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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Trap Hole

Card Number - LOB-058
Average Rating - 4.75 (based on 4 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - May 14, 2002

SomeGuy Trap Hole, arguably the best Trap Card in the set. Trap Hole is simply amazing against most competitive decks right now. It's one of those cards that you are happy to see in your opening hand as it can help you gain control of the field early. Here are some reasons why Trap Hole is such a great card:

 Is another one of those cards that work great against high level monsters. (Example: Your opponent casts a BEWD, tributing two other monsters, you then flip over Trap Hole and you get a 3 for 1 deal)

 Can delay your opponent, giving some time to attack their LP.

Trap hole is an efficient card that is a staple in most decks. Monster removal without a big  drawback is almost always a good thing.

Overall Score: 4.5

CCGChewie Tuesday - Trap Hole

Trap Hole… Brrr… I hate this card. I really needs to be restricted, IMO.

There is virtually no way to get around it. You play a monster, and your opponent decides if it lives or not. You set a monster, you’re only delaying the inevitable. When you flip it, it will die. ;-;

There ARE a few ways around it… None are really in your control tho. If your opponent plays a magic that flips him, Trap Hole can’t hit him. If your opponent attacks your face down monster, Trap Hole can’t affect him. That’s pretty much the only ways. =/

This thing really ought to be restricted.

Rating: 5/5 – Play it. Your opponent is.

Overall Score: 5.0 (a deck staple for a little while)
Casual Play: 5.0
Tournament Play: 5.0
Trap Hole is the best Trap card currently available right now (that will change when we get Holy Barrier - Mirror Force, Magic Jammer, Imperial Decree, and Magic Cylinder in future sets.).  Does your opponent want to sacrifice for that Summoned Skull?  Let them, then blast the Skull.  Watch them use Soul Exchange to get that BEWD, just to have it removed AND they lose their battle phase.  All attacking monsters in the current metagame will fall prey to this thing.  Best of all, it's not even restricted, so that's 3 less monsters your opponent can use against you.
Remember to keep in mind that this works against Normal summons (including Tribute Summons) and flip summons only.  Special summons are not affected.  Also, Lord of D. will protect any Dragons from being targeted by Trap Hole.
Trap Hole + Man-Eater Bug = They won't get much onto the field at this rate.
Trap Hole + Gravedigger Ghoul = Destroy their monsters, then use Gravedigger Ghoul to remove them from the game.  Let's see them use Monster Reborn now!
Trap Hole + opposing Lord of D. = Destroy their Lord of D. before they can Flute out some evil Dragons.
There are currently none at this point.  However, we will soon have to deal with Harpy's Feather Sweep, Heavy Storm (Tempest), Hurricane, Cyclone, Android Psycho Shocker, etc. (you get the point)
Casual/Tourney Play:
Your opponent can't attack you if they don't have any monsters on the field.  This thing helps you immensely in monster removal.  Play 3, unless you don't own that many.
For now, it's a deck staple.  Play 3.


Lets take a look at another card....


Casual Play 4.5
Tourney Play: 4.5

-Gets rid of a monster with over 1000 Life points
-Can save your life if you have low LP
-Can get rid of a Summoned Skull, or any other really big attacker

-Monsters under 1000 LP aren't effected by trap hole
- Special summons arent effected by trap hole

I'm going to start putting things in acronyms for now. RFP means Reasons for 
pros. So lets take a closer look at the pros to this card. Well right now 
this card is at its prime. Meaning this card is a staple 3 to any deck. When 
later sets come out though, I think it will get shafted to 2 to a deck, and 
unfortunately when we have the sets the Japanese have now, this card is and 
will be non existent. You all say "But ZaP, trap hole will always be good." 
But trust me, trap hole is at its best right now. Right now it deserves this 
rating, but maybe in 3 or 4 sets this card will at most be sideboarded. 
Anyways back to the pros. When you have 1700 or 1600 life points left, and 
you just used your raigeki on your opponent to stall for another turn then 
if you have this and your opponent then trys to summon a battle ox to win 
the game, well you can live another turn with this card. Also if your 
opponent plans on doing some heavy damage to you with a summoned skull or 
judgeman and they summon it through tribute or soul exchange you can always 
trap hole it. Although I think if you have one you should try and fissure 
the monster instead of trap holing it. If they have another face up mon on 
the field, by all means trap hole it.

Well if RFP means reasons for pros then this must mean..... Reasons for 
CONS! yay! uh yea every good card has to have a con or too. Well I guess 
every card doesnt since raigeki doesn't have a con. Uh say you only have 800 
LP and your opponent plays Mystical elf in attack mode well then unless you 
have a wobuku you are how to put this nicely, Scr00d. Also special summons 
can't activate this card which really sux0r.

Combos: There are no combos with this card it is just straight up removal. I 
mean removal cards are my favorite in the game, because obviously as their 
name implies they remove cards from the field. Disruption is key in yugioh. 
For that matter it is key in any game. Disruption to your opponent means the 
loss of cards. And loss of cards means loss of options. If you can keep your 
oppenent from doing much of anything then you have got the game won.

Well that was just a tidbit on strategy for when more sets come out. So yea 
good luck and happy dueling :)


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