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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Painful Choice

Card Number - MRL-049

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 10.16.02


Deep down, aren't most of us just Beaver Warriors?
In a way, yes.

(Pojo Note: I see Nick liked my review of Beaver Warriors yesterday.  ;-)

Wednesday: Painful Choice
Upper Deck/Konami is taunting us.  By restricting this card to 1 per deck, they are telling us that there is some broken combo to pull with this card in the future, because, by itself, it's not that useful.
That combo would be with Reserves, in the Japanese Curse of Anubis set (English Pharaoh's Servant), and that's why Exodia will resurface as a serious threat to any tournament duelist.  If you have 5 or more monsters in your Graveyard, Reserves allows you to return up to 3 non-effect monsters with 1500 or less attack power from your Graveyard to your hand.  It's a simple mechanism, really:
1. Use Painful Choice, and select up to 3 Exodia parts (if you took 4, and your opponent picked the non-Exodia part, it could be problems).  Don't pick the head part, because if it gets ditched, you ain't getting it back.
2. Use Reserves to send the parts that were sent to the Graveyard to your hand.  Simple as that.
For the meantime, it can see use in a psycho Cemetery Recursion deck (Monster Reborn, Spear Cretin, MoF, Mask of Darkness), but it's not entirely reliable.  It works well as a deck thinner too, but if you lose a critical card and can't get it back, you lose.  I would stay away from it until Reserves comes out.
Score: 2.9


Painful Choice is an extremely situational card. In some decks it's good nearly all the time,  but, I don't think so in normal decks. In normal (non-Exodia, really), this is almost useless unless during the late game, where you can simply grab any one monster you have to finish the opponent off, I suppose.

So, why is this card restricted? Why else, but Exodia? Not only does this card have an EXTREMELY potent combo with a card yet to come out, but allows you to effectively reduce your deck from 34 (after your original starting hand), to 29 and lower. It thins out your deck so as to draw Exodia (when picking your 5 cards, NEVER EVER pick an Exodia piece). This is VERY helpful.

However, in normal decks, it's simply not as good as it could be. It wastes a lot of important cards simply to thin out your deck - which normally serves no purpose. It can combo with Monster Reborn in that you can pick at least two Summoned Skulls or BEWD or whatever you like to reborn. I feel it's too wasteful of a play, especially considering the strength of decks that can run you out of cards now.

Play it if you play Exodia, otherwise, don't. It's interesting, but will never serve much purpose, other than to revive the cards out of your cemetary. Like I said - very, very situational. When the Japanese card that combos with this comes out, Exodia will be despised.

Yonex Painful Choice -- Wednesday

Introduction: Awww that's too hard of a choice to make, I concede the game!
I cant' make up my mind! Awwww!

Normal Magic
Select 5 cards from your Deck and show them to your opponent. Your oppponent
must select 1 card and will be added to your hand. Discard the remaining
cards to the Graveyard.

Why should you use it?
*Search is always good
*Combo is ownage
*Thins out deck

Why shouldn't you use it?
*Lose 4 cards

Reasons: One of the best cards for this week pick. Well first off, don't
complain about this card, till you have actually used it, and CORRECTLY used
it. This card is search, and search is always good, especiall in deck
manipulation decks. Also if you combo this card with Magicain of Faith,
Exodia (next set), and even Shadow Ghoul (doubt it) this card can reek total
mayhem. You can use this card to search out for that "answer" say you need a
"kill" spell for the win. You can search out for everything but kill spells,
than win the game that way. Of course, selecting 5 cards, means it thins out
your deck, so you can get more better cards (for those 40 card deckers) and
draw Exodia much faster. The only disadvantage of this card, is you lose 4
cards, possibly 5, but you can care less if your going to win.

Rating: This card has been very very very underrated, I have seen this card
go on sale for 1 dollar because it may seem like such a horrible card. This
card has so much potential it's not even funny. This card gets a 3.8 rating
in my book. If you can unleash the power of this card, you will be

Conclusion: The card says lose 5, but you will gain the win.

wartortle32 Wednesday - painful choice

Today we look at a card that isn't all that useful yet, Painful choice. This card brings 5 cards out of your deck. Then the opponent chooses one of those
cards. That card is put in your hand. The rest are discarded.
This card was built for exodia decks. Backup Soldier(reserves) hasn't been released yet, but this card is still great for exodia decks. You can cut out
a large part of your deck with this, allowing you to have a greater chance to draw another piece.

But in Pharoah's servant, we're going to get Backup Soldier, which will make exodia decks incredible. What you do is use painful choice to bring out 3
exodia pieces. Then you use Backup Soldier to get all those pieces back into your hand. (What backup soldier does is that if you have 5 monsters in the
graveyard, you can return 3 non-effect monsters with less than 1500 ATK back to your hand.

I give this card a 2.5/5. It's not too useful now, but it will be quite deadly later.




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