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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Thunder Dragon

Discard this card from your hand to the Graveyard to add up to 2 "Thunder Dragon" cards from your Deck to your hand.  Your Deck is then shuffled.  This effect is activated only during a main phase.

Card Number - MRD-097
Average Rating -  2.14 (based on 5 reviews).

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating
Translation from Scrye

Date Reviewed - June 27, 2002


Hey all! Tis thursday, and here is the next CoTD.
Thunder Dragon:
Tourney Play: 2.7
Casual Play: 3.4
Overall Play: 3.05
+ It has speed, to get Twin headed thunder dragon out quicker.
- Low attack and defense for one tribute.
- Magic Jammer breaks the speed of this card.
- Card destruction ownz this card.
- Mon removal like raigeki, fissure etc etc destroy this card.
RFP: Well this cards only ally is that it can get you a quick 2800 damage, with the fusion card Twin Headed Thunder Dragon. Otherwise you'd be crazy to play this thing in a deck. So the only thing this card really brings to the table is helping you to get a quick 2800 damage.
RFC: This is a tribute monster that only has 1600 attack points? I'll pass. I mean who would waste a monster, unless it was a used up effect monster to attack with this thing? Ryu-Kishin powered does the same thing for no tributes. And with a 1500 defense a lot of the popular monsters like la jinn, 7 colored fish and others can kill this thing in one shot. Well, say you use Thunder Dragon's effect, and you have the polymerzation in your hand, and then you go to fuse when all of a sudden your oppenent stops you dead in your tracks. They use magic jammer to break the speed of this card. And then you need to have a Magician of Faith or another polymerzation card in order to summon twin headed thunder dragon. So in shory magic jammer breaks this card's speed. Now the 3rd con involves you to do something weird. Say you didn't have the polymerzation, and you used Thunder Dragon's effect. Well then your remaining two thunder dragons could get discarded by a Card Destruction. Thus again screwing your speed. And finally like all monsters monster removal is the killer of this thing.
Polymerzation + Thunder dragon's effect: A possible turn two Twin headed dragon.
Thunder dragon + higher lvl monster: discard this thing for a summoned skull, or a BEWD, because IMO this thing isn't worth it.
Well that is my CoTD have a nice day, drive home safely, and be spiffy. Oh, and as always good luck, and happy dueling....


Thursday - Thunder Dragon

Thunder Dragon has this cool effect that reads:

Discard this card from your hand to the Graveyard to add up to 2 "Thunder Dragon" cards from your Deck to your hand.  Your Deck is then shuffled.  This effect is activated only during a main phase.
What this effect does is enable us to summon a fusion twice as fast. Thunder Dragon + Thunder Dragon = Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon. The best part is you only need two cards in your hand to bring it all out.
Simply sacrifice a Thunder Dragon and search your deck for two more. Then use Polymerization and fuse them both together.
Lets take a look at Thunder Dragons stats. For one tribute you get a low 1600 ATK and 1500 DEF. Just terrible, It can't compete with almost all of the highly played monsters. Stick to fusing it.
Rating: 1.75/5


No review.


Overall Score: 2.5 (if you are running THTD, this guy is sort of required, but there may be other uses)
Casual Play: 3.0
Tournament Play: 2.0
Well now, this is a highly interesting card.  It says if I discard it during a main phase, I can search my deck for up to 2 cards with the same name and put them in my hand.  Then I can use that Polymerization card in my hand to fuse those 2 together to create a 2800/2100 monster (which we'll be looking at tomorrow).  Intriguing.
This actually helps make the Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon the easiest fusion so far to play (Black Skull Dragon not close behind), and it's also the 2nd strongest (behind the aforementioned BSD).
As for TD's own stats, 1 sacrifice for 1600/1500 is very weak.  If it was Level 4, then it would be useable in case the Fusion idea falls through.
Now, what about those 'possible other uses?"
This guy can actually give you an extra card to use for assorted purposes like Magic Jammer, Tribute to the Doomed, etc.  Card advantage is important in this game, with only one reliable drawing engine (and it's restricted), not to mention that Robbin' Goblin is going to be powerful.  Don't expect these guys to be able to stand alone as monsters, but they can give you some extra discard fodder.
Maybe I'm looking too much into this =P
Thunder Dragon + effect = 2 Thunder Dragons.
Thunder Dragon + Thunder Dragon + Polymerization = =/
Thunder Dragon + effect + Magic Jammer/TotD = Your hand breaks even.
Weak stats: Puhleeze. 5/1600/1500 are PATHETIC.
Casual Play:
Knock yourself out with these and Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon.  Try the discard trick if you want to.
Tournament Play:
If you want to tech 3 of these in just for the slight card advantage trick, you can, but it's not really worth wasting 3 spots for one extra card in your hand.
TOMORROW'S COTD: Well, we have the parts, and the Polymerization card, let's make ourselves a Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon!


This will be a very short card of the day, as it's real use is tomorrow's card of the day. Basically, the Thunder Dragon is only meant for one thing: fusion. It's pointless to play it as a monster until you get the fusion of it. Its stats aren't horrible until you realize it's a level 5 and there are definitely stronger level 4's.

So basically, use the effect, use the fusion, don't use this as a monster. There's realllly not a lot to say about this. I guess it thins out your deck, and you could do a lot of neat combos with Monster Reborn, but that's about it.

Rating - 2.4 I mean, it's only meant to fuse, and fusions usually aren't that great anyway. :\

Trunks the Swordsman

Thunder Dragon

Lvl 5 Light Thunder / Effect A: 1600 D:1500

Discard this card from your hand to the Graveyard to add up to 2 "Thunder Dragon" cards from your Deck to your hand. Your Deck is then shuffled. This effect is activated only during a main phase.

~Hm.. Is this card good or not? I would have to say its not too good at all. Its only limit 3 Thunder Dragons per deck and what happens when you pull one? You discard this one and go get the other two just to make a monster that only has 2800 atk? Nah this card doesn't cut it at all. This card wont be seen in much tournament play. This is pretty much a waste in your deck.. If you like making big monsters with polymerization than go ahead but chances are it will get man-eater bugged or dark holed. Theres nothing else about this card. Its level 5 and only has an attack stat of 1600??? No no no no.. Shoe box is where he can go. :P

Rating 1.0
Codith No review.



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