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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Card Number - MRL-002
Average Rating - 3.65 (based on 6 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - September 17, 2002

Scott Gerhardt
This card is abuseable.  Anytime you have the chance to double the ATK, that's nice.  There are a number of things that can be done with this card.  I don't think it does in every deck, but man it can get ugly in the right situations.
Rating:  4


Introduction: Woah, my La Jinn killed your Summoned Skull with a Axe of
Despair attached to it. Did you forget I had a megamorph. AHhahahah.

Equipment Magic
If your Life Points are lower than your opponent's, the original ATK of a
monster equipped with this card is doubled. If your Life Points are higher,
hte original ATk is halved.

Why should you use it?
*Mega powerup for high ATK monsetrs.
*Could power down a monster by half.

Why shouldn't you use it?
*Equipment cards have NEVER been good.
*The decreased of Life Points can cause a problem.

Reasons: Attaching card to any half decent monster is very good. My rule of
thumb is any monster over 1000 ATK+ use this card. Any monster below 1000
ATK use Axe of Despair. This could turn a La Jinn into a very scary
monsters. Its like having two of them. Also when your desperate, you can use
the Megamorph for it's powerdown effect too, to power down your opponent's
ATK by 50 percent. Now same as yesterday EQUIP cards has never been good,
but I think, imo to use this card over Axe of Despair, just based on
personal preference. The decrease your ATK by half can get you in a snag,
but this card is mainly used for a 1 shot deal because most monsters don't
stay on the field long enough.

Rating: This card currently either the most powerful EQUIP in the game, or
the 2nd most powerful EQUIP card. Just based on personal preference. For
this reason I would give it a bit higher than Axe of Despair because I like
this card. My rating is 3.6. Mainly because you can use it for it's negative
effects on your opponent's monster.

Conclusion: You will see a lot of pumped up monsters!



Tuesday - Megamorph

Type: Equipment Magic
Effect: If you have fewer Life Points than your opponent, double the equipped monster's attack strength.  If you have more Life Points than your opponent, halve the equipped monster's attack strength.  This attack strength modification takes place before all others.

This card can be really good, and pretty bad. The problem with the card, is that it sometimes contradicts itself.

Lets use Dark Elf as an example. First of all, you have to lower your Life Points. There are several ways to do this, the most common is by your opponent's monsters attacking...

Lets say you were dueling your friend and you went first. You play a monster and possibly some other cards and pass. They most likely kill your monster with a Magic card and attack for usually somewhere around 1800-2800. On your next turn, you kill their monster then throw a Megamorph onto your newly played Dark Elf and swing for 4000. Their LP is now at 4000 while yours is at 4200-5200. Your Dark Elf's ATK just got halved. They deal with your 1000 ATK Dark Elf easily and possibly win on their next turn (Or atleast gain an advantage).

Of course, I can also take into account if Counters were played. But this was just meant to be a mere example. To put plainly, Megamorph will make one of your monsters attack for a large sum one turn, but you will have to pay the consequnce(s) on your opponent's next turn.

I still think it can be a very powerful card though. It's best use is mainly just for finishing blows to the head.

Rating: 3/5

Megamorph will spawn first turn wins in the future...

wartortle32 Ah yes.  We get the dreaded giant growth renamed by
Upperdeck to Megamorph (Upperdeck really screwed some
of the names over in this set).  This card will double
a monster's attack power if you have fewer LP than
your opponent of reduce a monster's attack by half if
you have more LP than the opponent.

Of course everyone knows the one turn KO by now.  You
use Devil Franken to bring out a Blue Eyes Ultimate,
use Megamorph, and kill the opponent in 1 turn.  Thank
god BEUD hasn't been released yet in English cause
almost everyone's deck would have that combo in it.

As for Megamorph itself, this is a win win card.  If
you have less LP than the opponent, you can really
power one of your monsters.  If you have more LP than
the opponent, you can equip this card to the opponent
so that his monster's attack is greatly reduced.

I give this card a 4/5.  It can be used in almost any
situation.  Although this isn't the card for you if
you're using a stall deck.

Trunks the Swordsman

Type: Equipment Magic
Effect: If you have fewer Life Points than your opponent, double
the equipped monster's attack strength. If you have more Life
Points than your opponent, halve the equipped monster's attack
strength. This attack strength modification takes place before
all others.

Heh... Just evil beyond evil. Solemn judgement is good but paired up with this card it just gets better. You pay half for solemn judgement and most likely you'll be lower than your opponent in life points and you can play Megamorph with no drawback. One good combo with this card. This card is really good but its gonna be more of a late game card than an early game card of course. Something on maha vailo like axe of despair and this will be crazy. Thats gonna be an ATK of 6100 plus another 500 from Megamorph.. Yep Megamorph will definitely see some tournament play. I'm looking for 3 myself.

Rating 4.0
Today's Tuesday, and we're looking at another highly anticipated Equip, Megamorph.
Card Text:
Equipment Magic
If your Life Points are lower than your opponent's, the original ATK of a monster equipped with this card is doubled.  If your Life Points are higher, the original ATK is halved.
At first glance, this card would appear to be broken.  Doubling a monster's attack power can cause some real problems for your opponent.  With this, Summoned Skull can go up to 5000 attack points, and even a Dark Elf can go up to 4000.  Imagine putting this on a Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon and performing a 6000 direct damage attack.
I see two ways this card can be used:
1. One-Turn KO Combo
Oh, come on, everyone knows this one.  Devil Franken + Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon + Megamorph is basically a one turn knockout.  This combo was so broken that Megamorph had to be restricted to 1 in Japan for a brief period of time.  (It has since gone back to being unrestricted.)
2. Psycho-Suicide Combo Deck
Now this is a fun one.  Use cards such as Jirai Gumo, Dark Elf, Solemn Judgment, Delinquent Duo, and Confiscation to lower your Life Points while slowly wittling your opponent down to not quite as low, then clear the field, bring out a heavy hitter, attach this, and it's all she wrote.
As an extension of this, you can attach this to a monster when you have less LP than your opponent, then attack so you have more LP, so this card's attack power is halved.  Now, you can do one of two things:
a) Use Tailor of the Fickle to attach Megamorph to an opposing monster, thus halving their attack power.
b) Bluff them into attacking, then destroy their monsters with Mirror Force =D
This card also works well to get around Messenger of Peace by lowering your monster's attack power.  Just make sure they have more LP than you until you/they get rid of MoP however, or you'll be in trouble.
Also, since this isn't counted as a direct increase or decrease, this card circumnavigates Reverse Trap, which may become popular with the popularity of Axe of Despair.
Should YOU play it?
I would at least sideboard it.  It can help you get out of sticky situations.
Megamorph gets a 3.5.  It's not a perfect card, but it can be abused either by the attack increase or decrease.  I see it becoming almost as popular, if not more popular than, Axe of Despair eventually.  (Just wait until we get Cyber-Stein (Devil Franken) and Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.  You will be shocked about how many decks will adopt this combo.  It's that broken.)



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