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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Axe Raider

Card Number - TP1-002
Average Rating - 2.95 (based on 8 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - September 12, 2002

Trunks the Swordsman Alright this one is a good card. Its a level 4 with an attack of 1700. This is slightly better than battle ox since its def is higher big deal huh? Anyway good card to have in a standard deck. The chances of getting this card is pretty bad though. I've only seen one pulled out of 5 tournaments I've been too. So if you get this your lucky. Nothing else to say. His level and atk stats speak for itself.

Rating 3.5

Scott Gerhardt
There is not much to say.  The card is solid, but there is better.  I can't see this card getting played much in decks.  The people who can get it probably already have the better cards such as La Djinn and 7 Colored Fish and it serves little to no use for them.  For the newbies, they can't even get this card, so what's the point?
Rating:  3


Today is Thursday, and we're continuing potluck week with another Super Rare from the Season 1 tournament packs, Axe Raider.
Card Text:
One of Joey's favorite cards, and a formidable card it is.  At 1150 defense, it currently has the highest defense of all Level 4 monsters with an attack power of 1700 or more.  This is normally meaningless, as, even with Shield & Sword, the next turn he still gets killed by a La Jinn or 7 Colored Fish.  If you are crazy enough to play a mono-Earth deck, you can use this along with Battle Ox, Judge Man, and the field card in Pharaoh's Servant (when we get it) to boost Earth's attack by 500 points, and you have yourself a very nifty monster.
However, standing alone, 1700 attack just won't cut it.  You need some kind of support.  I can see this guy being used in mono-Earth and mono-Warrior decks in the future, as the card selections for those types are somewhat limited.
Should YOU play it?
For now, I would leave it in your binder.  Once you have enough cards for a Warrior deck (Struggle of Chaos will aid greatly in making a mono-Warrior deck), you can use this guy or Battle Ox.  Besides, even if you don't use it, this thing will be a hot card, seeing as it is a tourney Super Rare and probably an anime fan favorite.
Axe Raider has promise, and a pretty good price on its head, so it gets a 2.9.  Once you build a Warrior deck, you can pull this guy out.


Introduction: Say hello to my older brother, Axe Raider.

Card Info:
Earth / Level 4

Why should you use it?
*Nice card over Neo/Ox.
*No drawbacks.

Why shouldn't you use it?
*Attack stats isn't great at all.
*A bit hard to get

Reasons: It's Battle's Ox older brother, Axe raider. This card is a bit
stronger than Neo and Ox because of it's DEF points. This card is just a
regular attacking monster, yeah no drawbacks! The 1700 Attack points doesn't
make it that great, since it's very RARE to find someone using 1700, so it's
gonna get killed with no thought about it. Since this card is part of the
Tournament Pack collection is a little bit harder to get, it's a Super Rare
by the way.

Rating: A good card, but just doesn't cut it with the 1800+ environment,
it's gonna be a very easy monster to kill. Regardless of that I love neo and
ox, so I would give this card a rating of 3.0. Don't complain about this,
just try it for yourself.

Conclusion: A great card to use on little kids :-).



Axe Raider is a Level 4 monster with 1700/1150 ATK/DEF with no effects.

If Axe Raider was released before Metal Raiders, it would of been played just for the sheer fact that it has a slightly higher DEF than Neo the Magic Swordsman and Battle Ox.

So much for that.

Even now it is playable to some extent. The problem is, there are just better cards available, and with the release of the next couple of sets it just gets worse and worse.

Tournament worthy? If you are REALLY desperate go ahead. I don't fully recommend it though.

Rating: 2.2/5

Playable, just not very good anymore

TripleX Today's CoTD is Axe Raider from the Tourney Packs.

Axe Raider
Attk: 1700
Def: 1150
Set: Tourney Packs
Type: Earth/Warrior

Advantages: Its attack is descent and will see play in the near future b/c of this cards popularity. 1700 attack is worthy enough to put in your deck but you would need some powerups like Invigoration and Stim Pack to wreck Havoc. Evon though this card would still be able to do a descent amount of damage if you play him right.

Disadvantages: Well the problem is look at the attack of 7 Colored Fish or La Jinn compared to the attack of Axe Raider. If they would go head to head you know who would surpass as the victor. Another problem is could Axe Raider make it alive for at least 1 turn of play. Can you smell La Jinn, 7 Colored Fish, Fissure, etc.

Combos: Axe-Raider+Stim Pack would raise Axe Raider's attack to 2400 =). Another combo would be attach a magic card Invigoration which increses an earth type monsters attack +500.
Another good idea would be is to play Axe Raider with reinforcements in your deck to surprise your opponent.

Conclusion: Axe Raider can be a good card if you use it right. If you just would play it without thinking then you will be in trouble b/c it won't last long on the field. Remember Yu-Gi-Oh is a game of thinking not just choosing the highest at tack monsters and attacking your brains out with it.

Personal Rating: 3/5

Tournament Rating: 4/5 I'm being nice

Overal Rating: 3

IQ Axe Raider

hmmm... I would normally say this is the guy you use until you can get 3 La
Jinn and 3 Seven Color Fish but since he's from the tournament packs he's
actually harder to get. I guess if you're a collector you want to have him
but if your a player you have no use for this card, he might be able to take
out a lot of the really tinny monsters but he's too small to beat the
monsters everyone's using.

Rating 3
wartortle32 Thursday - Axe Raider

Today we are looking at Axe Raider.  This monster
boasts one of the highest attack power for level 4
monsters in the game so far, at 1700.

Unfortunately, it's a super rare from the tournament
packs, so good luck trying to get one.  Battle ox is
almost an exact replica of this card, and much easier
to get. 

I think monsters with 1700 attack are a thing of the
past.  With beatdown decks, you'll most likely be
keeping your attacking monsters above 1800.  1700
doesn't make the cut anymore.

I give this card a 3/5.  Nice stats, but there are are
better, stronger, and more common level 4 monsters.

No Review Today


No review.
Pot of Greed No review.
Codith No review.


No review.



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