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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Card Number - SDK 023
Average Rating - 2.4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - June 7, 2002


Todays cotd is...
Casual Play: 4
Tournament Play: 2.25
Overall Score: 3.125
-It does 800 damage of direct damage which is the best for direct damage cards like this.
-if your oppenent has 800 lp or less you can win the game with this card.
-Its direct damage
-Its a waste of space
-800 damage isnt that much
RFP: Well this card is the best direct damage card in yugioh's one set history. It doesn't really have any competition, because the other burn cards aren't really that good. There is a deck around the burn cards though. The deck revolves around direct damage using just desserts and cards like ookazi,final flame, and hintoama. Anyways this card  can also win you games if your either 800 lp away from winning the game or you have your oppenent at less then 800 lp or at 800 lp you can win with ease. Also its a direct damage card which is a good feature to have in a card. The only deck this card really belongs in is burner.
RFC: Like a lot of non playable cards like this one... It wastes space. I mean you want to keep your deck near 40, and with ookazi your just taking space away for other cards that you need. I like to keep my deck at 41. When I played pokemon I always wished I could have a 61 card deck. Now with Yugioh I have a choice, and that one extra card has allowed me to fit everything I need into my deck. Anyways thats off topic. The point is there a better cards to use your deck space with. Also while 800 damage seems a lot for a direct damage card, it really isnt.
Ookazi + attacking monsters: Need that extra 100 to 800 extra lp damage? well after you attack your oppenent with your monsters then use ookazi and win the game.
Ookazi + other burner cards like final flame and just desserts: These cards combined with ookazi form together to make a deck called burner. Burner is a deck that revolves soley on direct damage. It can have attackers like la jinn the mystical genie, and even summoned skull, but it is better off with just focusing on using burner type cards. This becomes better when more sets come out.
Thats meh card of the day tune in next week for the next 5 cards of the days. Oh and my typical ending.. :) good luck and happy dueling....


Friday - Ookazi

Although this is the best direct damage spell in the game (Besides Just Desserts, since they need monsters for it to be effective), it really isn't all that great. It basically deals half the damage the average non tribute monster deals.

It's also another one of those fairly basic cards. It's not screaming combo or anything. There's a good possibility that with the release of more sets a direct damage deck could be decent. Right now there isn't enough good direct damage to base a deck around.

Ookazi could be useful if your opponent played Swords of Revealing Light or just casted Raigeki/Dark Hole right before your monsters were going to finish off their life points.

Rating: 2/5


Peh. Another worthless card for the CotD. You get to do 800 lp to your opponent. Yippy skipy. Found only in newbie and direct damage decks. Too bad, those aren’t what you’d call “playable” today, eh? Seriously, you get 3 of these, which is 30% of your opponent’s Life Points. Or you can play a 1600 ATK monster and/or Equipment magic with it to destroy your opponent’s monsters and cause direct damage. Your choice. =/
Rating: 1.5/5 ­ Yep, pretty terrible alright.


Overall Score: 3.0 (direct damagealicious)
Casual Play: 3.0
Tournament Play: 3.0
800 free damage can't hurt, right?  Of course, almost any monster used these days can do 800 damage in one attack, but hey, that's 800 points closer to winning.  And you can still get that 800+ points from attacking ^_^  However, if you are looking for direct damage in heaps, I would suggest using Just Desserts, as you can rack up up to 2500 damage if they have a full field of monsters.  This is a nice little card to have, though, at least for now...
Dian Keto: Aha, they're 200 points up from normal!
Casual/Tournament Play:
Throw at least 1 in in either your main or side deck.
An integral part of the direct damage picture, and who doesn't like a burning building?  Oh wait..... *recedes from NYC residents*
Metal Raiders:
Two words: Tremendous Fire.
NEXT COTD: Bill will send us the list soon, so it's all up to him =P
(This is like my shortest CotD ever, or close =/  Maybe I'm drained from those 4 deck articles in 3 days =/)


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