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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Barrel Dragon

Lvl 7.  Dark Machine/Effect  A:2600 D:2200 - UR

Toss a coin 3 times.  If 2 out of 3 results are Heads, destroy one monster on your opponent's side of the field.  This card can only be used during your own turn, once per turn

Card Number - MRD-126
Average Rating -  3.85 (based on 6 reviews).

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating
Translation from Scrye

Date Reviewed - June 18, 2002


Wow, Metal Raiders has some cool cards, and todays CoTD is especially 

Barrel Dragon:

Casual Play: 4
Tourney Play: 3.5
Overall Play: 3.75

+ 2600 attack
+ Awesome Effect
+ You have a good chance of destroying a monster.

- Two tributes in order to summon it.
- The standard Trap Hole, Fissure, raigeki, etc etc etc. . .
- Its effect relys on coin flips.

RFP: Well lets look at this mon, 2600 attack is very nice. It can get past a 
lot in the game, and it can do a sufficient amount of LP damage. Although 
the effect is what makes this card great. You have a 66.666% chance of 
killing one of your oppenent's monsters which could cripple them. This 
monster has synergy with in itself, because it can do a high amount of LP 
damage, and it can get rid of a monster for you. But every card does have 
its downsides, as will be explained in the next section.

RFC: The thing when writing about a monster is that no matter how good it 
is, it always has something in common with all monsters. These are the 
common cons. to monsters. It need two tributes, You could use Ultimate 
Offerings or Soul exchange to get this monster out faster. Or you could use 
up 2 good effect monsters, and then sacrifice them for this monster. The 
second common con all monsters share is they can get discarded before you 
even get to attack with them. This is one of those monsters. For all your 
hard work you could just get trapholed. Good thing we have Thieve's seven 
tools next set to put a damper on traphole's reign. Also cards like fissure 
raigeki, dark hole, and any form of removal gets rid of this card. Effect 
monsters however there is no way to stop them unless you raigeki them 
yourself. Otherwise thats what Magic Jammer is for. The final con to this 
card is that the power relys on coinflips. So in other words we are really 
trying to belive in the heart of the coins here.......=/ Other then that 
this card is definitly above average.


Barrel Dragon + oppenent's mon + flips that go your way: Hey! you have a 
dead mon now!

Barrel Dragon + Robbin' Goblins: This card will hurt your oppenent 
everywhere. It'll hurt his hand his LP and his field. Nothing like a triple 
threat eh?

Overall this card is for advanced players you need to know when to summon 
it, and when to ue luck or try to find another way to get rid of the mon. As 
always good luck and happy dueling :)


Wednesday - Barrel Dragon

Barrel Dragon reads: Flip 3 coins, if you win 2 or more flips, destroy one of the opponent's monsters. You may only use this ability once every turn. Besides the ability, Barrel Dragon is a level 7 monster with 2600 ATK and 2200 DEF.

Out of all the level 7 and 8 monsters, this has got to be my favorite one. The only real downfall to it, besides that it's a level 7, is that it's not truly a Dragon since it doesn't have the trait. Being able to bring him into play via Lord of D. would have made this a much better card.

On average, you will destroy a monster every other turn. Since he has a high ATK, you have a good possibility of destroying even more monsters (By attacking). The problem is, you have to find a way to keep him on the board. A good way to accomplish this would be to pack your deck full of Counter Traps. In my opinion, the best way to bring Barrel Dragon into play is by using Soul Exchange. You will kill one of their monsters by tributing it, then you have the possibility of destroying another one with it's ability.

A deck based on Barrel Dragon would include lots of monster removal giving you complete board advantage. You would then go for the kill with Barrel Dragon himself, or some other beat sticks you've included in the deck. A deck like this may have the chance to be tournament worthy.

Rating: 3.5/5


Wed- Barrel Dragon

Barrel Dragon is next. As a lvl. 7 Dark Machine, he gets 2600 ATK points for two tributes. That is eh at best. Yea, it CAN beat out a Dark Magician or Summoned Skull, but… Two tributes is hella scary. Which brings us to its effect. If you flip at least two coins out of three (that’s exactly 50% chance, BTW) you get to destroy one of your opponent’s monsters. The best part is that it is not a flip – you can use once on each of your turns. So now what do we have? 2600 ATK and 50% chance at killing a monster each turn?

