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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

King Tiger Wanghu

Card Number - PGD-004

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 08.11.03

Dark Umbreon
King Tiger Wanghu....o.O. Scary name, it frightens even me! Besides having a really scary name, it has decent stats. And when i say decent, I mean DECENT stats. No one should really be using any 1700's that have lame effects in beatdowns anymore. Wanghu's effect isn't really lame.
    The first thing I thought after I read his effect was "Yay it kills stupid Flips!!" Nope. Flip effects get past thing, which is a real drawback. Though, I don't see many flips being used these days anyway. However its lack of skill killing them is still sorta a drawback.
    Well, if your opponent isn't running full beatdown, this guy can come in handy because your opponent would rather not play anything then lose it to the graveyard (in most cases). In Weenie Rush decks, this card can be a nightmare, killling everything before it gets to wreak havoc on your LP. It kills Witch and Sangan giving Exodia cards for no real reason, which if you're really demented, you could try putting him in Exodia, but it's probably gonna be a waste.    
    He'll get severely murdered in beatdown and strong/fast decks. It will just be a waste to slam down your 1700 attack monster just to have Gemini Elf or Spear Dragon wail on it. Against the right deck, he's okay, but most of the time he's situational. Major effect killer!
Tournament Rating 2/5
Casual Rating 3/5
Adam F. King Tiger Wanghu

Level 4

As long as this card remains face up on the field, all monsters with an attack of 1400 that are normal summoned or special summoned (excluding flip summon) are automatically destroyed.

This effect is pretty good. The only thing that really brings this card down is the fact that its stats are too low to keep it on the field for very long. The modern game, especially the beatdown deck, features too many 1800, 1900 and even 2000 Attack level 4 monsters for this card to be of very much use. The only thing I can think of that would be good for this deck is against a deck like clown control, where the cards are designed to have low stats. 

I give this card a 2/5 Ė its effect has its uses, but itís a little too situational for me. 
DuelMonster Monday - King Tiger Wanghu (Tiger King Wan-Fu):

Effect: As long as this card remains face-up on the field, all monsters with an ATK equal to 1400 or less that are Normal Summoned or Special Summoned (excluding Flip Summon) are automatically destroyed.

Surprisingly, I haven't seen this car used yet, and I'm glad because most monsters in my deck are 1400 ATK or less. This is almost a monster version on Infinite Dismissal but a bit more powerful. The Tiger King has to be slightly built around to be used most effectively. Obviously he's perfect for the average 1800 Beatdown Decks, and works very well against Clown Control, Weenie Rush and any other deck that consist mostly of low ATK monsters. He can leave your opponent with only being able to set monsters or not being able to do anything until they get him destroyed, but he can also be dead weight if you're going up against an 1800+ Beatdown or a powerhouse Toon, Ritual or Fusion Deck, except of course Toon Mermaid, Relinquished and Thousand Eyes Restrict.

He also can be used to destroy your own Sangan and WotBF instantly to get their effects. I actually though this card should be a Super Rare since it has an almost lethal effect, but I guess he can be easily bypassed or destroyed with the right cards. If you can get a Gora Turtle out then summon a KTW, no monsters with an ATK of 1400 or below summoned will survive and no monsters with an ATK of 1900 or more can attack, so that leaves attackers of 1450-1850 alive and able. I'm sure people have figure out some good tactics with this card and I'm sure this card will cause a little ruckus among the Tournament environment, and I know I'll have to try a new deck out when I acquire 2 or 3 of these guys. I never really like playing with a Beatdown, but now with KTW it can be just as annoying as a Clown Control deck.

Casual: 2.5
Tourney: 2.5
ArtWork: 3.0 - He looks a little upset, probably because nobody will help file his teeth down and he pokes himself while sleeping. 
King Tiger Wanghu, 8/11/03:
This is a great anti-weenie card (as if Possessed Dark Soul and Infinite Dismissal weren't already good enough).  Basically any weenie that's summoned will die.  Exceptions include Dragon Zombie and Armored Zombie, but barely anyone uses that style of deck. 
The problem with this card is that it does nothing against monsters that are flipped during battle or monsters that are flip summoned.  A good idea would be to combine this card with Light of Intervention, since a set counts as a summon while LoI is on the field. 
That being said, its stats aren't that great.  Any 1800 monster in a normal beatdown will trash this thing, so protect it.  It's actually not that shabby though - just 100 points shy of normal beatdown.  Power it up just a little and it'll survive long enough to get rid of all those weenies for you.
Obviously, the best monsters this card affects are Lily and Yata.  Isn't that cool?  It beats both of them in one shot. 
 Casual:  3.5/5
 Tourney:  3/5
Umbra Monday, August 11, 2003

King Tiger Wanghu
Effect: As long as this card remains face-up on the field, all monsters with an ATK equal to 1400 or less that are Normal Summoned or Special Summoned (excluding Flip Summon) are automatically destroyed.

Welcome to a new week of cotd. First up we have King Tiger Wanghu, the only PGD rare Iíve yet to pull o_O;;. Anyway here is a 4 star 17 hundred attacker, nit much to be excited about, however it can locks out low attacking monsters. However it doesnít block the most important sangan/witch, as they still get their effects. This card is nice though keeping yata, lily, Zaloog, and spirit reaper, to name a few, at bay. Unfortunatly, this card does not block the flip summoning of said cards. When played in the right order, this card can be combo-ed with Gora turtle locking most high and low attack monsters, add in some mon destruction and maybe chasers or kycoos and you have a deck idea to toy with.

Casual: 2.5
Tourny: 1.5 
Vodkam Monday 08/11/03: King Tiger Wanghu

Effect Monster

As long as this card remains face-up on the field, all monsters with an ATK equal to 1400 or less that are Normal Summoned or Special Summoned (excluding Flip Summon) are automatically destroyed.

This is a pretty different card. You have to think a little bit about how you'd use it. Some people could find a good use for it, others will pass on it.

The most obvious things that this destroys is Witch of the Black Forest, Sangan, Injection Fairy Lily, Yata-Garasu, Exiled Force, Don Zaloog and Spirit Reaper. If you run an Exodia deck, destroying Witch or Sangan instantly is just what you want. In any other deck, this is for destroying your opponent's monsters. This would be an absolute killer against Gravity Bind/Messenger of Peace Decks as well as Warrior Decks since they rely so heavily on Marauding Captain.

The only real problem with this card is its ATK strength. 1700 ATK means it isn't going to live very long without some help. Of course your opponents aren't going to play their weak monsters while this is out unless they don't know what this card's effect is and don't bother to read the card text but what you will do is force them to set them which allows King Tiger to slaughter them. They also make perfect targets for Nobleman of Crossout.

A nice combo with this is Gora Turtle (which has to be on the field first or flip summoned). This means only monsters with 1401-1899 ATK strength will pose any kind of threat. Most beatdowns, if they use anything in this range, will use Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer and an unpumped Bazoo the Soul-Eater (which is no threat). Other theme decks will vary as there are a slew of 1800 attackers that can pose threats to King Tiger.

Overall, this is a so-so card. It has some uses but there are better options to control the field. If you fear Weenie Rushes, this might be a good sidedeck card for you.

Casual: 2.4
Tourney: 2.4 


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