everyone by throwing this lady into LON. But
with it being a Secret Rare means it's going to be a bit hard to get. But
I'm sure it won't stop all the collectors/traders/duelists out there. The
other bad thing that this card might have is the current metagaming. With
the release of LON, there are going to me lots of different cards to play,
which means more different decks, than your regular Beatdown w/ Jinzo deck,
or your Weenie deck with Dream Clown. LON will bring many good decks.
However, LON also brings alot of cards to destroy beatdown. Cards preventing
you from attacking or making it harder to attack. So will this be the end of
beatdown? Will effects totally dominate the current meta environment. Only
time will tell.

Rating: A card that really would seem to get a high rating. But however,
this card wouldn't really be consider game breaking since it's just an
attacking monster with no effect. Still a very good card however. It gets a
3.7. Not really a 4 since it really do much except attack.

Concludsion: You will need some money.

wartortle32 Monday - Gemini Elf

Looks like we're starting to do Labyrinth of Nightmare now. Today we look at Gemini Elf. It has an attack of 1900 with no effect.

Obviously, this card will be really popular in beatdown decks. Unfortunately, it is a secret rare, which means it will be really hard to get multiple copies of. Another case of the rich getting richer and the poor poorer. At least now people who could get a MechanicalChaser now have a response without
requiring powerups. It's only 100 atk points higher than your 1800 monsters, so dont get too worked up if you cant get 3. With the new powerup cards in
Labyrinth of Nightmare, it shouldn't really matter.

I'll give it 4.5/5. It's still the strongest level 4 no effect monster in the game. However, I suggest trading this away if you get one as the trade value of
this card is really high.
Monday - Gemini Elf
Since today is Labyrinth of Nightmare's official release date, we're going to look at one of the Secret Rares, and what a Secret Rare it is.  Gemini Elf was originally predicted to be a TP Ultra Rare, but that fell by the wayside, because here it is, the Hobby box Secret Rare for LoN.
Because of this and Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer (which we will review in March), we can kind of declare La Jinn, 7 Colored Fish, and Harpie's Brother obsolete in standard beatdown decks.  Actually, Gemini Elf isn't that much better than the 1800s, because Dark Elf still runs over it, Jirai Gumo still runs over it, Zombyra the Dark (which we will review in March as well, probably) runs over it, and Goblin Attack Force runs over it.  Of course, it holds the distinction as the first non-effect 4-star monster that can destroy Mechanicalchaser on its own, and that will make those non-Machine-deck users that paid $150+ for Chaser on Ebay feel stupid =P.  1800s have another card to fear, and this one is easier to find than Chaser.  Rich players will snatch 3 of these, then you lose =/
Score: 3.7
SomeGuy Monday - Gemini Elf

For those of you that don't know...

Type: Normal Monster
Secret Rare - 24 Pack Boxes

Easily the most hyped-up card in LON (And yes, I DO believe it's somewhat overated).... Between this and Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer, effect-less LV. 4 1800's are not going to be what they once were. There's also Mechanical Chaser, but all in all, most people don't have a playset of these and aren't willing to shell out the cash for them. Which is something I completely agree on.

Personally, I doubt I will be using effect-less 1800's anymore. The only way I see myself using an effect-less 1800 Monster would be in a Dark Necrofear deck. Mainly because La Jinn would work well in there. Besides that, and possibly a Fisherman deck in the future (Giant Red Seasnake/7 Colored Fish), effect-less 1800's just got knocked off the charts. I'm sure ALOT of people will still use them, but the hard-core tournament players will be abusing that advantage.

Rating: 4/5

It's in no way BROKEN, but every little bit counts. Even with cards such as Axe of Despair, Mage Power, and United We Stand in the enviroment.

Monday- Gemini Elf

A 1900 attack with no effect is hard to beat,
Good Lawdy this elf is leet,
Could I get some fries with that shake?
Because looking at those girls makes me wanna mast--nevermind ;x

Wow, just wow. Beat down has just gotten another lethal weapon added to it's already fully loaded Arsenal. Gemini Elf is definitely going to be a card people will want to get 3 of. I mean, this thing is going to see more play than Michael Jackson at Chuckie Cheese (aaaaw aaaw aaaw!!! He's picking on MJ now!!). The 1900 attack makes it over power: Mechanical Chaser, 7 Colored Fish, La Gin, Harpy Brother, and then some. Good thing we still have Dark Elf and Goblin attack force. They will go hand in hand, in the effort to remove Gemini Elf From the field. The beating will be simply worse than Rodney King (wow, now Rodney king, who's next? Dave Thomas?)

I get asked the same question everyday. *Jamaican Voice* "But Mah-Tin, Are 1800s NOW Obsolete?". To answer your question, yes and no. I would actually use Kycoo (Spelling?) and maybe Gierfried the Iron Knight. Kycoo Because of it's strategic effect, and Gierfried because it cannot be Snatch Steeled.

There is a downside however, soon combo decks will be all the rage. Beat down isn't always going to be the deck to play, and when that day comes, we can all simply laugh at the thick wallet people who sat on e-bay for hours on end getting 3 of them the day LoN is legal for tourney play.

So it's time for Martin's Rating. The attack is amazing for a non-effect monster and this thing will definitely have major street value. I give this son of a puppy a 4.5

OK, OK, maybe one more joke...

Gemini Elf is going to be in beat down decks faster than R. Kelly at a girl scout meeting.

-Martin Moreno

Gemini Elf

First I need to get something out of the way.... UD better not change the picture of the elfs or I'll hate them for the rest of me life.

With that out of the way there's only a few things left to say. 4 star, 1900 ATK.

That is all.

Rating 4.5


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