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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Non Aggression Area

Card Number - PGD-101

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 08.25.03

wartortle32 Non-Aggression Area

You can only activate this card during your standby phase. Discard one card from your hand to the graveyard. Your opponent cannot Normal Summon/Set or Special Summon any monsters on the next turn.

Well, I'm back from my long vacation. It was fun, but it looks like it's back to work...

This card can help you create an open field for you to attack or to stop the opponent from marshalling any more troops to pummel you. Either way, I dont find this card too good. First of all, is that this card is basically not chainable since it can only be used in the standby phase. Second of all is the cost. It would probably be decent if there were no cost. And finally, this card is really only good when the opponent has a clear field. And the chances of that happening when you have this card set isn't too great.

I'd give this card a 1.7/5. I'd probably never use this card.... 
Dark Umbreon This card is okay, IMO, but most of the times its just a temporary stall. I like the fact that you can summon something HUGE and then play this card. Your monster can attack directly if your opponent doesn't have any monsters on the field, and no Magic or traps to block it.

I don't recommend this card as a last attempt to save your LP, because you're probably gonna get murdered anyway. Use this card on the offensive to try to get a clear field if you're playing an offensive deck.

If you're playing defensive, you can use this card to attempt to keep a monster on the field a little while longer. This work well with monsters such as Flip effects, who need a turn to be flipped. Play this card to ensure its safety from bigger monsters.

Stall wise, I'd use the older things. Like maybe Swords of Revealing Light? Won't make monsters not get summoned, but it WILL prevent them from attacking. The only thing this card does is stall something that will probably happen next turn. So, make good use of the turn!

Tournament Rating 2/5
Casual Rating 3/5 
DuelMonster Monday - Non-Aggression Area:

Trap Card: Normal
Effect: You can only activate this card during your standby phase. Discard one card from your hand to the graveyard. Your opponent cannot Normal Summon/Set or Special Summon any monsters on the next turn.

Well, this is a costly card to stop your opponent from summoning anything there next turn, it would be best used when they have no monsters on the field and you have either nothing out or something you don't want killed, I guess it would also work good if you know they have a Yata or Jinzo in hand or if your playing against a good Toon or Ritual Deck. It can even help out if the opponent has the first Nimble or Giant Germ out, you can destroy it without them being able to special summon the remaining ones from there deck, or if they have any of the Mystic Tomato type effect monsters out.
They can still Flip Summon monsters after activating NAA, but itís still handy in tight spots when it's better to discard something (best if a Sinister Serpent or Marie The Fallen One) then to have them summon something that may seriously hurt you.

NAA only buys you one turn, so it's best to time it right but not to wait too long incase of MST/HS/HFD taking it out before you get a chance to use it. I would maybe side-deck it incase of a good Yata Deck, because you know when they will have it in there hand and it will give a turn to draw something that hopefully will help you. I wouldn't think this card will make it into many or any tournament decks, but if you can get some good use out of it then play it, I personally will stay away from it for now.

Casual: 2.0/5
Tourney: 1.5/5
ArtWork: 2.0/5 - It's a nice concept for a picture but still looks a little cheesy, I want to know what's in the bag one of the guys are carrying... probably some explosives or food. 
Pegasus Non-Aggression Area, 8/24/03:

Sorry bout last week, I was on vacation.

Now here's a fun card. You get to stop your opponent summoning (not flip summons) for a turn. Unfortunately, you have to activate this during your own standby phase, giving your opponent a turn to destroy it. And then he can't summon for a turn. That's really quite nice. .

If your opponent's field is clear, you can keep it clear for an extra turn just by discarding a card

But, if your opponent's field is clear, you're probably already winning so this card actually won't help you as much as you might think. Now that I think about this card, it looks too situational. A lot of people seem to really like it, though. Wonder if I'm missing some combo...

Ah, Last Turn. That's it. :)

Also Cyber Jar, Morphing Jar #2, Gilasaurus...

Wow, this card's looking pretty nice... I never realized you could use this card with Last Turn before... Hee hee. Non-Aggression Area + Last Turn... instant win... except for the speed issue. Last Turn HAS to be activated on your opponent's turn and Non-Aggression Area has to be activated on yours... so it'll take two turns. Bleh.

Casual: 4/5
Tourney: 3.4/5 
Vodkam Monday 08/25/03: Non-Aggression Area
Normal Trap

You can only activate this card during your Standby Phase. Discard 1 card from your hand to the Graveyard. Your opponent cannot Normal Summon, Set and/or Special Summon during the next turn.

Here's a fun card. I like cards that prevent your opponent from doing things.

Toss your Sinister Serpent to prevent your opponent from putting any new monsters on the field for a turn? That's a pretty killer effect, especially if their field is already clear (or if you're about to clear it). This could mean you get upto 2 free direct attacks assuming your opponent doesn't have a magic or trap card to stop you.

Since this card is activated during the standby phase, if you discard Sinister Serpent for it, I would assume you would get it back immediately or if Sinister Serpent was in your graveyard, you could get it back first, then discard it for this card's effect (and possibly get it back right away too), but we'll wait for the ruling on that.

If you don't have Sinister Serpent, this card hurts you as well. Activating this during the standby phase also means if they thwart your field clearing actions (ie Using Imperial Order against your Raigeki), this card and your discard could be for nothing. The lack of chainability also reduces the playability of this card.

It's always fun to keep your opponent from summoning new monsters but this certainly isn't tournament worthy. If this card was a continuous trap, that would be an entirely different story... of course, it would also be insanely broken.

Casual: 3.2
Tourney: 2.2 


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