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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Card Number - PSV-053

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 02.21.03



Sweet! Looks like I came back to the Card of the Day on a great day, I just couldn't have asked for a better card to review, thanks whoever picked this card.

Before I start reviewing this card I would like to ask that if there are any young kids in the audience they should leave the room right about now and that if there's anyone with a fragile mind reading this, they should also leave the room at this time.

That is all.

With that out of the way it's time to tear this awful, awful card a new one. >;~) First of all this card will never ever be activated, why you ask? Simple, this is a game where board control changes every turn and the game depends on what broken card each player will draw next. The game is not determined by building up your army and then taking out your opponent in one hit, but by trying to sneak in damage as often as you can. Everyone who's been playing this game longer than a month and who doesn't have the IQ of an 8 year old knows every turn a player tries to remove the monster in play, hope his monster doesn't fall into a trap hole and swing for about 1800 damage before ending his turn and having his opponent do the exact same thing. Yes, there are different scenarios like someone reborning a fatty or dropping a Jinzo and the only difference is the amount of damage you get to deal to your opponent.

My point is that in a game like this one you need every resource you can get your hands on and there is just no way in hell why your opponent would have 6 cards in his hand after the end of the first turn. Let's say you somehow managed to activate this card because your opponent is playing a Exodia deck and you have no cards in hand. Now all you have to do to make this card work is flip a coin and call it right..... I've had enough coin flipping back in the Pokemon days and know that anything that requires you to flip a coin will only work half the time.... If you're lucky. That means that if you ever get to activate this card, which you won't... it still won't work half the time. >,<

This is turning out to be a rant more than anything but I feel the need to keep bashing this card just to show how bad it truly is. The last point I want to make is that in this game you have 40 card decks and the way it is there's a lot of good stuff out there to use that makes cutting some cards hard. I can only begin to imagine on what kind of crack you must be to even consider using this P.O.S. (kids, feel free to ask your parents what P.O.S. stands for '>,<'), what card are you going to take out to use a card that will never ever work? What if for some reason you want to use three of them? All I have left to say is that if you don't know what to take out to add three copies of this card to your deck I recommend the following choices:

Mirror Force
Pot of Greed


Rating: I don't care what the great Pojosama says about me giving cards negative numbers, if he feels that this card doesn't deserve the following rating I will be more than glad to give him my non-PG13 reasoning. This card gets a -100 and if you don't agree with me go trade all your shinny cards for pogs!!!!


You can activate this card when your opponent's hand has 6 or more cards and your hand contains 2 or less. Toss a coin and call it. If you call it right, draw until your hand has 5 cards. If you call it wrong, skip your next turn.

If you know me, you would know that I really hate Coin Flips. That's the reason why I would never play cards like Jirai Gumo and Time Wizard. Now, lets look at Gamble. This card can potentially make you draw 2-5 cards! That's a lot of card advantage. Then why isn't it restricted? Let's look at the card further. You can activate it when your opponent has 6+ cards. That makes it unreliable. The best time to use it then, IMO, is if you first, drop/play cards until you have 2 or less and set Gamble down. Then, when your opponent draws, activate Gamble. That's because it's seldom that your opponent would have that many cards in their hand other than that time. Now the problem is, unless you have Counters, your opponent can just Heavy Storm and you would be screwed. Plus, since you can only reliably use it if you go first and have it in the opening hand, it's pointless if you draw it later in the game. Plus, if you call it wrong... That's why you shouldn't play this card. =/

Rating: 1.2/5
wartortle32 Friday - Gamble

You can activate this card when the opponent has 6 or more cards, and you have 2 or less cards in your hand. Then you flip a coin and you call it right, you draw until you have 5 cards. If you call it wrong, you lose your next turn.

This card is pretty bad. The restriction on when it can be activated is enough to make it horrible. The chances where you are in a scenario where the opponent
has 6 or more cards in the middle of a duel is pretty slim. And then you have to flip a coin too. If you call it wrong, you may have screwed yourself for the
rest of the game.

I give this card a 2/5. Maybe if they didn't require a coin flip, it could be useful, but I would just steer clear of this card altogether.
NickWhiz1 Friday - Gamble

This card sucks. That's all I'm gonna say.

Score: 1.2

Friday - Gamble

I think this card was created with neat intentions.  However, it's just not good enough.  The fact that you have to meet two requirements keeps it weak.  Add to the fact that one of those factors is controlled by your opponent and you have a card that is just really hard to play.  I think the effect is great if you can get it off, but it's not gonna see a whole lot of use.

Rating - 1


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