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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Twin Headed Thunder Dragon

Fusion - "Thunder Dragon", "Thunder Dragon"

Card Number - MRD-120
Average Rating -  3.18 (based on 2 reviews).

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - June 28, 2002


To finish off the week we come to...
Twin Headed Thunder Dragon:
Tourney Play: 2.6
Casual Play: 3.5
Overall Play: 3.05
+ Good attack
+ It has speed
+ Its a special summon
- Monster removal ownz this
- Magic jammer ownz this
- Basically can only be summoned once.
RFP: Well, here is the card that two Thunder Dragons can make. a 2800 attack monster. And a 2100 defense monster. Which isn't bad, because the speed of this card is great, because of Thunder Dragon's effect. Its effect makes it possible for this card to be out turn two. Which is a nice quick 2800 damage. And finally this card is a special summon, meaning trap hole can't effect it. :) And as we all know that is a bonus worth having.
RFC: Well, the most obvious disadvantage that all monsters have, is that they can be easily removed. With cards like fissure, raigeki, TttD, etc. Also the card that breaks the speed of this certain deck is magic jammer. This card can single handedly ruin Twin Headed Thunder Dragon. And like most card games speed determines the winner. I mean whoever can get set up first, basically wins the game. And finally since you need to sacrifice two thunder dragon to summon this monster, and you discard the other one in trying to search for the two, you can really only summon this monster once. Which In my oppionion is a bad trait to have. I'd suggest using this monster when your oppenent has a low number of Life points left.
Polymerzation + Two Thunder dragons: This is obvious you get to make this monster.
Well thats the last cotd for this week, we'll have a whole new batch next week, and um, yea, good luck and happy dueling...


No review.


No review.


Overall Score: 2.5 (fusion is just too weak right now)
Casual Play: 3.5
Tournament Play: 1.5
After looking at Thunder Dragon yesterday, let's see what happens when you fuse two of them together.
At first glance, this looks to be a worthwhile fusion. It has 2800 attack power, currently 4th in the English version of the game (behind Gate Guardian, Black Skull Dragon, and BEWD), and can be brought out first turn with Thunder Dragon's effect.  2800/2100 stats are fairly good.  This guy is a god in Forbidden Memories, as he is, by far, the easiest high-level fusion to make.
Then we realize how weak fusions really are.  I will use two simple words to demonstrate: Magic Jammer.
Reread that last sentence a few times, and let's continue.
Let's say you're in a jam early on in the game.  You have very little LP left, and your opponent has set up a Barrel Dragon and a Summoned Skull in front of you.  You manage to topdeck the first of your 3 Thunder Dragons, and you have a Polymerization card in your hand.  You use the effect, snatch the two other Thunder Dragons, and activate your Polymerization card, only to realize that your opponent had been hiding a Magic Jammer.  You cry, realizing that your ultimate combo has been trashed.
The lesson of this story?  If you're going to play Fusion, play 3 Seven Tools of the Bandit.  For 1000 LP (if early in the game, a miniscule cost), you can negate that Magic Jammer, letting you play your Fusion.  Just don't get caught in a really long chain or you might be in trouble.
THTD + Seven Tools of the Bandit = Negate their Magic Jammer.

Magic Jammer: I wonder why Magic Jammer hasn't been restricted yet.  It's too cheap ;.;
Monster removal: =/
Casual Play:
As always, knock yourself out.  Fusions are always fun to play when there's nothing at stake.
Tournament Play:
Enh.  Too many Magic Jammers/monster removal cards floating around.  Your THTD won't last 30 seconds in this environment.


This card of the day is kinda boring in and of itself, and this one will also be short. The Twin-Headed Dragon is good if you can get the combo out quickly. I guess. Its fusion monsters aren't great, but really work to get this thing out quickly. This isn't a bad fusion. In fact, it's one of the better ones.

It can be fused really quickly, and a first turn 2800 can throw of an opponent's entire game. Also, once fused, this can be Reborned, even if it dies in battle, so it's nice to know that. It doesn't require the deck to be tailored to it, but it does require 3 Thunder Dragons for the effect to even work, so that is a downside.

Rating - 3.3 Try it in a fusion deck, keep it out of normal ones

Trunks the Swordsman No review.
Codith No review.



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