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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Rush Recklessly

Card Number - MRL-043

Average Rating =  based on 6 reviews

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - October 9, 2002

wartortle32 Wednesday - Rush Recklessly

Today we look at a very good attack bonus card, Rush
Recklessly.  This is a quick play magic that increases
the attack of a monster by 700 for 1 turn.

This is the first quick play magic card we have looked
at.  You are allowed to use quick play magic on the
opponent's turn as long as it was set first.  In
addition, you can also play this straight from your
hand during your battle phase.

In my opinion, this is much better than the equip
magic cards, because it is unexpected.  When the
opponent sees a horn of the unicorn on your la jinn,
he obviously wont purposely attack you without some
plan. But if he sees it exposed, he might attack and
you can then activate this, catching the opponent off

I give this card a 3.5/5.  Definitely a card you
should consider putting in your deck if your purpose
is beatdown. 


Scott Gerhardt
A phat surprise when they least expect it.  I like this card.  They won't see it coming and it can certainly turn the tide of the game real fast.  Not for every deck, but if you like surprises, this is a fun one.
Rating : 4
Yonex Rush Recklessly -- Wednesday

Introduction: Oh you think our tuff with that 500 powerup, I activate this
card for 700! Bam! Your monster fainted (I know what your thinking). I win!

Quick Play Magic
Increase a monsters ATK by 700 points during the turn this card is

Why should you use it?
*Extra boost
*Quick Play

Why shouldn't you use it?
*Dead without monster
*Magic card

Reasons: Today is Rush Recklessly. This card is a better version of
Reinforcements in some respsects. It is a magic, so that means you can play
it the same turn you set it. Also that 200 extra from Reinforcement can make
it a bit better. The important thing is that this card is a quick play
magic, which might help, because the security that the Seven Tools is going
to help and get a gurantee win. Though if you don't have any monsters, your
pretty much dead with any equipment (or equipment like cards). Also this
being a magic card can be really bad because it is a fact that Magics are
more easily countered than traps. So it being a magic can hurt you, but it
also a good thing that it's a magic.

Rating: This card is good, but I really doubt it will see play. It can be
for a fun deck, but no serious deck would really run it. Though this card
has it's uses. This card gets a 2.8. It's a good card and all, but it
doesn't have enough power as Axe of Despair, regardless that Axe of Despair
is an equipment.

Conclusion: I see this card Russing Recklessly into a wall, and not being
able to reborn again.

Wednesday: Rush Recklessly
Reinforcements pales in comparison to this card.  700 points, despite the advent of Axe of Despair and Megamorph, is a hefty increase.  That Summoned Skull threatening your Dark Elf?  Put this card face-down on the field, then activate it when that Skull attacks.  It dies, you don't lose 1000 LP for Dark Elf's effect, AND you don't have to worry about Mirror Force!  I can see someone using 1 to 2 of these in a beatdown or a beatdown sidedeck.  It makes for a very unpleasant surprise.  Enjoy.
Score: 3.3
It doesn't have as much game-breaking power as Axe of Despair, but it makes for one of the nastiest surprises in the game.  I think this is "NickWhiz1 is going to give these cards between 3 and 3.5" week.  *glares at IQ*
Trunks the Swordsman Rush Recklessly - Magic Ruler - Rare

Well this card seems to be pretty good. Its quick play so if you set it on your turn you can use it on your opponents turn which is nice. Its good for things like La Jinn vs La Jinn then you flip this over and your opponent dies and loses 700 life points and probably leaving the field open for you to attack directly. But other than that its not really that good. If you like the whole equipment magic and raises your monsters atk powers this is a nice addition to it.

Rating 3.0

YAY!!! We get to review a weird yet fun card. = )

This card is one of those cards that you want to have in your deck but you can't always find the room for. This card is great because is a bonus of +700 attack whenever you need it and after you play the first one in the match you'll opponent think twice before attacking you. This card just makes playing with your opponent's head that much fun. Tease him and tell him to attack your La Jinn with his dark Elf so he can lose 1500 life points. >;~)

Wrong isn't it? Well, that's just how evil this card can be and how much it can scare your opponent.

Rating 3.9



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