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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Upstart Goblin
Type: Magic
Effect: Draw 1 Card from your Deck.  Your opponent gains 1000 Life Points

Card Number - MRL-033
Average Rating - 2.15 (based on 5 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - September 23, 2002

Scott Gerhardt
Drawing cards is usually important - but not here.  Simple firing off a random cantrip at the cost of 1,000 LP gained to your opponent is terrible.  In any offensively minded deck, this card is horrible.

If you're playing Exodia.dec, though, then I would highly recommend this card.  The ability to reduce your deck from 40 cards to 37 is a major advantage, and when your opponent's life does not matter, then it doesn't matter what you give them as long as you draw cards.

In general, though, the card is bad and should not see play.

Rating:  1.5
In Exodia.dec: 5


Upstart Goblin -- Monday

Introduction: Yeah! I get to draw an extra card!

Normal Magic
Draw 1 card from your Deck. Your opponent gains 1000 Life Points.

Why should you use it?
*Thins out your deck
*Card Advantage (future)

Why shouldn't you use it?
*Opponent gains 1000 Life Points.
*Waste of space

Reasons: Well not much to say about this card. It basically draws a card to
thin out your deck. There are way better cards to thin our your deck than
this, Card Destructions, Giant Germ, and Thunder Dragon. I also doubt that
it will be near to impossible to run a 40 card deck, with all those evil
cards currently out. Though this card is a bit bad, there is a card if my
combo is right to draw a lot of cards with this, but I really doubt this
card will get good. Bad points about this card is your opponent gains 1000
Life Points. If you draw this card at the very very end, it's going to cost
you. This is a reason why it might possibly be a waste of space in your deck
because your really just trading 1 for 1 and your opponent gains a Dian Keto
The Cure Master.

Rating: This card is not that great of a card, but in Japan, it is
restricted (yes it's restricted). Currently in this set, there is no reason
for this. For this reason I would give it a 2.5. In the near future, this
card MIGHT get better.

Conclusion: This might not really give you such a good upstart.

wartortle32 Today's card is Upstart Goblin.  I find it next to
useless.  It's a magic card that lets you draw 1 card
and lets the opponent gain 1000LP. 

Why is this card useless?  I'll use an example to show
why.  Let's say you have a la jinn and you draw
upstart goblin.  Both you and the opponent have
8000LP.  The top 2 cards on your deck are neo and dark

Scenario1:  you play upstart goblin.  You now have la
jinn and neo in your hand and dark hole is on the top
of your deck.  The opponent has gained 1000LP.

Scenario2 without the goblin in your deck:  you draw
neo instead of the goblin.  dark hole is on the top of
your deck and the opponent has not gained 1000LP.

So what does this show you?  The scenarios are exactly
the same except that the opponent has gained 1000LP in
the first scenario.  The goblin has hurt you more than
it is helped.

Basically, this card provides no drawing power.  If it
said 2 cards, it would be so much better.

This card should only belong in defensive exodia decks
that contain EXACTLY 40 cards with the goblins in.
Why?  because you dont care if the opponent is gaining
any ALP and the goblin is allowing you to speed
through your deck. 

I give this card a 1.3/5.  Do not simply throw this in
your deck as it will do you no good.  Stick with the
pot of greed.



Monday - Upstart Goblin

Upstart Goblin allows you to draw a card at the cost of your opponent gaining 1000 Life Points.

The only reason why it's restricted to one in Japan is because there is a card that states, whenever your opponent gains Life Points, he loses it instead. Even still I don't think it should of been restricted to one.

With our current pool of cards here in the States, this card is pretty useless. The only use it gives you is that it thins your deck by one. Unlike Pot of Greed, you don't gain any card advantage from it. If you had 5 cards when you played this card from your hand, you would still have 5 cards in your hand after it resolved (And your opponent would be up 1000 Life Points).

Right now, the only deck I would play this in would be an Exodia based deck. There's not much else that gains any benefit from it.


Today is Monday, and we start a new week with a very unusual card, Upstart Goblin.
Card Text:
Normal Magic
Draw 1 card from your Deck. Your opponent gains 1000 Life Points.
Believe it or not, this card is restricted to 1 in Japan.  The Japanese found it necessary to restrict almost every drawing card (Masked Sorcerer and the upcoming Share the Wealth and Vase of Greed have escaped the restriction list, for now...).  This should tell you how powerful drawing is in this game.  Due to the small deck size, and the fact that almost any card is a game-altering card, any way that you can get a card drawing advantage will put you one step ahead of your opponent, and this card is no exception.
Exodia decks, play 3 of these while you still have them. Since Exodia decks focus on the automatic victory, your opponent's life point cost will not matter (unless Exodia falls through, in which case, you lose =P).
This card actually combos well with Megamorph.  If you have less than 1000 LP more than your opponent, use Upstart Goblin, then they'll have more LP than you.  You can guess what to do now.  Equip Megamorph on your hardest hitter, and pound your opponent into the ground.
There will also be future cards that will combo with this, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.
Honestly, I have not seen anyone play this card nor hear of anyone doing so.  Unless you are completely desperate for drawing advantage, I would avoid this.
However, if you manage to draw a really good card with Upstart Goblin (Raigeki, maybe?), that 1000 LP may not matter.  It's too much of a risk, however.  Give me Pot of Greed any day =P
Should YOU play it?
Unless you are playing an Exodia deck in unofficial duels in this prerestriction era (3 of them, of course), or want to try the Megamorph combo, I would avoid it.
Upstart Goblin gets a 2.5.  To be perfectly honest, this may be the lowest score I'll ever give a restricted (or soon to be restricted) card.  It can do stuff, but that's about it.
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Triple X  No Review Today
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