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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Exodia the Forbidden One

Card Number - LOB 124
Average Rating - 2.00 (based on 4 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - May 30, 2002


Hey again ZaP here, and today's Card Of The Day is.........

Exodia the Forbidden One

Casual Play 4.0
Tourney play 2.0...

-When you assemble all five pieces you win the game.
-Best exodia piece! X_X

-All the pieces are really bad.
-It takes five pieces to summon the full power of this card.
-All the pieces are really weak.
-Cards like Card destruction own exodia.
-The pieces have to be in your hand

Who doesn't like a free win? If you don't then I just have to say. . .=/ Uh 
yea, anyways a free win is always spiffy. These sets of cards won't be good 
until a few choice cards come out. Like magic Jammer and Black forest witch. 
Also even if this isn't really saying anything its the best exodia piece 
with an 1000 attack. Which really isn't saying much, because the Exodia 
pieces all stink. >_< So um yea that pro isn't a very good one. So yea 
beyond winning the game if you assemble all five pieces this card isn't very 

Well this like its other limbs stink. Its the best exodia piece, but I mean 
this piece doesn't really have much competition. Also all five pieces HAVE 
to be in your hand in order for the effect to work. Cards like Card 
destruction are the death to this card. I mean say you have 4 pieces in your 
hand, and then your oppenent uses card destruction on you. That would 
really um not be good. And finally as I have mentioned before ALL the pieces 
have to be in your hand in order for the automatic win to occur.


Summoned Skull+ Last will + Man Eater bug: This combo involves a lot of 
cards, but it will hurt your oppenent, and get you an exodia piece. You 
first activate last will then you flip over your man eater bug to discard a 
monster from there field. Then you discard man eater bug to get an exodia 
piece, and finally bring out your brand new summoned skull. And attack hard 
and heavy at there life points.

Critter/Black forest witch=faster win with exodia this isn't really a combo 
its a strategy. These two monsters when discarded from the field allow you 
to search your deck for a mon with 1500 defense or less(black forest witch) 
and critter does the same thing except it has to have an attack power of 
1500 or less.

Monster reborn + hane-hane=another exodia piece if a card destructions 
destroyed one of your pieces. Then you can get it into your hand again, and 
continue your game(this combo will not work if you have 2 exodia pieces in 
the discard)

Also you can do the last will combo with hane hane and monster reborn to get 
two exodia pieces!

Well thats the cotd this one card isn't really good. I know I basically 
talked about exodia as a whole, but I mean just the head of exodia as the 
subject of a cotd? that wouldnt make a vey long cotd.... Well good luck and 
happy dueling...

SomeGuy Friday - Exodia the Forbidden One

Well, it's kind of hard rating just one piece of Exodia, so I'm going to base this CotD on the combo as a whole.

The combo is pretty basic, hold all five parts of Exodia in your hand then show them to your opponent on your turn and you win. Seems simple right? Not exactly. Since all the Exodia parts are restricted to one per deck, it's very hard to pull off the instant win combo with just the current set.

The only actual 'search' card in the set (Last Will) doesn't work well with Exodia (Since it puts the monster into play). And the only card drawing we have is Pot of Greed and Card Destruction. The problem with Card Destruction is that if your holding an Exodia piece in your hand it becomes useless.

With the release of Metal Raiders and the bringing of Witch of the Black Forest & Witch's Apprentice, Exodia will be half playable.

Current Rating: 1/5

Potential Rating (With upcoming sets): 3/5


Fri. - Exodia

…Exodia? -_-; It has 1000 ATK/DEF, so it can’t hit anything, nor defend.

