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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

My Body as a Shield

Card Number - MFC-092

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 12.10.03

wartortle32 My Body As A Shield

When your opponent activates a card that has the effect that destroys 1 or more monsters on the field, pay 1500 Life Points to negate the activation of the card and destroy it.

1500 LP is rather steep for negating a card. Of course, there are situations where this card could really save you, such as from a Raigeki. But there also situations where this card will be absolutely useless to you, such as if you top deck this card when you really need something else like a monster. IMO, the only negating cards that you really need are Imperial Order or perhaps some Drains or Spell Shields for more specialized decks. That should be enough to cover you for the duel. There simply aren't enough situations where you could effectively use this card to make it good.

I'd give it 2.4/5. More often than not, you'll find that the 1500 LP could really have helped you later in the duel and may very well cost you the game. 
Wednesday - My Body As A Shield

When your opponent activates a card that has the effect that destroys 1 or more monsters on the field, pay 1500 Life Points to negate the activation of the card and destroy it.

Quick-Play Spell
Card Number MFC-092
1500 Life Points is a steep cost to pay for a card like this. I'm fine with my single copy of Imperial Order, even if it doesn't stop cards such as Mirror Force, Torrential Tribute, or Ring of Destruction.
It does have some potential though. The fact that it's a Spell card, unlike the Counter Traps, gives some nice benefits. It definitely will serve it's purpose once you have a large threat on the Field, such as Jinzo or Airknight Parshath.

Overall it's the high Life Point cost that keeps My Body As A Shield from being abused in multiples, and being activated in the late game, where it's actually much more important.

Terrible in Limited. REALLY terrible. A 1500 Life Point payment? No thanks, I'll let it die. Good Spell/Trap cards that destroy Monster(s) are also very hard to come by in Limited, thus making it even worse.


Constructed - 2.3/5
Limited - 1/5

Vodkam Wednesday 12/10/03: 

My Body As A Shield
Quick-Play Spell
When your opponent activates a card that has the effect that destroys 1 or more monsters on the field, pay 1500 Life Points to negate the activation of the card and destroy it.

This can help you out big time when you have a full field and your opponent smacks you with Dark Hole, Raigeki, Mirror Force, Torrential Tribute or some other nasty card.

1500LP is a lot to pay for this, especially if the card you're stopping is a field cleaner like Dark Hole or Torrential Tribute. It might be worth it if you had...say 3 monsters on the field that you wanted to live (ie. Not Witch or Sangan) but that makes this card extremely situational.

Not a very good card for what you get. I'd rather take my chances with a Spell-Shield Type-8 to stop Raigeki and Dark Hole only since you'll have the option on using it for something else.

Casual: 1.8
Tourney: 1.8 
MerrilHess My Body As A Shield 

When your opponent activates a card that has the effect that destroys 1 or more monsters on the field, pay 1500 Life Points to negate the activation of the card and destroy it. 
Quick-Play Spell 
Card Number MFC-092 

Negates any (ANY!) Effects that destroy 1 or more monsters(TIV, Exiled, Raigeki, Dark Hole, etc...) 

Down Sides: 
1500 LP cost 
Cannot be chained to M/T removal 

In Casual, this card has proven to be very helpful. Killing of a Raigeki or a Tribe Virus is very good, but the payment can kill you too. I wouldn’t play it because it’ too situational for me. 

In Tourney, this card doesn’t see a lot of play. Mostly because of it’s cost and playability, so I recommend at least trying it out to see if it fits your style. If your willing to pay 1500 life points, though, you should try out Autonomus Action Unit (Premature Burial for your opponent’s Graveyard). 

In Sealed, Fissures will run rampant and that's about it. The choice to run this card is entirely up to you. 

I give this card a 4.7/10 

C. Rating: 6.0 
T. Rating: 3.8 
S. Rating: 4.2 
dawnyoshi Just a quick review on My Body as a Shield today.

It's a quickplay spell that will negate and destroy ANY card that would destroy 1 or more monsters on your side of the field at the cost of 1500 life.

One thing people tend to see with this card is an incredibly high life point cost. I just don't see it. 1500 is a MINOR amount of damage compared to what can be dealt in one turn, or what can be payed towards Lily.

The card might cost 1500 life, but it can negate ANY card that would for sure destroy 1 or more of your monsters. This means, raigeki, dark hole, tribe-infecting virus, exiled force, XYZ Dragon Cannon, mirror force, Ring of Destruction, Torrential Tribute, etc. Also, contrary to what is said, it can also negate and destroy Nobleman of Crossout. Why? The text specifies "Destroy 1 face-dow monster and...". That first word makes it vulnerable to Shield.

It will NOT work against cards that can't guarantee destruction of a monster on your field, such as Time Wizard and Barrel Dragon. The cost can also hurt in late game, and it can't stop flip effect destruction if you attacked a monster like Cyber Jar. Of course, you can just set the Shield and chain to the flip summon of Cyber Jar the following turn...

Constructed: 3/5

It's not bad negation for its cost. It truly has a lot of versatility.

Limited: 2/5

You'll be going up against an incredibly small amount of removal in limited. The most you'll see in sealed deck is dark hole, fissure, and perhaps man-eater bug and trap hole.
When your opponent activates a card that has the effect that destroys 1 or more monsters on the field, pay 1500 Life Points to negate the activation of the card and destroy it.
Hmm... My Body As A Shield is decent card IMO. If you are playing it in a budget deck that is. Now-a-days there is so many cards coming out that destroys monsters so this would be good if it wasn't for that nasty cost. Paying 1500 lifepoints is too big of a payment to keep a monster on the field when your opponent probably has more Monster removals in his/her deck. The only problem is this card doesn't work on cards like Nobleman of Crossout (forgot to mention but on the Waboku review I made a mistake sayng the card was called Emissionary of Obliteration [which is Nobleman's name] when it should have been called Emissionary of Harmony) . Nobleman has the power to remove rather than destroy. Hmm... My Body As A Shield is a Quick play. That's always a plus for cards. However with Dark Jeriod there is many ways to get your monster weakened and be destroyed in battle:
+ Quick Play
+ Get rid of Raigeki and Exiled Force etc.
+ Not an easily destroyed Trap
- 1500 Cost
- Doesn't Negate "Remove"
All in all if you are playing a budgeted deck use it if you can't afford Imperial Order or Royal Decree.
Rating: 2.3/5
Art: 3.4/5


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