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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Axe of Despair

Card Number - MRL-002
Average Rating - 3.79 (based on 7 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - September 16, 2002

Scott Gerhardt
Okay.  Two things I should probably get off my chest first.

#1 - I am fairly new to Yu-Gi-Oh.  By comparison to the rest of this group, I'm a newbie.  I have, though, been around Collectible Card Games, specifically Magic and Pokemon for about 7 1/2 years total and have achieved pretty decent success in both games, so I know something about cards in general.

#2 - Being that I post these, I get to see my fellow CotDers reviews before I even write my own.  This sometimes can lead to some unique perspectives on writing about cards.

That said, I'm gonna disagree with most the rest of the staff:

I think this is a good card, but by no means a staple, and here's why:

There are too many cards that can cause havoc with monsters via removal, or fun little things like Shield and Sword that make that can really get a drop on this card.  On top of that, if the first monster goes, you have to sac a second one to get it back.  Don't get me wrong, +1000 ATK is really nice, but I think in the end you have to look at the versatility of the card(s) you're playing.  For *MY* money, Horn of the Unicorn is a superior card for these reasons:

#1 - It's versatile.  It'll pump the "O" and the "D" and works in all situations.
#2 - Not subject to weird tricks.  If you play swap games, it works both ways.
#3 - It comes back free.  Just slam it back on top.  No saccing a monster - it just comes back.  

Yes, the difference is 300, but the card makes up for it with it's versatility.  Don't think that people won't be running switch cards, like Shield and Sword with monsters like this in the environment.  It'll be getting 3-for-1 advantage all over the place.

On top of that, you can get 3 Horns for less money than it would cost for 1 Axe.  

Now, I'll remind you that I'm still new to this game, but I've played around with it a bit, and this is my opinion on the card.  Take it or leave it for what it's worth

Rating:  3


Since Magic Ruler has been, like, released, we're going to start looking at them.  Sound like a plan?  It should.  Today's card is one that was very eagerly awaited, Axe of Despair.
(NOTE: This is the Demon's Axe that has been referred to in numerous of my past CotDs.)
Card Text:
Equipment Magic
A monster equipped with this card increases its ATK by 1000 points.  When this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard, you can offer 1 monster from the field as a Tribute to place it on top of your deck.
For anyone that is currently playing Sword of Dark Destruction, Stim-Pack, Sword of Deep-Seated, or any other equipment card, your puny little boosts have met their match.  This thing gives ANY face-up monster a 1000 point attack boost, and has no immediate drawbacks.  You know what 1000 points does?  It allows Witch of the Black Forest to take out Dark Elf.  It allows Jirai Gumo to take out Blue-Eyes White Dragon.  It allows Gate Guardian to take out a Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (not released in English yet).  Need I say more?
This is definitely a game-changing card.  1000 attack points can give you a HEFTY advantage over your opponent, and it allows smaller monsters with really good effects to be playable (think White Magical Hat with the same attack power as Dark Elf *drools*).
Not only does it give you a 1000 point boost, but if it is destroyed from the field, you can (notice can, not have to) sacrifice a monster to put it at the top of your deck.  I assume you have to do this as soon as the card is destroyed, but I'm not sure.  This combos well with Sangan and Witch of the Black Forest, for obvious reasons.  Since the effect isn't mandatory, you can let it sit in the Graveyard for a while, then bring it back with Magician of Faith (one of the few non-restricted cards it's worth to use MoF's effect on).
Unfortunately, this is an Ultra Rare, so it will take some work to hunt them down (they made almost all the good cards in this set Super Rare and above).  If you can get 3 though, your opponent might as well resign.
Should YOU play it?
Of course you should.  Almost any deck can benefit from this card.  There will be Maha Vailo combo decks that rely on this card soon enough, as soon as Magic Ruler is playtested some more.  I haven't had the opportunity to playtest Magic Ruler, as I don't have any yet (I'm broke and unemployed ;.;).
Axe of Despair gets a 4.3.  1000 extra attack points makes almost any monster a beast.  The self-regeneration effect is also optional, which puts it higher on the scale than Sword of Deep-Seated.  The hard part is getting 3 of these...


Introduction: Woah Dark Elf! I just have a Witch of the Black Forest. Oh
wait, I hae this other card, it's called Axe of Despair! Game Over!

Equipment Magic
A monster equipped with his card increases the ATK by 1000 points. When
htis card is sent from the field to the Graveyard, you can offer 1 monster
from the field as a Tribute to place it on top of your deck.

Why should you use it?
*Power up any monster
*Advantage in mirror match up.
*OPTIONAL put on top of your deck.

Why shouldn't you use it?
*Equipment cards have NEVER been good.
*No monsters equals dead card.
*Easily countered.

Reasons: This card first off is the first Magic Ruler review so here we go!
This card if attached to most of the monster these days would of course give
you a big edge. If La Jinn vs La Jinn you would have the advantage. Even if
it's Witch vs Dark Elf, you can still win. Also unlike, Swords of Deep
Seated, where you MUST put the card back, this card allows OPTIONAL which is
very important. Since that 1 card draw could be the game winner. The price
to save this card is too high. So just use it for it's one shot deal. Well
as I said many times, equip cards have never been good and never will be
good. If you have no monsters, you just have a really bad card in your hand.
And with recent cards out and previous cards out to counter it; Reverse
Trap, Fairy's Hand Mirror, and Eternal Rest just to name a few.

