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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Card Destruction

Card Number - SDY-042
Average Rating - 3.83 (based on 3 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - May 24, 2002

CCGChewie Friday - Card Destruction

Card Destruction. It can seriously make or break your game, depending on its use and how.

Discarding your hand to draw the same amount is decent. It gives the game some much needed draw power. It also takes out your opponent’s hand, which could be a good or bad thing. You see, you can keep Card Destruction until it benefits you the most- they have no choice and will never see it coming. 

This card will be the major card drawing after the Restriction list from Upperdeck comes out, as Pot of Greed will be restricted. 

Combos will Card Destruction? Play a Monster Reborn face-down, then use it to send your Blue-Eyes, White Dragon to the graveyard and revive him, free of tributes and the fear of Trap Holes! Or the same could be done if you don’t play heavy monsters. Just use it on the opponent’s monster, if they discard any.

If you really did not want to give your opponent a card drawing edge, you could place it face down on the field and wait until he has no cards. Then, since he did not discard any, you alone receive the effects! This card is also good for that last “push” for the win by drawing that last key card. But it could also be disastrous. Say, you Soul Exchange their monster, and get your Summoned Skull Trap Hole’d. Then, they play their newly drawn card- Monster Reborn. See how easily the tables are turned? Just be sure you’re ready for anything when you play this card.

Rating: 4.5/5 – Faster decks makes this almost required. Since Pot of Greed is restricted, this’ll be your major drawing source for a while.

Sorry, but I'll be keeping this one brief, because I just got done writing a 6 page paper on the nuclear power controversy =/
Overall Score: 3.5 (it must be good if they had to restrict it)
Casual/Tournament Play: 3.5
Don't like the hand you have?  Fear your opponent has something really nasty in their hand?  Just plain bored?  This is your card.  For the measly cost of discarding your current hand, you can draw a brand new one, and your opponent gets to do the same.  It will really tick them off when they lose their Exodia parts, or even worse, you Monster Reborn that BEWD they discarded!  Use this card carefully, as it can both win and lose you the game at any given time.
Card Destruction + Monster Reborn = One of the most famous high-level monster combos EVER.  It's a simple mechanism.  Play Monster Reborn on the field, face-down, then Card Destruction to discard a high-level monster that doesn' t have a Special Summon requirement.  Once you have your new hand, use Monster Reborn to bring back that monster.  Sneaky, eh?
Card Destruction + Hane-Hane = Return one of their high-level monsters on the field to their hand, then discard it.  Now you may feel free to either revive said monster or use Gravedigger Ghoul to remove it from the game.
Card Destruction + opponent's Exodia = You win.
You playing Exodia: This card makes Exodia cry.
A good hand: If you have a good hand, you may want to wait on this thing.  Set it down on the field or something =/
Casual/Tournament Play:
This card is restricted to 2 per deck, so you know it has to be SOMEWHAT good =/  Only for use in tight situations.
Play at least 1.  And hey, you get it as a Holo in the Yugi starter deck, over Summoned Skull, Gaia, Curse of Dragon, Monster Reborn, Dark Hole, and Change of Heart! -_-
Metal Raiders:
White Magical Hat and Robbin' Goblin will help you immensely here, while Magic Jammer and Solemn Judgment will just worthlessify this card.  But just you wait until Booster Chronicle.  Once that set comes out, discard decks will become VERY powerful.
NEXT COTD: We're taking Monday off for Memorial Day so we can enjoy it with our families, but we'll be back in here Tuesday for a 4-day week of CotDs!  Our next card is a nice TecH card against high defense decks, and no, we did Fissure already =P
SomeGuy Card Destruction, the other card drawer in the set. Though not as good as Pot of Greed, Card Destruction can serve a few purposes.

 Can potentially 'disrupt' your opponents hand.

 Got a big, useless hand? Card Destruction it away.

 If you play a combo deck that needs a specific combo ASAP, Card Destruction and Pot of Greed can help you get to the cards a little faster.

 After a few more sets are released this will be a good sidedeck choice.

Not much else to say about this card, other than it's pre-restricted.

The main reason why I believe it's pre-restricted is because if not you could potentially make your opponent discard 15 cards (Three Card Destruction's) if you went first.

Rating: 3.5


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