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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Goblin Attack Force

Card Number - PSV - 094

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 11.10.02


Goblin Attack Force
Level 4
When this card attacks, it is changed to Defense Position at the end of the Battle Phase. This position cannot be changed during your next turn.

For this CoTD, I'll refer this card as GAF for short. ~_^

This card is currently the HIGHEST attack level 4 or lower Monster (not counting Muka Muka =/). 2300 is amazingly high but the card of course has a pretty bad drawback.. We usually don't care about the defenses of certain cards that were meant to attack anyway. However, because of the card's drawback, the defense becomes really important. Let's look at the DEF... 0... ugh. This means that once it has attacked, even a Magician of Faith can kill it. Although that is true, there are a couple of ways to benefit from it.

1. You can always use Swords of Revealing Light so that your GAF can be safe from 2 attack phases until he can attack again.
2. If your opponent uses Change of Heart on it after it has attacked last turn, he cannot change the card to attack mode!
3. You can Tribute it after you attack...

If you play beatdown, you should definitely play around 1-2 GAFs. I'm not really sure about 3 GAFs though... If you put Fairy's Meteor Crush on it, your opponent would be taking a lot of damage, even if it's only for a turn. At worse, you can keep it out as a 2300 ATK Wall and just attack when you think you can benefit the most from it. Don't overlook this card because of its drawback. Instead, learn how to use it well.

Rating: 4/5


Computer troubles annoy me completely. That said, we have a great card today, Goblin Attack Force! For those of you who looked ahead or played Japanese cards, Goblin Attack Force is highly admired and highly anticipated. It's quite an amazing card, really.

Obviously, 2300 attack for a four star monster is simply amazing. It beats any other non-stat enhanced level 4- monster outright. The effect looks simply terrible, right? Yes and no. It may look like a one-hit wonder, but that's not the case. It's EXTREMELY easy to stop an enemy from attacking for two or more turns, and not just with Swords of Revealing Light. Play intelligently, and you can.

What beats this card badly is Fairy Meteor Crush. They destroy the defense Goblins and do direct damage. That's a huge weakness. However, that's not extremely common, but certainly a possibility.

This card is simply amazing. It can be an attack wall, do massive damage, be found with Witch of the Black Forest and eventually sacrifice it to an even bigger monster. Three should be used in every beatdown deck, if possible. That could be hard though, considering it was made an ultra-rare. =\ My rating is a 4.7. It's just that good; don't let the effect stop you from using this gem.

Yonex Goblin Attack Force -- Moneday

Introduction: I get a 2300 without tributing! HAHAHAH!

Level 4
When this card attacks, it is changed to Defense Position at the end of the
Battle Phase. This position cannot be changed during your next turn.

Why should you use it?
*Strong ATK
*Ofensive Wall
*No tributes

Why shouldn't you use it?
*Dead once it ATKs
*Poor DEF

Reasons: My pick for Monday. Today we're looking at one of the great cards
in Pharoh Servant, Goblin Attack Force. This card is very strong, and can
probably reek mayhem. With a beefy 2300 ATK, it is a major staple in any
deck. Also, you may not want to ATK with this card, so you can just leave it
on ATK and make it a 2300 big offensive wall that is hard to kill. The final
key is what makes this card awesome. No tributes! It is a Level 4 Monster,
and has a somewhat decent effect. According to some people, the effect is
wat kills the card. But in reality, if you can play the card correctly, you
can use it to your advantage. For example, you use this card to take out a
weaker monster. Since it switches DEF, you don't have to worry about losing
Life Points from a bigger monster. Finally, it has poor DEF, which makes it
very easy to destroy once switch to DEF. Most of the time this won't matter,
unless our like some Duke and uses Fairy Meteor Crush.

Rating: This card defitantely is good. Can you say atleast one in every
deck? Well for this reason, I like it's effect, since I can use it as a
positive instead of a negative. I give this card a 4.5. It is currently the
strongest no tribute, non effect monster. In the futhure, other cards might
replace it, but very few or any will at all. Time will tell for this card.

Conclusion: Staple! Staple! Staple! Need I say more?

wartortle32 Monday - Goblin Attack Force

Today we look at the strongest level 4 attack monster in all of duel monsters, Goblin Attack Force. This card has stats of 2300/0 and switches to defense after
it has attacked for 1 turn.

The obvious upside of this card is the immense attack power for a level 4 monster with only a moderate drawback. The downside is that it cannot attack the turn after it attacks since it switches to defense mode after it attacks. And since it has a defense power of 0, it probably wont survive the turn that it stays in defense. In addition, it is very susceptible to shield and sword and fairy's meteor crush, which
most of you saw with Joey's duel with Duke.

I give this card a 3.7/5. It will definitely be very popular in beatdown decks. If you're going to put it into your deck, find a way to be able to protect it for the turns in which it will be in defense.


Goblin Attack Force

If you're gona be building suicide beatdown with Dark Elfs, Rush Recklessly and all those other crazy pure beatdown cards, then this is the card you've been waiting for. This guy is a one shooter that can smack your opponent for 2300 with out you having to modify his ATK at all. The draw back about him is that he's pretty much done after he attacks and that's one less removal spell your opponent will have to play.

I don't think he would go in normal beatdown because the tempo of the game changes a lot and the last thing you want is to have a Monster that can only attack every so often is he doesn't get smacked by a Hane-hane, Man-eater Bug or even a Magician of Faith.

Rating 3



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