There are no cards that complement this card yet. The only reason to play this is if you’re trying for an Exodia auto win deck. Otherwise, it sux0rz major. ;/ Card Destruction kills it. All the pieces must be in your hand, too, as said by the rule book (pg. 3). Just don’t play him, yet. DON’T. Rating: .2/5 – Two things going for him… 1000 ATK is better than less and he can grant auto wins. =/

Sorry.....I've been kind of sick the past few days, so I'll quickly give scores for the last 3 cards:
Stop Defense:
Overall/Casual/Tournament: 3.0 (good tech card)
Swords of Revealing Light:
Overall/Casual/Tournament: 5.0 (it's restricted to one per deck in Japan, why not here?)
Overall/Casual/Tournament: 5.0 (if I could, I'd give this card about a 50 or so because it's so powerful)
And now....
Overall Score: 3.0 (only because it's an instant win)
Casual Play: 4.0
Tournament Play: 2.0 (expect this to jump to at least 4.0 with Metal Raiders)
Well well well, what have we here?  Oh look, it's some Spellcaster card with 3/1000/1000 stats.  Wait, it has an effect.........WHAT DO YOU MEAN THIS CARD IS AN INSTANT WIN???!!!  Oh, wait, you need 5 certain cards in your hand to pull it off.  I see.
Exodia is definitely one of the most famous monsters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe.  We all know the story about how Yugi managed to draw the final piece of Exodia while staring down all 3 of Kaiba's Blue Eyes White Dragons.  Sorry folks, but the heart of the cards isn't as effective in real life.  Yugi's grandfather, compared to what needs to be done IRL, just "threw" Exodia into there, as there are no support cards for it (other than Holy Barrier and Swords, but those are general cards).  If you are going to build an Exodia deck, you must either have insane luck or a deck based around assembling all 5 parts.
With LoBEWD and the starter decks, we are nowhere near prepared to build an Exodia deck.  We have only two drawing engines, and one of them (Card Destruction) is ironically Exodia's worst enemy.  It's heartbreaking to assemble 3-4 parts, just to have them go to the graveyard and the game with them.  Now, you can build a deck that has a backup offensive plan in case Exodia gets trashed, but that will limit your options with getting all 5 parts.  The other deck you can build involves creating a hard defensive wall while you search.  At this point, you should not try to build one.  In 2-3 weeks, when we get Metal Raiders, then you can go crazy.
Exodia the Forbidden One + 4 limbs = Take a wild guess.
Exodia the Forbidden One + Pot of Greed = Hey look, there's another part!
Bad luck: If all the parts are at the bottom of the deck, you're in trouble.
Card Destruction: Sure, your opponent can only have 2 in their deck, but if they manage to draw just one of them, you're up the creek without a paddle.
Opponent's furious offensive assault: Now where's that wall?
Casual Play:
Feel free to use Exodia to your heart's content here.  It's fun to make your opponent yell four letter words at you.
Tournament Play:
Not yet.  Not yet.
I believe Edo put it best:
"It's not an average card that you can use "just casually." You have to build a deck around it. But when you do, look out. WARNING: Your friends will hate you when you play Exodia."
Metal Raiders:
Now we have fun.  In the way of drawing/searching engines, we get the two most famous search engines: Critter (e. Sangan) and Black Forest Witch (e. Witch of the Black Forest).  We also get fun cards like Holy Barrier - Mirror Force (e. Mirror Force), and Starving Girl (e. The Unhappy Maiden if I remember correctly), which ends your opponent's battle phase if it is destroyed.  You can also use the three Gate Guardian parts with their 1-shot negation abilities, and there's always Magic Jammer (e. Magic Jammer) to nuke those Card Destructions before Exodia goes down the hole.  And you can use Cannon Soldier to get rid of those Critter/Black Forest Witches quicker so you can search!  Combo C/BFW with Last Will from LoBEWD and you can search twice as fast!  Unfortunately, we have some discard cards which may be problems.  Beware.
There will be plenty more cards to help you burn through your deck quicker, and there will also be cards that will just rip you apart (Metamol Pot/Morphing Jar anyone?).  Let's put it this way: Yugi could NEVER use Exodia against Bakura's discard deck =P
NEXT CARD OF THE DAY: We haven't received next week's list from Bill yet, so we don't know.  We're running out of decent cards to rate in LoBEWD (we've already done Card Destruction twice!)  Come on Metal Raiders!

(Pojo Note: ... We'll look at the 3 new cards from Dark Duel Stories next week)


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