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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Nobleman of Crossout

Card Number - PSV-034

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 11.18.02


Nobleman of Crossout
Normal Magic
Destroy 1 face-down Monster Card and remove it from play. If the monster destroyed has a Flip Effect, both players must remove all Monster Cards of the same name from their respective Decks and remove them from play. The Decks are then shuffled.

This is probably one of my most favorite card in PSV so I might be a bit biased. Anyway, NoC works best if you play very little to 0 Flip monsters so that the effect doesn't backfire on you too much. It's a really good card to play in the standard beatdown deck. It can remove your opponent's Cyber Jar, Man-Eater Bug, Magician of Faith (yours as well though), Witch of the Black Forest (your opponent won't get to fetch because it was removed from the game), and any other defensive monsters. It works even better after you use Cyber Jar and you KNOW what your opponent has down there. Use it well, and it can disrupt your opponent really bad. Now, if you play lots of flip effects monsters, this card is not really for you since you would probably suffer too much from it. Expect it to be semi-limited to 2-per-deck soon.

Rating: 4.5/5

Yonex Nobleman of Crossout -- Monday

Introduction: No more Man-Eater Bug! No more Magicain of Faith! Ahhhhh!

Normal Magic
Destroy 1 face-down Monster Card and remove it from play. If the monster
destroyed has a Flip Effect, both players must remove all Monster Cards of
the same name from their respective Decks and remove them from play. The
Decks are then shuffled.

Why should you use it?
*Counters Flip Effect monsters
*Permanent kill spell

Why shouldn't you use it?
*Lose your flip-effect too
*Must be face-down

Reasons: One of the most evil cards in set. Finally, some permanent removed
from game cards. This counters all those flip effect monsters, including
Magicain of Faith, Man-Eater Bug, and even CyberJar. It not only destroys
and removes the flip effect monster, but removes all copies in the deck from
the game. What makes this card soon to be restricted is because it not only
destroy the card, but removes it from the game, meaning permanently! So that
means, that if you Crossout on a Witch of the Black Forest / Sangan, your
opponent won't get the effect (This is not 100%, so don't take this ruling
as offical =x)*. Though, this card has some bad negatives that makes it not
be put in your deck. First off, most of the time when you get a Flip-Effect
monster, it will probably hurt your more than it might hurt your opponent.
However, this card is almost a must in Beatdowns, due to their fear of
facedown monsters. Also, the monster has to be face down, which limits you
down on most monsters.

Rating: This card might be a small replacement to Tribute to the Doomed. You
can try one Tribute to the Doomed, and one of these guys which would be
plenty of kill spells. I give this card a 3.5. It has a dangerous kill
spell, but the heavy price if your running the same Flip-Effect monster as
everyone else.

Conclusion: Don't you love saying, "Crossout that monster! Crossout them out


*I can not be held 100% responsible for any rulings or any uncorrect
rulings. I am not upperdeck (like I want to be them), and these rulings are
not offical. They are just my best judgment of the way they should be
played. The reason I'm typing is this because I've been getting some
complaints. You know who you are *cough cough*.
wartortle32 Monday - Nobleman of Crossout

Today we look at Nobleman of Crossout. This monster removes 1 face down monster from play. Then if that monster has a flip effect, all copies of that monster are removed from both decks.

This is one of my favorite cards from the Pharoah's Servant set. At the very worst, you get a tribute to the doomed with no cost. On the other hand, if you
pick a monster that is also in your deck, you could be screwing yourself over. Most likely, that will happen with magician of faith or man eater bugs. If you plan on using this card, try to keep the amount of flip effect monsters at a minimum to avoid losing those monsters. So basically, this is almost perfect for
beatdown decks.

I give this card a 4/5. It will be most likely restricted to 2.

Nobleman of Crossout
Normal Magic
Destroy 1 face-down Monster Card and remove it from play. If the monster destroyed has a Flip Effect, both players must remove all Monster Cards of the same name from their respective Decks and remove them from play. The Decks are then shuffled
Well this is one card that i think everyone shall hate. Kiss those magicians of faith or man eater bugs goodbye. Killing off all MoF or Man eater bugs can make the game a little more interesting and scary. No doubt about this card though, its very powerful and heck it gets rid of 1 face down card from the game so bye bye that face down witch of the black forest. And you get no effect and all witches are removed from the game (if they are in your deck). This card will see some tournament play though. This is nice for sideboard as well. After the first game if your opponent has a monster with a flip that you don't play swap it in.

Rating 2.9

Nobleman of Crossout

In my opinion how good this card is depends on a ruling I'm waiting for UD to give me. What I want to know is if your opponent gets to check your Deck and you get to check his to confirm that there are no other copies of that Monster in the deck. I guess the ruling has to be yes because if you're playing for fun and there's no judge to confirm that then this card gives both players a huge chance to cheat, not remove anything and just say they had the other copies in their hands.

Annoying isn't it? Imagine letting your opponent look trough your entire deck turn one. Imagine what happens once UD decides to finally come out w/ floor rules and they allow players to take notes. Your opponent could have your deck list right next to him during the entire game.

I know I'm not really talking about the card but about the rules and how you can "abuse" them to win but after all that's how things are in the real world. I don't know what to rate this card until both of those Qs are answered because this card could be the greatest thing to happen to the game. ^.^

Rating: Unknown *always wanted to do that* o.~



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