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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Gearfried The Iron Knight

Card Number - PSV-101

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 11.27.02


Gearfried The Iron Knight

An interesting level 4. It's effect has both advantages and disadvantages. The good thing is, your opponent cannot Snatch Steal, Spell Binding Circle, or Paralyzing Potion it. The bad thing is, you can't equip your Axe of Despairs, Premature Burial and Call of the Haunted on it. It seems more like a Sidedeck card. If you noticed that your opponent has a bunch of those negative Equips, you should throw in a couple of Gearfrieds to combat them. It would also be a lot more playable if you could fetch it with Witch of The Black Forest...

Rating: 3/5
SomeGuy Wednesday - Gearfried The Iron Knight

Nothing too special here. I prefer my La Jinns and 7 Colored Fishs because I have plenty of Axe of Despair and Megamorph at my disposal. If you don't have alot of good equipment Magic in your deck, then it could work somewhat well.

The main thing it protects against is oposing Snatch Steals and Megamorphs. Besides that, there isn't much more that you will be seeing.

Rating: 3/5

It's not a terrible card, but it's just something I wouldn't use.

wartortle32 hope it's not too late to send this.

Wednesday - Gearfried the Iron Knight

Today we look at one of the 1800 attack monsters
released in Pharoah's servant, gearfried. This
monster's effect says that anything equipped to this
card is destroyed.

This card isn't that great and really shouldn't have
been made a supunusually It has an unsually high
defense which makes it a lot worse than the other 1800
monsters since you cant search for him with Witch of
the Black forest. And for those decks that rely on
heavy attack monsters and beefing them up with equips,
this monster cant be equipped with anything which
makes it rather useless.

I give Sure card a 2.7/5. SUre it has 1800 attack for
a level 4 monster, but there are better choices


Gearfried The Iron Knight

Is this guy the new La Jinn or just another level 4 monster with an ATK of 1800?

If you're playing a deck that uses Axes, Megamorphs and all those other yummy equip cards, then you don't want this guy in your deck. But if you're not using any of those equip cards than you might wana take a close look at this card. He has a pretty good defense, and ATK of 1800, which allows him to stand up to just about anything else out there and he can't be Snatch Stealed. If you ask me it's a pretty decent trade off for not being able to equip him but I wouldn't use him unless I wasn't even using Axe of Despair and I don't think I could play with out my Axes so this guy's a no no for me. Try him out for yourself and see how he works out for you. = )

Rating 4.5
Gearfried The Iron Knight - PSV

Hmm.. Well this is an 1800 atk lvl. 4 mon that cant be equipped with any kind of magic card. Well the only thing your opponent would equip you with is megamorph or paralyzing potion but other than that i doubt your opponent would wanna add an Axe on your monster. So this effect is pretty semi useless. Until there is more magic equips that hurt your mons this effect isnt a huge difference.

Rating 3.0



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