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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Time Wizard

Lvl 2  Light Spellcaster/Effect  A:500  D: 400 - UR

"Toss a coin and call heads or tails.  If you call it right, your opponent's monsters on the field are destroyed.  If you call it wrong, your own monsters are destroyed and you lose Life Points equal to half the total ATK of the destroyed monsters.  This card can only be used during your own turn, once per turn." 

Card Number - MRD-065
Average Rating -  2.67 (based on 6 reviews).

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating
Translation from Scrye

Date Reviewed - June 18, 2002


Hey all! This is a brand new week, and this week is the beginning of the 
Metal Raiders cards!

Time Wizard:

Casual Play 4
Tourney Play: 2.9
Overall Rating: 3.45

+ Can give you a raigeki every turn
+ Has some nice combos

- Can give your oppenent a raigeki
- You can lose life points
-Low attack and defense
-Relys on coin flip >_<

RFP: Ah, the card all the newbies have been waiting for. This card is probably only popular, because Joey from the show used it. This card(lol) represents newbism in ygo. No offense to anyone who is new to the game or like Time Wizard. Anyways this card has a nice effect. I mean it shatters the one raigeki rule, and if you are really lucky then you can do some massive hurting to your oppenent with this card. I mean the possibility of raigeki every turn is sick. They m. reborn you use time wizards effect and basically win the game in 4 or 5 turns. And finally this card has some nice combos which will be explained later on in this CoTD.

RFC: Well all effects should have some sort of downside, and boy does this one have a hurtful downside. I mean if you flip tails, all your mons get discarded. And you have to lose half of each mons attack in life points. So say you use Time Wizard, and flip tails(you called heads) you had a la jinn the mystical genie, and a dark elf and the time wizard. you would lose 2150 life points 1000+900+250=2150. Ok, now that that brief math lesson is over lets discuss the other cons. Like most effect monsters this one has a low attack and defense. Usually you will only get one use out of this, so it won't last long on the field anyways. And finally this card is a coin flip. I hate Coinflips. That is one of the reasons why I play this as well as 
pokemon, because of the coinflips. The thing I liked about this game the most is the lack of coinflips. So yea hopefully we won't get to many coinflips, and we can have this game as much strategy as possible.


Time wizard + Black Forest Witch +sangan +Exodia pieces: This combo is a win 
win situation with time wizard. If you flip heads then thats great you got a 
raigeki if you flipped tails however depending how many sangan you have and 
if you have your black forest witch you can get up to 3 pieces of exodia!

Time Wizard + Magnetic ring: If you have good luck this is the combo for you 
all you have to do is use magnetic ring play it on time wizard, and your 
oppenent can't attack time wizard. So you are free to raigeki(or um kill 
yourself) as many times as you want until Time Wizard is destroyed from the 

Time Wizard + Magnetic ring+ Magic jammer:Stop those raigekis, and fissures 
from destroying this good old tickety tock clock.

Well that is the cotd, and I hope all you Joey fans are happy : ) good luck 
and happy dueling...

Side note: Fear joey :0(using melkors face) hehe


Tuesday - Time Wizard

Time Wizard is an interesting card. It can act as a reusable Raigeki (If your a god flipper ;P).

For a single flip (You call Heads or Tails) it can either make or break a game. As stated above, if you win the flip it destroys all your opponents monsters on the field. If you lose the flip it destroys all your monsters on the field (Including Time Wizard) and you lose life points equal to half the total ATK.

Of course, the best time to use Time Wizards ability is when your losing and currently have no monsters on the field. That way if you lose the flip it won't hurt you as much as it could have (Time Wizard will die, but he has a low ATK so you won't lose much life).

This is one of those few cards where low ATK isn't too bad of a thing. The more ATK he could have had the more you could have been taking when you lose the flip. A high DEF would have been nice, that way he could do something without the aid of a flip.

Right now I'm not sure how good this card really is. If your going to play this, the most you should play is one. Just incase your in a jam and you happen to have it in your hand. More than one of these seem like it would be much to wasteful, especially if you end up getting terrible flips.

On another not, I will be attending Origins in a few weeks. Upperdeck is going to be holding two tournaments (One Friday and one Saturday) in which Metal Raiders will be officially out. If I have time, I will hopefully enter one of them and check out what the metagame (Decks being widely played) is like. With Metal Raiders out, I'm hoping there will be a much wider variety of decks then what we currently have.

