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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Final Countdown

Card Number - DCR-091

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 12.18.03

wartortle32 Final Countdown to the End

Pay 2000 Life Points. After 20 turns have passed after you activate this card (counting the turn you activate this card as the 1st turn), you win the Duel.

This is the cheesiest card I've ever seen. This card only works for stall deck, something that is very rarely played right now. And it's not like this card is going to bring a revival of that deck type. Stalling for 20 turns is very hard in today's metagame especially against a beatdown deck. Then there's the cost to this card. Maybe if they took out the 2000LP payment, this might be somewhat usable. No wait, it would still be horrible. If you run this card, you're basically flushing down 2000 LP and a card down the drain as this effect may succeed once in a hundred duels. You could combo this with pyro clock of destiny, but then you're flushing two cards down the drain as the chances of you lasting 19 turns is still really slim.

I'd give this 1.5/5. If you've got the perfect stall deck, you might want to give it a shot. I've always found stall decks to be really boring to play and play against. Everything goes way too slow... 
Vodkam Thursday 12/18/03: Final Countdown
Normal Spell

Pay 2000 Life Points. After 20 turns have passed after you activate this card (counting the turn you activate this card as the 1st turn), you win the Duel.

Another one of those "Winning without draining your LP" strategies... There are so many ways to use this card. You can use this in a Last Turn deck to drain your life, in an Exodia deck as Plan B, in a Deck Destruction deck... basically any deck that doesn't rely on attacking.

Unfortunately, 20 turns is an awfully long time to wait. With the right amount of stalling cards and protection, it can be done. This is also something you want to draw EARLY in the duel. Getting it 10 turns in makes it pretty useless.

We'll have to wait for the rulings to see if Pyro Clock of Destiny will be one of those cards that can speed this up.

This is a lot of fun for the person using it... absolutely no fun for the opponent. Many people will try to build decks around this and few will succeed.

Casual: 3.2
Tourney: 2.7 
dawnyoshi Final Countdown is certainly a unique card. It adds another alternate victory opportunity to the game, and it's great for budget decks. Sure, some people may think 20 turns (counts both you and your opponent, meaning each time you or opponent begin a turn, it's one turn) is a waste of time. Sure, it will be a LONG duel, but it can be very effective. 

Thousand Eyes Restrict, Fiber Jar, Waboku, and dare I say it, even Pyro Clock of Destiny (finally a use for this card) can help you get 20 turns through quickly. If you can't afford many cards, try this card as a deck theme. Just be sure to get a hold of some Thousand Eye Restricts too...

Constructed: 3.5/5- A very creative card with a lot of potential. Certainly a fun deck to try out, and it can be effective.

Limited: 1/5- You'll never get the support you need for this card in limited. It's best you don't try. 
Final Countdown
Pay 2000 Life Points. After 20 turns have passed after you activate this card (counting the turn you activate this card as the 1st turn), you win the Duel.
Short Print
   I donít like this card. 20 turns is a long time to wait to win. Most duels end in less then 20 turns and by reducing your LP, you will need a miracle to survive that long. Look at it this way, you go first and play FC. You start the duel in the hole 2000 LP and you have to work with that for 19 more turns. What if you pulled it when you have less than 2000 LP?
   I give Final Countdown a 5/10.
Experiment JON Final Countdown

Oh my godÖI have twenty turns to live! Help! Iím going to lose! Noooooo!

Actually, if you thought I was being sarcastic, this card really isnít that bad. Of course you have to pay 2000 life points to activate it, but thatís okÖ All you have to do is sit on your Gravity Bind and Emissary of Peace for 10 of your turns and you win! Not bad, if you make a deck around it.

Unfortunately, this card is pretty slow. Ten turns IS a long time to wait, and with 2000 fewer life points than you had previously, most beatdown decks will tear the life out of you before your little bomb goes off. Of course, pyro clock of destiny will speed this card up, but still it wonít speed it up enough. I do not recommend that you use this card, and just go with something more conventional.

Final Countdown- 3.5/10

Final Countdown
Pay 2000 Life Points. After 20 turns have passed after you activate this card (counting the turn you activate this card as the 1st turn), you win the Duel.
Short Print

wow, interesting card, the upside of this card is, if your opponent couldn't stop your activation, via jammer or imperial, there's no stopping it, the only problem is trying to last 20 turns. most duels range about 10-11 turns, my shortest one was 2 =) but protecting at most 6000 lp isn't going to be an easy task, or if you get yata locked after the card is activated, that could be an interesting scenario, just be sure to count the number of turns, I suppose you could put this in a stall deck, just keep spell canceller and jinzo out to protect yourself, or control the field with GB or MoP, whatever you can do to hold out for 20 turns, but if you really want an automatic victory, stick with Exodia, id even take destiny board over this

Tourney - 1.5/5

Draft - 3/5 - its not that hard to last 20 turns in a draft.

Artwork - 4.5/5- amazing artwork, looks like a setting from a movie, it would look awesome if it were holo

Closing Line- I'll play two dian ketos! then combo with final countdown! in only 20 turns you're done!!! BUAHAHAHA


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