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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Card Number - MRD-102
Average Rating - 2.27 (based on 6 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - September 11, 2002

Trunks the Swordsman Wednesday - Hoshinigen - Metal Raiders

Hmm lets see this one gives light types +500 atk and dark types get -500 atk. Well this card can help boost up blue eyes besides dragon treasure and mountain. Also weakens those evil summoned skulls that are so rampant in the tournament scene. Id rather sword and shield against SS though but this can work too. If you play a deck that wants to boost up your monsters high and are mostly light types you can pop 2-3 of these in for good measure. Its gotta be face up though. And its effect happens immediately so your opponent can trap hole this creature.

Rating 1.9

Scott Gerhardt
It's certainly decent.  In the right deck and against the right deck, it's not horrible.  Pretty specialized.  I think you'll usually find better cards, though.  Not sure what else to say.  If you run alot of light and your opponent runs a lot of dark, then it's greatness.
Rating:  2.5


Today we're going to look at my 2nd (and last =( ) pick of the week, Hoshinigen.
Card Text:
Effect: As long as this card remains face-up on the Field, increase the ATK of all LIGHT monsters by 500 points and decrease the ATK of all DARK monsters by 400 points.
Nothing to The Unhappy Maiden if this is a long review, but I was in a hurry writing yesterday's review.  Now, here we go...
Wow, if beatdown decks needed an enemy, this card could be one!  Since most beatdown decks have all-Dark attackers (except for 7 Colored Fish), this could theoretically shut them down, allowing you to bring in a Neo the Magic Swordsman and wreak havoc.  If you manage to get 2 of these on the field, your opponent may have some problems.
The only problem is keeping these guys on the field.  Even with a self-boost, they only have 1000 attack points (if you only have 1 on the field).  It has been declared in an extended ruling that this and the other attack boosters can be affected by Trap Hole, as their effect takes effect immediately (because it doesn't have to check for anything, like number of cards in your hand).  Since this guy would have 1000 attack points, it gets flushed down the drain.
Another threat is the beatdown monsters themselves.  Even thought they get a 400 point cut, they'll still be higher than Hoshinigen (1400 to 2100 > 1000).  If you get 2 on the field, you can gain the field advantage, so that helps, but 7 Colored Fish will still eat you up.  Having these guys control the field becomes easier with the pumped-up field cards in Japanese Pharaoh's Servant (+500 attack and -400 defense to one Main-type).  We may not get those in English Magic Ruler, probably in English Pharaoh's Servant, though.
However, I could possibly see a Hoshinigen/Neo/BEWD/Maha Vailo/White Magical Hat/equipment combo deck with English Magic Ruler, but it's not likely.  You could use Ring of Magnetism on Maha Vailo along with a Demon Axe to create a 3050 attack monster (Maha Vailo gets +500 attack for each equip card attached to it, plus the normal effect of the equip, i.e. the cost for Ring of Magnetism would be cancelled), and, with Hoshinigen, not only would Hoshinigen be safe, Maha Vailo would be up to 3550, and it's the only card your opponent can attack until they get rid of Ring of Magnetism.  Ouch.
I'll go more in-depth with the mechanics of that when we get there, though ;)
Should YOU play it?
It makes semi-decent tech against standard beatdown decks (loaded with Dark Main-type monsters), but it's best left in your binders.  These cards generally aren't very good.  In casual play, however, make a mono-Light deck with this, and have fun! =D
Hoshinigen can do stuff (bah, that expression is overused -__;;;), so it gets a 2.4, just because of its ability to semi-shut down Dark Main-type dependant beatdown decks.  Don't expect it to win you many games, however.

In some places where Dark and Spellcaster monsters are being played a lot still, this card is great.  It can help bring down some of those larger easy to get monsters.

A recommendation tough, would be to only play this moneter if you can equip it with something.  Otherwise, you will be looking to lose it early.

Rating: 3


Wednesday -- Hoshiningen -- MRD

Introduction: Shine brightly, shine over the Dark!

Card Info:
Light / Level 2
As long as this card remains face-up on the Field, increase the ATK of all
LIGHT monsters by 500 points and decrease the ATK of all DARK monsters by
400 points.

Why should you use it?
*Powerup for Light Monster
*Weakens the ever favorite Dark monsters.

Why shouldn't you use it?
*Waste of space
*Low Stats
*Very little good "Light" monsters

Reasons: This thing powerups Light monster, what else can I say. It gives
you an edge of course :-). It weaknes those Dark Elf, La Jinn, and Witch of
the Black Forest. Now this card is a waste of space becuase you might not
draw Light monsters with this card, which will really hurt. The attack stats
of this monster is very low, so that means it will be very easy to kill. The
only effective way to use this is if you have 2 of these out and or this
it's pointless. Finally there isn't any good Light monsters to use, the only
decent one right now is Neo The Magical Swordsman. It can destroy all the
currently "playable" Dark monsters. Not much to say about this card.

Rating: An okay card to use, but it's not great. This card would get a
higher rating if it's for your opponent,  but than that would be way too
good. So I would give this card a 2.0 because the good aspects and strong
point of this card is, it power downs the favorite Dark type.

Conclusion: Good card in Light decks and only good to counter Dark Monsters.



Wednesday - Hoshiningen

Hoshiningen is a Level 2 Fairy/Effect monster that reads: As long as this card remains face-up on the field, increase the ATK of all LIGHT monsters by 500 points and decrease the ATK of all DARK monsters by 400 points.

I don't like the card, but it isn't extremely terrible. It wouldn't be half bad in a LIGHT themed deck. But, that's about it.

DARK monsters are pretty popular right now, so the -400 ATK is a plus. You should know which ones I'm talking about.

Tournament worthy? Naw, keep away from it. Hoshiningen is much better for casual play or theme based decks.

Rating: 1.8/5

If you need to enhance the ATK of your monsters, use Magic cards.

TripleX No Review
IQ No review.
wartortle32 No review.


No review.
Pot of Greed No review.
Codith No review.


No review.



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