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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Card Number - DDS 006
Average Rating - 2.35 (based on 3 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - June 4, 2002


Casual Play 3.5
Tourney Play 1.5
Overall Play: 2.5

-Makes a fire mon pretty powerful.
-+700 attack is god like.
-Oh look the flameswordsman has the same attack as Summoned skull with this 

-There are no good fire cards out...
-De-spell is like hah! I own you.
-Reverse trap is also like hah! I own you.

RFP: This makes any fire monster with a low attack a half decent attacker. I 
mean now an 1000 attk fire mon is 1700. Don't ask me why anyone would play a 
fire mon with only 1000 attack, but eh maybe its all you have.....=/ Also 
now the Flames swordsman has a 2500 attack.... oohh it can go head to head 
with a summoned skull now....=/ Again, I don't know why you'd play The 
Flames Swordsman. So yea this card doesn't have very many good points.

RFC: Well the most obvious thing is there are no good fire cards. >_< I 
think the best fire card is the flameswordsman, and the cards required to 
make the fusion of it stink. So yea that doesn't help this card. Also things 
like de-spell own this card. As well as Reverse trap. I think Reverse trap 
is one of my fav. cards in the game right now, because it can win u games. 
Also it is anti reinforcements. So yea de-spell and reverse trap destroy 
this card.

Salamandra + fire mon: well this is obvious
Salamandra +reverse trap+ oppenents fire mon: This combo works that you put 
this card on an opponents fire mon, and then use reverse trap. If fire gets 
good in the future then this combo could work, but more cards will come out 
and maybe you won't have room for all these cards.

Thats my cotd toon in next time for the final DDS promo....


Tuesday - Salamandra

Good card, bad timing. What I mean by this is that Salamandra is an excellent equipment magic card for Fire monsters, but there aren't any extraordinary Fire monsters released yet. Salamandra is still a card worth holding onto though. With the release of more expansions, there may be some good Fire monsters that will work well with it. For now, this card just isn't worth playing.

What may come to mind when you read the text for Salamandra is that it can combo with Flame Swordsman. The problem with Flame Swordsman is that it's a fusion monster and not a very good monster overall. If you do get a Salamandra on a Flame Swordsman, it will be the equivalent of a Summoned Skull. Except for the fact that you need many more cards to get it all out. Not worth the effort.

Another good point to Salamandra is the excellent artwork. This doesn't make the card any better playability wise, but it's a great card to admire and collect.

Rating: 2.5/5
Potential Rating: 3.5/5


I don't play DDS.


We continue DDS week with the Flame Swordsman's best friend, Salamandra!
Overall Score: 2.0 (not enough useable Fire main types yet)
Casual Play: 3.5
Tournament Play: 0.5
Bah.  The first 700 attack increase equipment card just had to be on arguably the WEAKEST main type in Duel Monsters (Wind follows a very close second).  Currently, the Flame Swordsman is the only useable monster that can use this guy, and he's a fusion.  Do the math =/
Salamandra + Flame Swordsman = Summoned Skull.
The Fire type in general: Not enough good ones.
Casual Play:
Knock yourself out.  Use Flame Swordsman and its fun equip card to your heart's content.
Tournament Play:
Ummmm.........no.  Anyone who plays Flame Swordsman in a tournament is either an extreme Joey fan or is trying to have fun and wants to lose :o
Wait on this until we get some decent Fire-types.  Which may be a while.
Metal Raiders:
Fire-type attackers, Fire-type attackers........  Let's see....  We have Flame Kereberos (6/2100/1800), and, umm, that's it.  Boo.
BURNING QUESTION OF THE WHATEVER: What was Konami thinking for the final level of Forbidden Memories?  6 super-hard duels without a save point, including 2 duelists that use BEUD straight from the hand?  o_O  Oh well, maybe DotR won't be as hard.
TOMORROW'S COTD: We wrap up DDS week (rats, we came 2 cards short, and we already reviewed BEWD, Dark Magician, and Exodia) with the insanely annoying Acid Trap Hole.  You can bet you'll see this guy in tournament decks.


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