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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Card Number - DDS 005
Average Rating - 3.00 (based on 1 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - June 4, 2002

We conclude DDS "3 out of 5 day" week with an actually useful card, Acid Trap Hole.
Overall Score: 3.0 (quite tournament useable, but very risky)
Casual Play: 3.0
Tournament Play: 3.0
Well now, what have we here?  A chance to destroy a face down monster with a defense of 2000 or less?  Hey, this can get rid of those Man-Eater Bugs, Wall of Illusions, and Giant Soldier of Stones!  Wait a second....what do you mean there's nothing about flip effects being negated?  So if I do destroy that Man-Eater Bug, its effect still activates?  o_O  What good is this card then?
Before we take a look at this card, we need to check some rulings from Edo (which are the official Japanese rulings translated for us non-Japanese knowing people =/).  According to Edo, if you flip over a flip effect monster and destroy it, the effect activates.  If you flip over a flip effect monster and you do not destroy it, the effect does not activate.  Interesting, eh?  So if you DO manage to get that Man-Eater Bug, its effect still activates.  Dang.  Oh well.  Maybe I can get a Giant Soldier of Stone and destroy it!  Should the monster not be destroyed, it is flipped back over.  This is important for the next point.
This card also takes into effect stat increases from the field.  So if I have a Wall of Illusion with Yami out, its defense is 2050, so it will not be destroyed.  Cheer.
Basically, this card is the Stop Defense + Fissure combo in one card.  It also has the same drawback as this combo in the fact that a flip effect monster CAN activate its effect should it be destroyed by the effect.
This card is really a combo in itself, combining Stop Defense and Fissure in one card.
Man-Eater Bug: It still gets its last laugh before going to the graveyard.
Casual/Tournament Play:
If you have it, by all means throw it in.  It can save you a card slot from the Fissure/Stop Defense combo.  Or you could just remove the Stop Defense and keep the Fissure =/.  This will be a hot card to get ahold of.
If you get the second printing of DDS and this card, enjoy it.  Be wary that Man-Eater Bug will still laugh at you, however.
Metal Raiders:
Other than Seven Tools of the Bandit, nothing will really de-power or power up this card.  The Magician of Faith can laugh at you even worse than Man-Eater Bug, though.
NEXT COTD: Ancient Telescope.  Sorry, no witty remark today =/




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