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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Summoner of Illusions

Card Number - LON-063

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 08.28.03

Dark Umbreon Back all the way to LON, we have one of my favorite cards, the Summoner of Illusions. He's a Flip effect that allows you to sacrifice one monster to retrieve a Fusion Monster and summon it for one turn. 

Sadly you can't offer Summoner himself, so you'll just have to offer something more fun like Witch or Sangan or something. Even offering a good monster than reborning it can pull a nice double whammy on your opponent. I would grab a good high level Fusion or one with a nice effect.

I wouldn't recommend Last Warrior, because he'll just destroy anything else on the field, and his effect is useless because he's only on the field for a little while. I sort of like the idea of Reaper on the Nightmare. You summon it, attack directly, and your opponent loses a card. I'm starting to like this more and more as I'm reading it ;D. Anyway, Whatever fusion you use, make sure it makes the best of its short time on the field.

Tournament rating: 3/5
Casual Rating 4.5/5 
SandTrap Yeah, I know I said that I was going to start doing CotD again like a week or two ago, but with school and other stuff, I got busy. So when I can I'll do some reviews, and hopefully I'll be able to every day. So anyways, here we go. Yay -.-

Summoner of Illusions
Lvl. 3
FLIP: Offer 1 monster on your side of the field as a tribute (excluding this monster). Special Summon one fusion monster from your fusion deck. The fusion monster is destroyed at the end of the turn that this card is activated. 

A while back I made a deck around this guy and Catapult Turtle. I used him as a sucky Magical Scientist. But the deck was horrible anyways, so...shrug.

Anyways, this card sucks. First, you have to kill your own monster on the field, so this helps the opponent. Second, the fusion only stays out for one turn, then it dies. Third, this is a flip effect. These things are no good, and neither is this monster. Unless you're doing some kind of crazy stall deck with TER or something, I don't see this card being useful at all. 

Or think about it this way: we're out of good cards to review, so that after a certain point, we're only reviewing bad cards. So, that's a simple hint saying that you shouldn't use the cards we review after a certain amount of time. Basically, after a new set comes out and we do all the good cards, don't use the next cards shown in reviews. ;)

Rating: 1/5. I'm feeling uncreative at the moment so I won't bash this card anymore.  
DuelMonster Thursday - Summoner of Illusions/Illusionary Summoner:

Effect: FLIP: Offer 1 monster on your side of the field as a tribute (excluding this monster). Special Summon one fusion monster from your fusion deck. The fusion monster is destroyed at the end of the turn that this card is activated.

Summoner Of Illusions has its ups and it's down, mostly downs as I can see. First off, you have to tribute a monster on your side of the field but not the actual flipped Summoner, so if you don't have another monster out, you don't get to use the effect. Then the chosen Fusion Monster is destroyed at the end of the turn it is summoned, but there are a couple ways to get past this, such as Dimensional Hole, Book Of Moon, Darkness Approaches, or anything that can flip the Fusion Monster face-down or remove it from play for a period of time. Also the chosen Fusion Monster cannot be reborned after it is destroyed since it wasn't properly Fusion Summoned.

The only couple combos I can see being played with SoI besides the Dimensional Hole trick and anything else to save the Fusion Monster, would be to choose Last Warrior From Another Planet to destroy all the other Monsters on the field, or you can choose Super Robo-Yarou/Lady and use their effects to summon the other and the other would stay alive after the turn is up.

I'm not sue why, but the PDF states that you CAN use SoIs' effect even when it is attacked on your opponents turn, unlike being able to use Invader Of The Throne when she is attacked... Anyways, I've never actually seen this card played, EVER. I have seen people play a small Fusion Deck just incase they use CoH on him, they can use his effect.

He can also be easily reusable (besides Penguin Solder and Hane-Hane) with cards like Ready For Interception, Book Of Moon with Book Of Taiyou/Sun, or anything to flip him back down and then flip him back up. I'm sure with more and better Fusion Monsters coming out soon, he may become more playable, but at the moment there aren't too many combos you can pull off with him. Sure he can attack under Gravity Bind and Messenger of Peace, but with only 800 ATK, what would really be the point?

Casual: 2.5
Tourney: 2.0
ArtWork: 1.5 - It would have looked better if they had used actual Fusion Monsters in the picture, but as far as I know the monsters in the pic don't exist, at least not yet, and he looks like a lame old man, nothing against lame old looking people. 
Pegasus Summoner of Illusions, 8/28/03:

Well, this card used to be bad because you had to tribute a monster for it and the fusion was only out for one turn. Now it's great because you can use Metamorphosis on the fusion to keep it out! 

