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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Moisture Creature

Card Number - PGD-xxx

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 08.29.03

wartortle32 Moisture Creature

Effect: If you Tribute Summon this monster by offering 3 monsters on the field as a Tribute, destroy all Magic and Trap Cards on your opponent's side of the field.

The Feather Duster effect of this monster is nice, but it will be almost impossible for you to get 3 monsters to summon this in that fashion. It's already hard enough getting 2 monsters on the field for more than a turn. Plus, m/t removal in the metagame right now is already very high. This effect isn't really necessary. So basically all you have is a 2 tribute monster with a high attack.

I'd give this 2/5. Even if you can get 3 monsters to use the effect, is it really worth sacrificing 3 monsters to destroy their m/t zone? I'd rather just stick with regular m/t removal. 
Dark Umbreon Moisture Creature....I know! He reminds me of Gilfors, one of my favorite monsters. If you tribute 3 monsters for it, you can get a built in Harpies Feather Duster. Last I heard, you can also normally tribute for it, but that was in Japannnn..

Its stats 2800/2900, which is standard for a two tribute monster. Now, the hard part would probably be getting three monsters to tribute. In the beatdown environment, it can be hard to even get two. That is what really makes this card unreliable, the tributes. Sadly, his special effect only works when he has been tributed for. No loopholes.

The best part about getting him on the field is that all Magic and Traps are destroyed, and his high attack power can get rid of soooo many things.. I still like

Gilford better (psst..he Has Raigeki built in!)

Tournament Rating 4/5
Casual Rating 4.5/5 
DuelMonster Friday - Moisture Creature/Moisture Alien:

Effect: Effect: If you Tribute Summon this monster by offering 3 monsters on the field as a Tribute, destroy all Magic and Trap Cards on your opponent's side of the field.

This is a pretty strong monster, with a pretty descent built in HFD effect, but having to wait till you have 3 monsters out to tribute may take some time, especially if you pull this card on first draw. Obviously Change Of Heart can help speed it up, as well as Cyber Jar and Ultimate Offering, but even if you discard then Special Summon Moisture Creature from the Graveyard or whatnot, you won't get its effect, but a 2800 ATK monster is still nice to have on the field.

A couple things that can help AGAINST Moisture Creature would be Mask Of Restrict, Solemn Judgment, Horn Of Heaven, ScapeGoat (just to stall), and Offering To The Doomed. I'm not too sure if Trap Hole and Torrential Tribute would be able to resolve and destroy Moisture Creature before his/its effect resolves to destroy the Trap Hole/TT, but I can see why and why not it would work, so I'll have to wait till someone else figures it out.

The opponent can't use Magic Jammer or anything to stop the effect of destroying their M/T except they can use Fake Trap to save any other Traps they may have down, but if the opponent chains Horn Of Heaven or Solemn Judgment to the actual summon, Moisture Creature won't get its effect since the summon itself was negated. The opponent can also chain with Gust or Driving Snow to take out one of your M/Ts but nobody really uses those cards. Not to mention they can activate cards like Waboku to stop their monster and LP from being destroyed for the turn or if they had Statue Of The Wicked set, it will help take the attack instead of taking it directly to their LP. I'm not actually sure yet, but I would think you can use Curse of Royal to negate and destroy Moisture Creature, I'll have to wait on rulings for that one.

A small combo I thought up (not like I would ever try it) is to successfully tribute summon Moisture Creature thus destroying the opponents M/T zone, then play Metamorphosis to bring out Black Skull Dragon or any other level 9 fusion monsters that may come out. It's only a 400 ATK difference, but then you can play Monster Reborn, CotH, or Premature Burial to bring back Moisture Creature to do up to 6000 depending on if the opponent has any monsters out or any Kuribohs in their hand.

Personally I probably will never use this card, it requires 3 tributes and if it gets destroyed it would have been a waste of 4 monsters altogether. I've also grown attached to using Mask Of Restrict so Moisture Creature wouldn't work well in my current deck.

Casual: 2.5
Tourney: 3.0
ArtWork: 1.0 - I really don't understand the picture on this card, it looks like an umbrella, some type of virus injection gun/ray, and an almost translucent creature hovering with glowing eyes. I also think Alien sounded better than Creature, but they always change the good Japanese names on us. 
Pegasus Moisture Creature, 8/29/03:

This is a nice monster. Built-in HFD, but you have to tribute an extra monster to do it. Its summon still counts as a normal summon, so Scapegoat won't work. Getting three tributes out will be incredibly difficult, making this card hard to use until more tribute-acquiring cards are released in English (Kaizer Seahorse, Devil's Sanctuary, trap monsters). The Nimble Momongas I normally use to summon two-tributes doesn't work, since this card is THREE tributes.

So basically, you'll never EVER get a chance to use this card's effect in a competitive deck. Casual decks might have some fun with this as an unrestricted HFD... if you build an entire deck around getting enough tributes to summon this card... kind of a waste, though.

This card's statistics are quite high, but the offset to that is that you can't search for this card with Witch or Sangan, and it's easier to use HFD anyway. Or Heavy Storm, for that matter.

By the way, slight clarification on its effect: you can summon it normally (2 tributes), but it won't get its effect.

And some trivia: It's the only monster in English that can be Normal Summoned that has a level higher than 8. (The only other one in Jap is Demon of Questionable Loyalty: level 10)

One edge this card has over HFD, though, is that it's not a magic card, so you can use it to destroy Imperial Order! But you can use Breaker to do that once MFC (almost-confirmed abbreviation for Magician's Force) is released.

Casual: 3.4/5
Tourney: 1/5 
Umbra Moisture Creature

Effect: If you Tribute Summon this monster by offering 3 monsters on the field as a Tribute, destroy all Magic and Trap Cards on your opponent's side of the field.

Card Number PGD-013
Card ID No. 75285069

What do ya know…I finally made it to Friday’s. Anyway as a 2 sac monster this card is a little lac luster. 2800 isn’t all that good when we have Blue Eyes, Tyrant Dragon, even Cosmo Queen. But now for a special limited time offer for not 1, not 2, but 3 sacrifices and your moisture creatures comes fully equipped with a harpie’s feather duster! Of course keeping 3 monsters on the field, and managing to summon successfully, is nearly impossible. Now if Konami of Japan and UpperDeck ever get there acts together and release the Kaiba Structure Deck and with that Kaiser Seahorse, we’d be set. Kaiser Seahorse counts as two sacs if used for a light monster.

Until Kaiser Seahorse…
Casual: 2.5
Tourney: 1.5 


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