Rating: 2.5/5


Tuesday- Time Wizard

The first of Metal Raiders cards, Time Wizard! Ö and a card you really shouldnít play, too! Here, we have a no tribute (good), non-flip effect (good), luck dependent monster (BAD!). With stats under four digits, weíll have to ignore those. Basically, itís good for two things- its effect, and getting better monsters out. The effect can cause a Raigeki on your opponent, or a Raigeki on you for 1/2 the ATK points of your monsters. Bleh, I donít like that at all! Plus, if you use it for that reason only, it is a space waster. Its other use is getting better monsters out. I believe the Thousand Dragon, or something to that effect, is Fuse-able with Time Wizard and Baby Dragon. Two bad cards. = The other card is the Black-Robed Sage (I think itís called). Sage isnít in Metal Raiders, but Iíll discuss him. To special summon him you need a Dark Magician on the field and a Time Wizard.

The Time Wizard must successfully pull off its effect. Then you special summon him. Again, completely not worth it. 

Rating: 2/5 Ė Luck is not good when planning a strategy.


Yay!  We get to start Metal Raiders today!  And our first card is none other than.................Time Wizard!
Overall Score: 2.0 (and I'm being generous here)
Casual Play: 3.0
Tournament Play: 1.0
If you've seen the anime, you know how this card works.  You have an equal chance of either destroying your opponent's monsters or destroying your own and losing a chunk of your LP (equal to half the attack powers of your monsters).  Here, instead of the Time Roulette, you just flip a coin and guess.  This is probably the best card in the entire game (period!) to use a stacked coin with.  If you can consistently get the desired result with this card, your opponent will be in for a world of hurt.  Get the flip wrong, though, and you'll probably lose the game =/
Oh yeah, did I mention you can fuse this and Baby Dragon to form the supreme, indestructible, and ultimately superior Thousand Dragon?  Ok ok, I realize that Thousand Dragon can't even stand up to Summoned Skull (2500 to 2400).  I thought I'd just mention it to complete the article.
Time Wizard + Baby Dragon + Polymerization = Puff the Magic Dragon.......err......Thousand Dragon.
Time Wizard + stacked coin = Free Raigeki.
Fair coin: Murphy's Law people, Murphy's Law.
Any attacking monster: With stats of 500/400, this guy won't last much longer than one turn.
Casual Play:
Knock yourself out here.
Tournament Play:
Wayyyyyyyyyy too risky for my tastes.  I'd rather take my chances with Jirai Gumo than this guy.  If you really want to play Thousand Dragon, I won't stop you, but Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon and Black Skull Dragon are such better fusions =/
Fun for a while, but a missed flip will probably cost you the game.  If you want to use this guy, either have extreme luck or a stacked coin.
Metal Raiders:
I am officially retiring this segment, as it is not needed anymore.  I'll put in Magic Ruler once it is officially announced.
TOMORROW'S COTD: Revolver.......errr........Barrel Dragon.  A Level 7 monster with a brutal effect.  You'll see.


Metal Raiders? Whahuh? No card of the day for such stunning cards as Claw Reacher and Basic Insect? No, this is simply horrible! I had such witty comments ready such as "Don't bug out and use the Basic Insect!" No pun intended! Well, what's done is done, and moving on would probably be best. I bet no one wanted to see the review for Skull Servant, although personally I would. Anyways, onwards towards the actual card of the day. Today we have the card that basically gives Joey free wins, Time Wizard. Is it really that good?

A resounding no should follow that inquiry. His stats are about as great and useful as a Canadian army, and he'd win about as many battles with them. His effect looks great from afar. A 50% chance of a free Raigeki!? Then the drawback. Another yourself. And not only that, but it's worse than for your opponent, as you get a kickback in your life points. It's a gamble, and losing the flip means more than winning it. Well, usually.

So, what're its uses? Makes great toilet paper. Other than that? Well, it can fuse and stuff, but those aren't that great, and it can destroy all your opponent's monsters on a lucky flip. If, like me, you are not lucky (we all think we're not lucky, though), I recommend not playing it. It'll just make you mad when it doesn't work the way you want it to. It's just not good.

Rating - 2.3 It has its uses, but unless you're lucky, you're not gonna see them. Use it in a fun deck, though. It's perfect there.

Trunks the Swordsman

Time Wizard: Lvl. 2 Light Spellcaster/Effect A:500 D: 400 - UR

Toss and a coin and call heads or tails. If you call it right, your opponent's monsters on the field are destroyed. If you call it wrong, your own monsters are destroyed and you lose Life Points equal to half the total ATK of the destroyed monsters. This card can only be used during your own turn, once per turn.

Yay. We finally have a time wizard. With the release of metal raiders im sure this will be a quick favorite. His power is really risky but if youre stuck with just him and your opponent has something huge out why not just use the power huh? This may turn into 1 very good staple card for any deck. Just dont play him when you have a ton load of monsters out in the field. This card is a trump card and nothing else. Maybe for thousand dragon to but if not hes a trump card. Use him strategically.

Rating 3.5 (Would get a 4 but getting tails gives you that nasty effect x_x)



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