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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

The Unhappy Maiden

Card Number - MRD-114
Average Rating - 2.27 (based on 7 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - September 10, 2002

Trunks the Swordsman Tuesday - The Unhappy Maiden - Metal Raiders

Alright. Time for me to review cards more often! Anyway today the card is the unhappy maiden. No one cares about her attack stats. Its all about the effect. This can be a cheap cheap version of waboku. Since once they destroy her their battle phase ends. Its not much but it can buy you 1 extra turn before they probably hit you for 3000 life points or so. Its not great but its pretty decent. It can be pretty annoying with 3 of these and 3 waboku. I don't use her in my deck though. 3 waboku is plenty. If you're playing something like exodia this card can work pretty good. Since you wanna stay alive and just grab the 5 pieces ASAP. Ending their battle phase when they have like 4 monsters out is perfect. Shes gotta be destroyed during battle though so if they don't do raigeki, TTTD, dark hole, etc. her effect is gone. Bleh monster removal is cruel

Rating 2.0


Tuesday - The Unhappy Maiden
Today's COTD is The Unhappy Maiden.  It's got a pretty
good effect that immediately ends the current battle
phase when it is sent to the graveyard. 
Basically, this card is like the watered down version
of waboku.  It'll stop the opponent from attacking
your LP directly for 1 turn since the battle phase
ends when she dies, but she wont protect your other
monsters if they are attacked first.  Obviously from
her meager stats, you wont be using her for anything
but her effect.
The 1 thing that she has over waboku is that her
effect cannot be countered by anything yet, unlike
waboku which can be stopped with 7 tools.  But that
isn't really enough to make it better than Waboku.
I give this card a 1.5/5.  It should only really be
used in stall decks.  If you're thinking of using a
card to stall however, you should definitely go with
waboku instead.

Scott Gerhardt
Quite an interresting card.  It definately has some defensive possibilites to stall out an opponent a turn.  This can be especially nasty when face down and an opponent attacks it randomly.  It can give you more time to set-up, and more time to recover if you're on the ropes.
That said, I feel the card would only be played in the most defensive of decks where you're holding down a severely defensive stance to begin with.  It's counterproductive when going aggro.  Even the majority of defensive decks would not tend to use this card - basically only the ones that are going to try to deck you or "forbidden" you out.  Very specialized, and I feel decent in that specialized deck, but outside of that, crap.
Rating:  3
Current Price: $.25


We continue potluck week with a Metal Raiders oddity, The Unhappy Maiden.
Card Text:
Effect: When this card is sent to the Graveyard as a result of battle, the Battle Phase for that turn ends immediately.
This is a short one.  This basically acts as a Waboku if they attack this monster first.  It works well in stall decks, if your opponent can consistently attack this card first.  Exodia decks may pack these.  It's not really a good beatdown card, though.
It can do pretty neat stuff, so it gets a 2.9.  Just remember its stats are crap and it must be destroyed by battle to activate its effect.

The Unhappy Maiden doesn't seem very stout.  Not too strong on its own.  Also, your opponent get sto decide what to attack,s o that doesn't help that much.

However, if you can get into a rotation where you have multiples in play or kep getting them back into play, you could effectively stall out an opponent.

For now my rating looks like this:

Rating: 2.2 (with potential for a 3.4 with some work)


Tuesday -- The Uhappy Maiden
Introduction: Woah you win! Yeah right, it's an Uhappy Maiden! Oh look at what I just got, a Raigeki! Game Over.
Why should you use it?
*Good Staller
*Could be an extra waboku.
Why shouldn't you use it?
*Low stats (0/100)
*More better cards than this.
Reasons: It can annoy your opponent to heck, when they think they got the win, but they don't. One reason for this, is because they think you wasted all your waboku, but you haven't, so it can be a nice card as a TeCH card. But I hardly doubt you will need 3 Waboku's. Much better to even go with Kurbioh or the original one and only Waboku also Mirror Force would work also :-). The low stats make this monster horrible, the only way you can do damage with this is with equipment, and/or use shield and sword, but I hardly doubt you would do this at all.
Rating: This card is a decent card, but really isn't that great. There are cards already out that is way above this. So in my humble opinion I would give this card a 2.3. Just doesn't count it for the environment right now.
Conclusion: Use Waboku and Kurbioh over this card.
TripleX Intro: Woah you have 3 monsters out, not to fear The Unhappy Maiden is here

Today's CoTD is:

The Unhappy Maiden:

When this card is sent to the Graveyard as a result of battle, the Battle Phase for that turn ends immediately.

- ends your opponents turn when card is sent to gravyard
- can buy time and help you get those valuable cards you need
- works good with fast beatdown decks

- no type of attack what so ever
- waste of deckspace
- better monsters to choose from

Analysis: Well this is a very interesting card which hasn't seen much play b/c of its attack and level I guess. Nowadays people look for the highest attack monster to put in their deck, but sometimes the weakest of em all  can help you out in certain situations. Sometimes the strongest isn't always the best. -Pictue this- say your opponent has a La Jinn The Mystical Genie and 7 Colored Fish in attack mode and what u really need is a dark hole or raigeki to clear the field for next turn. Say u Tapp(defense) The Unhappy Maiden and your opponent attacks with the 7 Colored Fish and The Unhappy Maiden goes to your graveyard, right when this happens "YOUR OPPONENT ENDS HIS TURN IMMEDIATELY ". This is great to by time for u to draw those vital cards late in the game. Hey who would ever think you would play a Unhappy Maiden in your deck, no one does you can surprise your opponent and maybe even pull out a win. The best thing to do with TUM(The Unhappy Maiden) is experiment in decks.

Conclusion: The best thing about Yu-Gi-Oh is you don't always have to go with the strongest monsters in the game why not go with the upset and make your opponent have rescpect for you the next time you duel him. Well to me The Unhappy Maiden would be a good card to play as an surprise in your deck to set your opponent up for your next move. A good combo would be SoRL+Dark Hole or Raigeki. the key here if your opponent isn't that smart is to get him to put out as many monsters as he can and with The Unhappy Maiden tapped(defense) right when TUM dies he ends turn which sets him up for the Dark Hole or Raigeki you had in your hand.

Personal Rating: 2/5


Casual Rating: 3/5

Thanks for your time in reading my CoTD and can't wait till the next card of the day.

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Codith No review.


No review.



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