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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Card Number - PSV-000

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 11.4.02


Level 6
As long as this card remains face-up on the field, all Trap Cards cannot be activated. The effects of all face-up Trap Cards are also negated.

Ah, my first Yu-Gi-Oh CoTD here. You might know me if you also read the Pokemon CoTDs. ~_^

First review... [Jinzo]. You'll be seeing this card a lot once PSV is legal. It would probably restricted to one here just like in Japan. I won't bother mentioning that I too agree that [Android Psycho Shocker] sounds so much cooler than [Jinzo]. Now, let's do a card review...

One tribute for 2400 attack is almost as good as the beloved [Summoned Skull]. He won't win if you have to go Head to Head with a [Summoned Skull] but that's okay. The ability to negate Trap effects is simply amazing. First of all, you CANNOT [Trap Hole] this guy. You can only use [Solemn Judgment] or [Horn of Heaven] against him. Generally you don't want him out too early because you want to protect your stuff with your [Magic Jammer] and whatnot. Mid to late game, he makes a great finisher because your opponent would not be to use [Mirror Force] against your attacking army. You also probably don't want him out if you have a bunch of decent Traps out in your M/T Field. Learn the timing well.

Since you can only use a single copy of [Jinzo], [Witch of The Black Forest] became a lot more important. Since you can fetch [Jinzo] with her, she might be restricted to one soon. Hopefully not...

The main problem with [Jinzo] is that he can easily backfire on you. If your opponent gets [Jinzo] out when you have a bunch of Traps out, or even worse, used [Monster Reborn] on your own [Jinzo] to mock you, it could be game right there. Basically, it can swing the game around just like that. You'll love him when he benefits you, you'll loath him when he's used against you. Give a big welcome to [Jinzo]. He's here to stay.

Rating: 4.6/5
Yonex Jinzo - Monday

Introduction: All traps cannot be used, HAHAHHAHAHAH!

Level 6
As long as this card remains face-up on the field, all Trap Cards cannot be
activated. The effects of all face-up Trap Cards are also negated.

Why should you use it?
*Negates Trap
*Strong monster
*Bit harder to counter

Why shouldn't you use it?
*Tribute Monster
*Affect all Traps

Reasons: Today we look at one of the evil cards of the set, Jinzo! Don't get
this card confuse with Jinzo #7. This is JINZO! This card negates all traps
on the field, including face up traps. So that means this monster CANNOT be
Mirror Force, Gravity Bind, Mirror Wall, etc. This card is very nasty
monster. What makes it good is it's beefy 2400 ATK, which possibly will
replace Summon Skull. One reason it is 100 ATK points less, but you gain a
killer effect. With this trap card, this card cannot be Trap Hole or Chain
Destruction. The explanation for this is, Jinzo is a Multi-Trigger Effect
monster, meaning it has the same speed as Traps (Spell Speed 2). However,
when summoned, you can Horns of the Heaven or Solemn Judgment it, due to
these are Counter Traps (Spell Speed 3) and is quicker than Jinzo.
Regardless, this monster is still a very hard monster to countered. This
monster is good and all, but a tribute monster can be bad, with all those
nasty Magics and Traps. However, it is almostlike having a Summoned Skull,
which isn't bad at all. Finally, this affects all traps, so you can't
activate trap either. Which isn't that bad of a side effect, since when you
slap this down, you should be hurting your opponent more than it will hurt

Rating: This card to some is a staple, some not a staple. Depends on what
you like. I see this as a staple card. This card gets a 4.4 in my book. It
has a high ATK points and a killer effect. Best of both worlds.

Conclusion: Jinzo (n/v/adj/adv) - The Act Of Totally Owning The Environment

wartortle32 Monday - Jinzo

Today we look at our first Pharoah's Servant card, Jinzo. This card negates all trap cards as long as it is face up on the field.

A couple of rulings first: You cannot trap hole a jinzo since trap hole occurs after a monster is summoned. However, you are allowed to use horn of heaven or solemn judgment since those stop the summon instead of simply destroying the monster like Trap Hole does.

Simply put, this card is evil. Not only does it have that great effect that can cause total lock-down with a few other cards, it has a great attack power of 2400 for simply 1 tribute. No doubt it will be restricted to one. Unfortunately, the effect also applies to you so you can't play any traps either. Therefore, play your traps first, then summon this monster. In a pinch, it can double as a pretty good attack force.

I give this card a 4.8/5. If you get your hands on one, stick it in your deck post haste.



Here's the only guy I've seen in the set with an alternate foil pattern. I've seen this guy do wonders for players and I had to face a few of him this past weekend. Let me tell you that once this guy hits the table he's pretty hard to deal with because unless you can top deck you're in serious trouble. Before the weekend I tought he was easy pickings because he's hard to get in play and figured no one would use him. I was wrong and if it wasn't because I learned how to play against the deck I would have lost in the third round.

If you focus your deck around him he'll be really amazing and don't think he's hard to get in play either. I saw the speed Jinzo decks drop him turn 2 so you better be ready for him. Now I can begin to see why he's restricted to 1 per deck in Japan.

Rating 3.5

Today we review yet another card from the Pharaoh's Servant expansion. Jinzo is a 6 star Monster that will require a tribute of 1 monster. With an attack power that's 100 points shy of matching Summoned Skull.

So why use this card? Simple. It's ability. Although it isn't exactly something that will consistently be of use, stopping cards like Trap hole, Magic Jammer, 7 tools of the bandit, etc., is a great attribute to have.

When played correctly, you have a a force to reckon with. Overall it is a very useful card.

Rating: 4
DaKrillin Monday-Jinzo

This card is awesome..it prevents those annoying traps (i.e. Robbin Goblin,
Ultimate Offering) and it has an awesome attack for 1 sacrafice. It has a
few set backs though..cuz it prevents your traps to :-(..But this card can
sure come in handy!

Rating: 2.6



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