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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Swords of Revealing Light

Card Number - LOB 101
Average Rating - 4.55 (based on 2 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - May 29, 2002

CGChewie Wed. - Swords of Revealing Light

Swords of Revealing Light. Ugh. The most hated card around, Iím sure. Why Pot of Greed and this little bugger didnít switch places is beyond me. >=/

Against a large amount of face-down monsters, you would obviously play SoRL before a monster, for fear of effect monsters. But after that, knock each monster away! Just be weary after the 3 turns are up, for your opponent will most likely have amassed a decent card selection and is ready pwnz you hard for your Swords attack. =/

Probably most useful during the late game when youíre scrambling to draw a monster. Those three turnsíll save you, I bet. They can also spare you some time to draw a Raigeki, Fissure, or Dark Hole against an early Summoned Skull.

And for the record, yes, De-Spell DOES negate and destroy the 3 turn effect of no attacking.

Rating: 4.6 Ė Very disrupting card. You must place at least one in your deck or sideboard. It is law. =/


Lets take a look at todays cotd....

Swords of revealing light

Casual Play: 5
Tourney Play: 4.5

-3 turns of stalling, oh goodie :-)
-This thing could stall your oppenent out long enough for you to get the 
cards needed to win the game.
-Could flip over an effect monster like Man Eater-Bug.

-De-Spell ownz this card.

RFP: Lets see here, I mean its quite obvious. This cards main purpose is to 
stall. It, although only in a minor viewpoint could also be disruption(more 
on this in the combos section of my cotd.) This card could also mean death 
to your oppenent. All you have to do is stall until you have the right card, 
and then releash it on them. This card in a way could also act like 
yesterdays cotd stop defense. If you suspect your oppenent has a man 
eater-bug then all you need to do is play this thing down, and watch as the 
bug acts all confused and such and kills itself........=/ Anyways this card 
has many purposes, but its main purpose is to stall....
IMO this card is better then raigeki. I know you all are like o_O. I know 
de-spell can't get rid of raigeki, but in those three turns you could draw 
the raigeki, and win the game. Also if your oppenent is about to win the 
game you can flip this card over, and then unless they have a de-spell, they 
have to wait three more turns to possibly win the game. So thats why I think 
this card might be a teeny bit better then raigeki, because of three turns 
can go a long way.

RFC: Well this card doesn't really have any cons except that de-spell ownz 
this card, and um yea thats all you really need to know... de-spell=death to 
sorl.... >_<

Combos: Ah the combo section. This card is not only used for stalling, but 
there are three very good combos with this card. And here they are....

Swords of revealing light + fissure: Say its turn two you get this card in 
your opening hand and your oppenent lays a reverse monster on the field. you 
play this card down they flip there mon and then you get rid of there mon 
with fissure and attack them for direct damage unless they have trap hole 

Swords of revealing light + raigeki: this combo works throughout the three 
turns.... Let your oppenent play as many monsters as they want down. Then at 
the end of the three turns you flip over raigeki and bam! attack them for 
direct damage....

Swords of revealing light +Removal card(preferably raigeki/dark hole) + 
monster reborn: This combo you do the same thing as the 2nd combo, except at 
the end of the three turns you get that bewd or summoned skull that they had 
to discard, and do some heavy damage to them XD!

As you can see this card has a lot of combos. It is a very good card, and 
deserves the rating it got. Good luck and happy dueling..........


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