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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Messenger of Peace

Card Number - MRL-076

Average Rating = 2.58 based on 6 reviews

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - October 3, 2002

wartortle32 Thursday - toon world

Today we look at toon world.  It's not all that
exciting.  You have to pay 1000LP and that lets you
play toon monsters. 

If you can play your cards right, a toon based deck
can be very destructive.  It's plausible that you
could easily rack up some 3-4 turn wins easily with a
good toon deck. 

However, for a toon deck to be effective, you must
find a way to protect your toons as they can attack
for 1 turn.  Therefore, you shouldn't start playing
your toons until you have some magic jammers ready.
Then, it can be quite deadly indeed.

the downside?  By destroying your toon world, it
destroys all your toon monsters on the field.  Also,
it is very expensive, LP wise, to keep toons active.
And finally, it's really hard to get your hands on the
good toons as the Blue Eyes Toon Dragon and Toon
Summoned Skull are really rare.

I give this card a 3/5.  You only need it to play your
toons, but with the right mix, you can lay waste to
your opponent in the blink of an eye.


Scott Gerhardt
I refuse to rate this card.

You heard me - I refuse to rate this card.  I will, though, tell you why I refuse to rate it:

The card is what I call a "Deck Required" card.  If you want to play certain types of cards, you need certain other cards.  You wanna fuse, you need Polymerization.  If  you want Toons, you gotta play Toon World.

For me to review Toon World, I would have to do a complete review of all toons and their effectiveness.  I won't do it.

For what Toon World does, it gets a 5 - it allows Toons to be played - something nothing else does.  If you're not playing Toons, it's worthless  - a 1.  The card is blatently not deserving of a rating.

Current Price: $22 1st Ed, $19 Unlimited
Yonex Introduction: Did I tell you my Blue Eyes Toon can attack your life points
directly? Bhwhahahahahahhahahahah Oh yeah, I have megamorph to.

Continous Magic
This card is activated by paying 1000 of your Life Points.

Why should you use it?
*Use for toons

Why shouldn't you use it?
*Waste of Space
*Only for toons

Reasons: Well we finally review the infamous Toon World, the card that
Pegasus loves to use very much. This card in "general" isn't that great. The
1000 life points isn't what makes it bad, it's one of those cards where you
can only use it for something in specific. For example, White Hole for Dark
Hole only. This card is only for toons. What really make toons horrible is,
you can't attack the turn you bring it out. That what makes toons horrible.
For this reason this card would be a waste of space, due to how their are
only like 4 toons currently. Toons might be better, maybe if Upperdeck
decideds to release the structure decks, other than that, no good toons.

Rating: This card is a must use card in a toon deck, but cannot be used in
another other deck. I suggest you stay out of toons at all cost, due to how
much m/t destruction there is. This card would get a 2.5. It's a horrible
card, but since it's a must use in Toons, you have to use it.

Conclusion: <Pegasus>Ohhhhhhhhh my! You destroy my beatiful toons! No no no!
<YoNeX>That's your fault for stacking your deck with Toons and Toon World.

It's Thursday, and judging by the episode of the anime that is showing today (Yugi vs. Pegasus, part 3), it's a good day to look at probably the most popular card among newbies from this set, Toon World.
Card Text:
Continuous Magic
This card is activated by paying 1000 of your Life Points.
Yes, it has no other effect other than the cost, but that's not important.  The fact is that you need this card to summon any of the Toons in the set.
Personally, I would stay away from Toon decks for the time being.  Toon World is too vulnerable a card, and if it gets nuked away, all your Toons are taken with it, leaving a possibly open field for your opponent to burn to the ground.  You can counter this with Giant Trunade to return Toon World to your hand (since it's not destroyed, your Toons will live), but you won't be able to summon any more Toons until you repay the 1000 LP cost to place this card back into play.  A single Mystical Space Typhoon can lose the game for you.  Wait until the Pegasus Structure Deck, when we get the much better set of Toon cards.
Should YOU play it?
Well, that's a stupid question.  If you're using a Toon deck, run 3 of them.  If you're not, don't =P
Toon World gets a 2.5.  Toon cards just aren't really viable yet, and Toon World is way too vulnerable to be effective.  Just you wait, however.  Toon decks will be formidable eventually.
Trunks the Swordsman Toon World - Magic Ruler - Super Rare

*Before I review this card, Id like to say something about my pass COTD review on House of adhesive tape. I was under the wrong impression about this card vs. flip effects. *Curses his local upperdeck judge* Anyway that card CANNOT negate flip effects. This is because it kills the monster that was summoned BUT it didn't negate the summon so the flip effect will STILL HAPPEN. Anyway sorry for the confusion. This also applies to trap hole and eatgaboon. Okay now to the toon world.

Hmmm.. 1000 Life points to get your toons started. Seems like alot but actually it isn't. Well heres some easy tricks. Since toon world has to be destroyed for your toon monsters to be destroyed also. Play giant trunade after summoning a toon or 2 out and there you have it. They will stay out on the field and wont be weak to a heavy storm attack. Still your toons will be weak to the usual monster removal but better than having them ALL destroyed just because your opponent mystical typhooning or despelling your toon world. Thats one effective combo for toon world.

Rating 3.0
eeeekk... here's one of the most confusing cards in the game thanks to the
way it's been ruled. This card laone doesn't do much but once you stop
droping your Tonn Monsters it can and will most likely make your opponent
cry. The bad thing about it is that you have to pay 1000 life points and it
can easily get nuked by just about anything.

I personally don't like it but I don't like my opponent having a Toon Sumon
Skull in play either.... that thing hurts!!!

Rating 1.9



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