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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Delinquent Duo

Card Number - MRL-039

Average Rating = 4.12 based on 5 reviews

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - September 30, 2002

wartortle32 Today we look at Delinquent duo.  In my opinion, this
was the worst edit by upperdeck in changing the names
around.  Who things mischievious demon twins sounds

Anyway's back to the actual card itself, you pay 1000
LP to discard 1 randomly chosen card an 1 card that
the opponent picks. 

Like all the discarding cards in magic ruler, this
card is defnitley best when you're going first.  AT
that time, you can play it before the opponent has a
chance to counter it or to set any of his good cards
on the field.  You can eliminate almost half his
starting hand with this.

How does this stand up to confiscation or forceful
sentry?  I's just rather go with the sentry.  Instead
of doing stuff at random, you can acutaly take a look
at the opponent hand and then choose one that you
decide to get rid of.

In japan, this card is restricted to 1.  No doubt it
will be restricted here too.  Probably 2 per deck at
first and then down to 1.

I give this card a 3/5.  Great as a starting card, not
so great further along in the duel.


Scott Gerhardt

Okay - Magic players get it.  This card is better than that, though, when you only start with 5 in hand rather than 7, and it can get kicked off turn 1.  Making them drop 2 cards will foil any Exodia strategy and can foil other strategies as well.  It's 1000LP, but early on it's quite worth it to foil your opponent's strategy before it can get off the ground.  Quite nice.

Rating:  4.5
Yonex Introduction: Oh their goes your exodia pieces BHWHHAHA!

Normal Magic
Delinquent Duo
Pay 1000 Life Points. Randomly select and discard 1 card from your
opponent's hand. Your opponent then selects and discards another card from
his/her hand.

Why should you use it?
*Burys 1 random and another one.
*Card Advantage
*Takes away SOME threats

Why shouldn't you use it?
*Opponent no hand
*1000 Life Points

Reasons: One of my favorite cards in Magic Ruler. This card can easily
destroy and opponents hand. Play this opening move, it's gonna kill. So
basically your trading 1 for 2 cards, which of course is good. This card can
take away the opening threats, or futhure threats, and can help you. Well
not much more to say about this card other than it's great. Now the
negatives points, no real negative points about it, but oh well. This card
is useless if your opponent doesn't have a hand. I found this card to be
used right away if you get it, or when your opponent has a big hand. Also
1000 Life Points isn't that steep, but it should be okay at the begging.

Rating: Supreme card. One of the best Magic Ruler card currently. I have to
give this card a 4.5 (woah haven't see that number in a while). Even though
it may seem I'm bais, I kind of am, but this card is great, must use in
every deck. Oh yeah by the way this card is soon to be restricted. I wonder

Conclusion: YoNeX goes to reload this staple gun. Staples this card and
destroys. Aww man, oh well let's get another one. Since I can and their that

Today is Monday, beginning my first week of picking Magic Ruler Cards of the Day.  and we're going to look at actually good cards this week (happy IQ?).  Today's card is a soon-to-be-restricted-and-deck-staple, Delinquent Duo.
Card Text:
Normal Magic
Pay 1000 Life Points. Randomly select and discard 1 card from your opponent's hand. Your opponent then selects and discards another card from his/her hand.
I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is the most powerful card in the entire set.  Yes, you heard me.
Delinquent Duo is the most powerful card in the English Magic Ruler set.
You want to know why?
Think of the classic example of "cards in your hand = options you have during the game", and you will understand.
Deep into the game, the average hand size in the game is around 3.  If you pull out one of these, you have just effectively limited your opponent's options by 66.7%.  Not only that, but you can then use Robbin' Goblin or a similar effect to get that last card in your opponent's hand to the graveyard, and your opponent is stuck wishing for a good draw every turn, otherwise the game is over for them.
Yes, you could do this with the other cards, but this highly speeds up the process.  This card could decrease the number of turns needed to gain an advantage by 1-2, and the quicker you can get a big advantage over your opponent, the better.
Not only that, but for the time being, this card isn't even restricted (though it will be restricted to either 1 or 2 with the (hopefully) coming Magic Ruler restrictions, and eventually it will definitely be restricted to 1), so snatch 3 of these (it is Ultra Rare, so good luck), and watch your opponent suffer a horrible, horrible death.  Just don't use them in official tournies, or you'll be disqualified!  (Magic Ruler is banned until there is a restriction list.)
Should YOU play it?
Any deck can benefit from this card.  Did I mention it shuts down Exodia as well?
Delinquent Duo gets a 4.7.  It is probably the best card in the set (at least, in my opinion), but it's not perfect.  The 1000 LP may set you back a little bit, and it's obviously useless if your opponent's hand is already empty, but it is still very powerful.  Gotta love those Mischevious Demon Twins! ^_^;;;
Delinquent Duo

This card is way too powerful for the current environment. There aren't many
good cards that allow you to draw cards and this evil thing makes your
opponent get rid of two from his hand. The good thing is that this card
comes with two draw backs. No, having to pay 1000 life points for this card
is not a draw back. I'll pay 1000 life points any day to get rid of 2 cards
from my opponent's hand. The REAL draw backs are....

1) This card is not that great in the late game because your opponent
probably won't even have two cards in his hand. After you play the first one
your opponent will find ways to play out his hand so this card will most
likely be a dead card after you play the first one.... if you're playing
against a smart opponent. o.0

2) The second this card was released the count down started, everyone and
their dog knows this card is geting limited to 1 per deck. So trading for 3
of them is not such a great idea. It's just a matter of when will Upper Deck
finally make it official.

Rating 3.9



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