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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Needle Worm

Card Number - TP3-001

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 04.14.03


Needle Worm

Ah, the new TP3 Ultra Rare. This card was going for $170+ on eBay the last time I checked.

I was always a big fan of Deck-Out/Deck Destruction/Deck Depletion decks. Mill-ing your opponent's deck is so much fun and Needle Worm does just that. Deck Destruction is particularly good against Beatdown (that runs close to 40 cards) and Exodia (which has to be 40 anyway). It's especially good right now as people are playing with 2-3 Graceful Charities in their deck because it's not restricted yet.

Like most good players would say, Needle Worm doesn't really do much to the current board control. But if you have stuff like Messenger of Peace and Gravity Bind out, usually you don't really care. 3 Needle Worms + Morphing Jar + Cyber Jar + Opening Hand = 30 cards. Not to mention stuff like Morphing Jar #2 and Spear Cretins.

Now, the deck is really good right now, especially if you can get the 3 Needle Worms and Morphing Jar. But its main weakness is Royal Command. Light of Intervention hurts it as well. That's why you need to pack in more Mystical Space Typhoons and/or Dust Tornados. Unless you're rich though, it's going to take you a while to get all those TP Ultras...

Rating: 4.4/5 (a MUST in Deck Destruction)  
wartortle32 Monday - Needle Worm

This monster discards the top 5 cards from your opponent's deck.

Today we look at the ultra rare from the new TP3 deck, needle worm. For the most part, the effect will be to your advantage as the opponent will lose valuable traps and magic cards. However, this card can also backfire on you if you discard a high level monster and then the opponent simply revives that monster with no tribute. These situations are rare however, so that should be no discouragement to playing this card. On the other hand, this card is extremely rare, like the other ultra rares from the past 2 sets. If you get one, you're either really lucky or really rich. This card is perfect for deck destruction decks, but it will be a hard task to get 3 in 1 deck.

I give it 4/5. Works good in any deck, not just Deck Destruction.  
NickWhiz1 Monday - Needle Worm

Woo, another week of 5 CotDs! Today we're looking at the new hard-as-hell card to find, Needle Worm, the Ultra Rare of the TP3 booster.

As I speak, I see these on auction at Ebay for $170+, with my jaw dropped down to the Earth's core. Damn you Upper Deck, why did you make my precious Needle Worm a TP UR?

Yeah, well, this guy has one purpose: to kill your opponent's deck. Exodia, beware. Needle Worm threatens your existance. Works well in a deck destruction deck. Pray your opponent doesn't use Change of Heart on this =/ 3 Needles kill 37.5% of your opponent's deck. Good luck getting 3, though.

Score: 3.7 *goes back to being in awe of $170+ bids* I sure hope this card eventually gets the Mechanicalchaser treatment...  
SomeGuy Monday - Needle Worm

Type: Effect Monster
Effect: Flip: Discard the top 5 cards of your opponent's deck.

Needle Worm, the latest Tournament Pack Ultra Rare released. Now we get to mess around with another deck type. Deck Depletion. It was a decent deck before, but the addition of Needle Worm will give it the small push that may make it a potential contender in the tournament scene. The main problem is the fact that it will be highly unacessible to the average player. Especially in lots of three. So don't expect to see many of these in your average local tournaments.

But when you do face someone with three, make sure you're packing Nobleman of Crossout. Or even.... Penguin Knight. Remember him? There's nothing better than using Change of Heart though. :)

Rating: 3.6

Don't expect this card to be restricted. It wasn't in Japan. Personally I prefer it when the Ultra Rare of a Tournament Pack set is one of those cards that's limited to one per deck. Like Morphing Jar. Obtaining three copies isn't going to be simple.

Who knows, maybe they'll reprint it like they did Mechanical Chaser. TP4/5?...  
Lady Poet Hi all, I'm Lady Poet and I'm doing this week's CotDs (hopefully more to come).

Today's card is Needle Worm. Basically, when it flips, your opponent has to discard the top 5 cards off the top of his/her deck. In case you hadn't noticed, in this game every card counts. The 5 cards they are forced to discard could have been match-deciding, but that can't be predicted. At first, I thought this card wasn't very good, maybe just a pumped up Gravekeeper's Servant. After I thought about it, I realized that 5 cards is ALOT, especially in this game. This is the perfect card for Deck Disruption Decks, but people rarely play those in the environment now. You could probably stick this guy in beatdown, just to ruin the opponents next few options.

Casual Play: 4.0
Tournament/Competitive Play: 3.0  


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