Well, I’d have to say that’s pretty darn good and worth the cost, assuming you plan around it. Which means you won’t be able to play Barrel Dragon casually – you must include cards that will ease up on the cost. This simply means adding cards like Soul Exchange and generally a few more monsters. Be careful when adding Ultimate Offering- the opponent can use it during your turn, usually AFTER you break their one monster defense with your Dragon’s effect.

Rating: 4/5 – Yep, there’s potential here!


Overall Score: 3.0 (nifty effect)
Casual Play: 3.0
Tournament Play: 3.0
At first glance, you'll look at this card and say "Hey, this guy is 2 sacrifices for 2600.  Let's go play BEWD instead".  Then you read the effect and think "Hey, this monster has a 50/50 chance of destroying an opposing monster each turn it's on the field!"  I introduce you to Bandit Keith's trump card, the Barrel Dragon, known as the Revolver Dragon to our Japanese friends.
This is a card that will probably see use in my decks a lot.  It has relatively good attack power (better than the Dark Magician and Gaia for the same level), and an effect that DOESN'T have a downside if you don't flip correctly (other than the fact that you can only use it once per turn no matter what the result).  And since this guy is Dark, he can use the Sword of Dark Destruction to match BEWD.  Fear.
Sadly, he is not a Dragon (he is a Machine sub-type), so he can't be Fluted ;.;
Barrel Dragon + any other monster removal = Your opponent won't have much on the field to destroy this guy or your other monsters.
Monster removal = =/ =/
Casual/Tournament Play:
This is a nifty little card to use.  If you aren't going to use it in your maindeck, you may think about sideboarding at least one.  It's quite good, really.
*two thumbs up*
TOMORROW'S COTD: Mirror Force.  See why this card is considered one of the best cards in the entire game (even in Japanese!)


Aha! A card of the day for a good card! Weird, huh? It's weird to me, anyway. After Time Wizard and Sogen and all that, it's refreshing to have a viable card. And today it's Barrel Dragon, or as many of you may know it as, Revolver Dragon. A little bit of side info would be Bandit Keith uses this against Joey in the Duelist Kingdom quarterfinals, and does quite well with it. Anyway, onto the actual card.

Sacrifice monsters usually aren't that good, ESPECIALLY if they cost more than one sacrifice. They're just slow and hard to get out, all just for a little boost in power. However, this card comes with a rather nice effect. It basically becomes a 50% chance of destroying one of the opponent's monsters, and unlike the Time Wizard, it doesn't have a nasty drawback for a bad flip.

However, two sacrifices is pretty steep, and getting it out may be a problem. Once it is out, it's great, and defeats any commonly played monster outright, including Summoned Skulls. Of course, the effect isn't exactly reliable, so don't expect it to win every game. This card is specifically vulnerable to magic and traps, so have the Heavy Storm's and Magic Jammers ready.

Good for disruption decks, good for beatdowns. That's about what it defines. Of course, play other faster monsters in any deck with this, or else you'll simply never have much of a chance. Oh, and remember, it's a machine sub-type, not dragon. That means no Flute of Summoning Dragon to get it on the field.

Rating - 4.0 I am horribly biased for this card and would love to see it do well in tournies. Try it out!

Trunks the Swordsman

Barrel Dragon

Lvl 7. Dark Machine/Effect A:2600 - - UR

Toss a coin 3 times. If 2 out of 3 results are Heads, destroy one monster on your opponent's side of the field. This card can only be used during your own turn, once per turn

Now this is one awesome power. I hope I can pull 1 out of my box. His attack power is simply amazing. But of course he has to be a level 7 monster so sacrificing 2 monsters to get this power house out is worth it. His effect is pretty powerful as well. Unlike time wizard this machine doesnt give you any penaltys for getting tails. And you can use it only once per turn which makes sense. Wouldnt wanna be able to use it twice per turn :P. This can ALMOST replace Blue eyes since it does have a great effect but Blue eyes is still king when it comes to ATK stats.

Rating 4.0



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