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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Man-Eater Bug

Card Number - LOB-108 
Average Rating - 4.60 (based on 4 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - May 13, 2002

SomeGuy Man Eater Bug, currently the best effect monster in the game. This little monster packs a strong beating. For a mere flip you can choose and destroy any monster on the field, of course there are some down sides, but for the most part it's a stable card. Here are its good points:
  • Great surprise to your opponent when they attack it while its in reverse defense mode.
  • Works nice against opposing high level monsters.
  • A Stop Defense played by your opponent with monster(s) on the field can benefit you.

An opponent's Stop Defense, which can sometimes help it, is also Man-Eater Bug's biggest counter. Most players will play Stop Defense if they suspect something before they lay a monster on the field in order for Man-Eater Bug's flip effect to destroy itself since it's would be the only monster in play. (Even if your opponent had more monster[s] on the field, they would most likely target Man-Eater Bug with his effect in order to salvage their other high attack monster[s])

Another weakness to Man-Eater Bug is its low Attack and Defense, but like Hane-Hane it will most likely be killed while defending or tributed to one of your high level monsters.

Overall Score: 4.2 (Targeted Monster Removal = Good)

CCGChewie Monday - Man-Eater Bug

The only reason to use the Bug is for the effect. And what an effect it is! Can't really compare it to Trap Hole or Fissure, as they have requirements attached. This takes out one monster, scott-free of limitations. Being an Earthian Insect, no decks really create synergy with it, meaning most decks won't help it along its way. Afterall, today's metagame is Fiend/Spellcasters (generally Darks) or Dragons (any element).

I won't deny that the effect is powerful; taking away my hard sought after Dark Magician is too cruel and powerful. But, in my opinion, the weak stats are, well, too weak. Taking into consideration that you have to flip it into attack mode, usually into the waiting arms of another, un-effected monster.  "But not if you attack it" you say? Ahhh, true, but I wouldn't attack a rv'ed monster without support (meaning 2 or more monsters). Rating: 4.5/5 - Upper tier monsters are frequent and come in hoards so insta-kills are welcome.

Overall Score: 5.0 (can you say, deck staple?)
Casual Play: 5.0
Tournament Play: 5.0
Well, what have we here?  It's an insect card!  And it has 450/600 stats!  Why in creation would I rate it a 5?
*reads ability*
Oh, I see!  When it's flipped over, it destroys any monster on the field!  That's why people play it!
Unfortunately, that seems to be Man-Eater Bug's only purpose in life.  All it can really do is destroy one monster on the field, because 450/600 won't destroy much.  Of course, if your opponent is afraid to attack your face-down M-EB, you can flip it over, destroy one of their monsters, then tribute it for a Summoned Skull.  That's all it's useful for.  Monster destruction and tributing.  Oh well, that's all we ask of it.
Man-Eater Bug + Hane-Hane = Activate Man-Eater Bug's effect, then use Hane-Hane to send it back to your hand.  Nifty, eh?
Raigeki: Unfortunately, with Raigeki, M-EB's effect can't resolve.  You could use Dark Hole to destroy it, but then again, its effect wouldn't need to resolve ANYWAYS.
Casual Play:
Well, this guy isn't terribly rare.  He's a Super Rare in LoBEWD boosters and comes in the Yugi starter deck.  I suggest playing at least 2 of these guys.  Your opponent will probably become afraid to attack face-down cards.
Tournament Play:
Play 3.  You'll need all the monster destruction you can get.  You'll probably also face decks with 3 of these guys, so you might as well be level with everyone else =/
This card has "deck staple" written all over it.  And, conveniently, it's relatively easy to find.  Go for it.


Hey all, ZaP here, with another cotd for you all....

Man Eater Bug

Causual: 4.7

-Sweet effect
-Trap Hole can't block it

low attk and defense
the standard removal cards own it

Reasons for pros
Well the effect is what makes this card great. I mean it can destroy any 
monster. Also if your oppenent has like 400 life points left, trap hole cant 
kill it and you can win the game. I know that like will never happen, but I 
hav won with a man eater bug once or twice. Also if you have a summoned 
skull and your oppenent is about to lose then if you played MEB you can flip 
over the MEB and win the game. So this card can effect the outcome of the 

Reasons for cons
Well the only real con to this card is its low attk and defense, although I 
dont see why this card would need to be put in attack mode unless you are 
about to win the game and need its uh small services. Also cards like 
raigeki and dark hole, any removal cards um get rid of this thing. So yea 
this thing really is a staple card. Right now you need 3 to a deck, although 
when more sets come out IMO this thing will get shoved out of the scene for 
more important things, but right now it deserves that rating.... cya 
tomorrow for my next cotd


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