Of course, you could also just use Dimension Hole...

Anyway, with this card you can get out a Black Skull Dragon just by tributing one monster! Wooooo... problem is, you have to tribute a monster. It's going to be difficult to get a tribute out (I suggest setting this card and then using Scapegoat). And, of course, it's a flip effect, so Royal Command, Crossout, Sasuke Samurai, X-Force, etc. will stop it easily. 

But I wonder... combo this card with Last Turn.. would the fusion be destroyed before or after Last Turn declares the winner? Hmm. 

Well, this card is decent, but I think I'll just wait until Cyber-Stein makes its English appearance (PLEASE be in TP4).

Casual: 2.5/5
Tourney: 2/5 
Vortex XD Summoner of Illusions

Lvl. 3
FLIP: Offer 1 monster on your side of the field as a tribute (excluding this monster). Special Summon one fusion monster from your fusion deck. The fusion monster is destroyed at the end of the turn that this card is activated. 

This card would have seriously been decent if it wasnít a flip effect. It is hinder by not only being a turn slow, but useless if your opponent attacks this monster when its face down. Right now, this card shouldnít being seeing the light of day, but, I assume one could play it if they build a deck right. Be warned, though, that with the release of Magicianís Force, that Summoner of Illusions will be complete dead because of Magical Scientist. Other then that, this card gets:

Casual: 2/10
Tournament: 1/10

A Fun Combo I assume could be used is Scapegoat + Summoner of Illusions. But, its too situational IMO.  
Umbra Summoner of Illusions

Lvl. 3

FLIP: Offer 1 monster on your side of the field as a tribute (excluding this monster). Special Summon one fusion monster from your fusion deck. The fusion monster is destroyed at the end of the turn that this card is activated.

And today we are taking a break from Pharonic Guardian to return to Labyrinth of nightmare. Well this is one way to get out fusion monsters. And they can be quite powerful. Also this places them in the graveyard and therefore a great target for recursion. The problem I see with this card is that it is slow. You need to have this and at least another monster on the field. Also this card is best if flipped on the ownerís turn, It is hard to keep it alive that long. If it is attacked by your opponent the summon is pretty much wasted. However with the PGD release of Book of Moon and Book of Taiyou, this card is sped up, and has the possibility of being used multiple times.

Casual: 3.5
Tournament: 2.5 
Vodkam Thursday 08/28/03 - Summoner of Illusions

Effect Monster

FLIP: Offer 1 monster on your side of the field as a Tribute (excluding this monster). Special Summon 1 Fusion Monster Card from your Fusion Deck. The Fusion Monster is destroyed at the end of the turn this card is activated.

Well, with all the new fusions and fusion summoners coming in the near future, this is as good a time as any to review this overlooked card.

Summoning any fusion monster from your fusion deck can be absolutely deadly, if you have the right monster available. With some of the high-powered fusion monsters coming in the near future (ie. Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon etc), this card has suddenly become dangerous. Flip Summoner, tribute your Sinister Serpent, then hit your opponent directly with Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon for 4500 damage. Sounds like a plan. If you happen to have Megamorph and are behind in life points, it's basically game right there.

The big problem with this is that it's a flip effect. So it's a target for Nobleman of Crossout, Ceasefire and is also generally useless unless you flip summon it. If it is attacked, I suppose you could use the effect to bring out a fusion monster with high defense to protect your life points for the turn.

With Pharaonic Guardian, there's a card released that makes this card extremely dangerous: Book of Moon. The current ruling is that if the fusion monster is flipped facedown, it is NOT destroyed at the end of the turn. So, you could summon something like... The Last Warrior from Another Planet (his effect still destroys all your other monsters on the field), flip him facedown with Book of Moon and flip summon him on your next turn. He has 2300 DEF so he has a decent chance of surviving your opponent's turn. The beauty of this is that Last Warrior's monster destruction effect only happens with a special summon so you can summon a monster, then flip summon Last Warrior. You'll have 2 monsters on the field and your opponent will only be able to set monsters.

You could do this with other fusions like Reaper on the Nightmare or St. Joan since they'll most likely survive an attack. Dark Balter the Terrible, even though I think he's the best fusion currently available, has a low defense strength so he's not suitable for such a maneuver unless you can protect him with Waboku or something similar.

Anyways, this card is highly dependent on other cards to make the most of it but is deadly if used properly. It would be a lot of fun to get your best fusion monsters out with Summoner.

Casual: 3.4
Tourney: 2.9 


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