Rating: This card currently is the most powerful powerup in the game. This
card is a mega 1000+. But there is this other card that I rather play. Which
is tommorow ladies and germs. So I would give this card a 3.5. Very strong
and beef up card. Though this card is an Equip, must give this card props.

Conclusion: Me goes get a Stapler, can you say staple card?



Monday - Axe of Despair

Type: Equipment Magic
Effect: Increase the equipped monster's attack strength by 1000.
If this card is put into your Cemetery from the Field, you may
sacrifice a monster to put this card on top of your deck.

About time we get some good Equipment Magic. The highest we had before Magic Ruler was Stim Pack, which had a drawback.

Personally, I really like this card. 1000+ ATK can change alot. That little White Magical Hat isn't so pathetic anymore. Neither is that Witch of the Black Forest, ect. An interesting option with Axe of Despair are those weak monsters from Metal Raiders that can attack your opponent's Life Points directly. Combine it with Robbin' Goblin and the other cards that make your opponent discard from Magic Ruler and you have an evil little combo.

Axe of Despair has another cool effect built into it. It gives you the choice (Unlike Sword of Deep-Seated) to Tribute a monster in order to put it on the top of your deck when it is discarded. Alot of times you won't use this effect, but it is a cool effect to have around. Every once in awhile you will find that bonus effective.

Rating: 4/5

If you have it, play it.

wartortle32 Monday - Axe of Despair

Today's COTD is Axe of Despair.  It gives a 1000 ATK boost to any monster and can be brought back to the top of your deck by sacrificing a monster.

This card is, hands down, the best equip magic card available for English.  A 1000 ATK boost can make even the weakest monsters a formidable opponent, and can
make some level 4 monsters surpass Summoned Skull.

The other effect, to sacrifice a monster to bring it to the top of your deck, wont be used very often.  The great thing about this is that you  have a choice if
you want to revive it or not, unlike the Sword of Deep seated.  That way, you wont have the possibility of the opponent forcing you to continuously draw the card
over and over.

I give this card a 4.5/5.  This is one of the best equip magic card in either Japanese or English game. There are some that are better, but not many.  If
you're running an offensive deck, there should be no excuse for keeping this out of your deck.

TripleX Hi, We launch off the week with Magic Ruler CoTD's: Axe of Despair

Monday - Axe of Despair :

Type: Equipment Magic
Effect: Increase the equipped monster's attack strength by 1000.
If this card is put into your Cemetery from the Field, you may
sacrifice a monster to put this card on top of your deck.

Introduction: Wooooooooo!!! I just killed your Summoned Skull with my 7 Colred Fish and o wait? Why you so surprised for, Did you forget the Axe of Despair I attached to it last turn =).  These are some of the qualities Axe of Despair can provide for you.

Advantages: Think about it +1000 attack power with no catch to it. This card is seriously going to be played in many decks. This is so far the best equip magic card out right now. If this card is sent to your graveyard all you have to do is sacrific your monster to put it on top of your deck. This card would be great to play when you have a large amount of monsters in your deck. I say 25 Ms/15 T/M. Believe it or not an Advantage would be your opponent playing Magic Jammer on this card and dicarding one of their cards in their hand. Anytime your opponent loses cards instead of gaining is a good sign o_0. Another advantage is you would probably need atleast 2 of these in your deck b/c it wouldn't be hard for this card to be discarded b/c all you need is sacrific a monster to get this card back on top of your deck. Hey remember 3 is better than 2 o_0.

Disadvantage: I don't see any disadvantages really. I usually never play equip magic cards in my deck because it would preven you from getting those crucial restriced cards. I though of equip magic cards as a waste of deck space.Now till this card came out it would probably be the first equip magic card I would test/add to my deck. Well there is one problem would this card be able to last on the field for about 2 turns. Almost everyone plays either Fissure,TTtD,MEB. I think that would be the only threat to this card.

Combos: Dark Elf+Axe of Despair you would be able to do a quick 3000 for 1000 of your LP's. I think that is so worth it, and with that combo you can take out a Summoned Skull. Another combo would be powering up La Jinn or 7 Colored Fish+Axe of Despair giving you a 2800 attack. There are so many combos you can do with this magic card.

Conclusion: Yes this card should be a guarantee card to play in your deck for power and fast kills. This magic card will be a force to be reckoned with. Test with this card and find combos that would ()wn.

Personal Rating: 4/5

Tournament play: 4/5

Overall Rating: 4

 Till next time Adios Amigos !!!    

There goes the idea of ever using Stim-Pack again, and did anyone say Summon Skull? With card like this one in the environment I don't see any level 5s being played anymore because now they can be easily taken down by monsters with cards like this one attached. I know if you attach this card to your Summon Skull you'll have a really, really big monster in play but that means you'll have to have 3 cards in order to even be able to play it. You need to have a Monster you can sacrifise to him, the Summon Skull and then this card to be able to protect him.

That's just a lil too much if you ask me, I would personally rather have a 7
Color fish attacking for 2800 in my first turn. >;~)

Rating 3.2



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