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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Banisher of the Light

Card Number - MRL-078

Average Rating =  based on 7 reviews

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - October 25, 2002

wartortle32 Friday - Banisher of the Light

Today we look at Banisher of the Light.  The effect sends all cards sent to the graveyard to be removed from the game instead. 

This is what I call a "fun" effect.  In other words, it's pointless.  Sure, it can mess up the opponent if they depend on graveyard retrieval cards, but more
often than not, it will be simply a strong defense monster with a quirky effect.

I wouldn't even use this card if you're running a defensive deck.  Most defensive decks are Exodia and Burners, in which this card will hurt you more than help.

I give this card a 2.0/5.  The high defense makes it somewhat playable, but I'd much rather go with a strong attack monster or a regular defense monster.


Scott Gerhardt
I could see this being brought in from the board to stop Exodia decks and decks that are heavily based on Magician of Faith and cards of the like, but aren't a lot of the good decks based on those cards?  It has it's uses, but they are few and far in between
Rating : 2.5
Martin Banisher of the Light [Fairy/Effect]
As long as this card remains face-up on the field, any card sent to the Graveyard is removed from play.

Being able to remove cards from the game is a very useful attribute that Banisher of the Light has. However, this effect can work as a double edge sword since it applies for both you and your opponent.

This heavily effects cards such as Magician of Faith and Monster Reborn since less cards will be in the graveyard for your opponent to choose from.

As of right now, there are no cards that allow a player to retrieve removed from game cards, so this card isn't bad. Although, this is not for every deck.

Rating: 3
Yonex Baniser of the Light -- Friday

Introduction: You don't have a Graveyard hahah! There goes your Exodia!

As long as this card remains face-up on the field, any card sent to the
Graveyard is removed from play.

Why should you use it?
*Counter recycle cards

Why shouldn't you use it?
*Could hurt you

Reasons: Finally, we are at Friday. We look at a very interesting card,
Banisher of the Light. This card can counter most of the recycle cards,
Magician of Faith, Monster Reborn cards, and Backup Soldier. This counters
it, by removing from the game, meaning that there is no current way of
getting them back. This means that if someone tries to burn you quickly,
they will not see those cards again. This also acts as a wall with its 2000
DEF, which can hold down 90% of the current monsters. Though it can easily
be destroyed by magic, still a good card. This card really doesn't have a
bad effect, it is also effects you, which can hurt you at times. But if
played right, you can really use it's effect to the fullest.

Rating: This card is a nice card. You might want to pack maybe some in the
Side Deck, especially with Exodia around the corner. This card in my book
gets a 3.5. Nice stats and killer effect. This can totally lock someone's

Conclusion: Banish the cards, banish them forever, banish exodia, banish the
lost! You win!

Trunks the Swordsman Banisher of the light - Magic Ruler

Hmmm.... Well.... let me just say that id rather just use soul release than this card. But hey its pretty good in defensive decks i guess. I've never seen this card actually played but this card can kill all that recycling of magic and trap cards that we see all the time. Lets see it has a high defense like mystical elf so it is definitely playable in wall decks.. Well i guess thats it. If you play wall decks give this a try. Other than that this card is blah.

Rating 2.5
Melkor Banisher of the Light is one of those cards that could be good but lacks a certain something. What it's lacking is a reasonable attack. I don't mean good, I mean reasonable. Many defense mons have over 1000 attack (off the top of my head that don't require sacrifices, 3), and when you can directly attack, they do quite well when attacking. Banisher of the Light is useless when they have no monsters on the field, except for the obvious tributing. That's a big drawback.

Obviously, attacking isn't what a defense monster is for, but when a card is useless in a common situation, it's not a good thing. The effect itself isn't even great - it protects against cemetary recursion. Now with the next set out that may be better, but this is a sidedeck card at best. I'd definitely suggest, say, Wall of Illusion over this card. However, it does stop the Exodia deck's Painful Choice/Back-Up soldier combo, so yeah, sidedeck this card.

A good idea in a bad monster - how many times has that happened before? Play Wall of Illusion over this card, please. However, like I've said, if Exodia's popular in your area, sidedeck it, if you're worried. I give Banisher of the Light a 2.6. Eh.

What does this card really have to offer.  I haven't seen graveyard recursion (getting card back from graveyard) to be that big a deal.  Some cards like Monster Reborn do some of this, but not many cards do.

All I see that is great is the large DEF on this creature.  That an it is only a level 3, so you can get it out with minimal effort.

Rating: 2.2

I used to think this card was good, even made a lot of decks around it and came to the conclusion that I'm too much of a combo player to use a card like this one. Besides if you're not playing against good players this card will only end up hurting you. The card might get a lil better because with the release of the new set I'm debating if Magicians of Faith are still worth it but then again that's just me.

As far as walls go I'll take the Soldier of Stone, give him an Axe of Despair and run over the Banisher of the Light. I like the Soldier of Stone because he can attack and run over magician and such while this guy just sits there and prays your opponent doesn't have Stop Defense in his Side deck.  

Rating 1.8

Atma Atma's CotD review: 10/25/02: Banisher of the Light

Hi! In today's CotD, we look at an effect monster with wimpy stats, Banisher of the Light:

Level 3
Effect: As long as this card remains face-up on the field, any card sent to the graveyard is removed from play.

For you apprentice players, yes, that 2000 Defense is correct -- whoever put "200" in the patch typoed. Anyway, 2000 defense means this card is passable as a defense monster, but let's focus on the effect. As long as this card is face-up, ALL cards sent to the graveyard go to the Removed >From game pile instead... where (at least right now) they are lost forever. Playing an Exodia deck? Whip this out, and banish those Exodia parts. Expecting a Raigeki or Dark Hole? Play this card, and it'll prevent your opponent from reviving them with Magician of Faith. Still, does this card really belong in your deck? It depends on your deck -- in a Light deck, this card fits the theme, and it fits nicely in a control deck. Also, 2000 defense holds off most level 4's, and if you throw in The Reliable Guardian, you'll make this card strong enough (for one turn, anyway) to hold off a Summoned Skull. Just remember, this card removes YOUR cards from the game too, and just about the only time that helps is if you lose a monster that your opponent wants to use Monster Reborn on.

Atma's rating: 2.8


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