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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

The Stern Mystic

Card Number SDY 043
Average Rating -  2.34 (based on 4 reviews).

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - June 14, 2002


Awwww last day of fun week. Oh well, soon we will have new competitive cards, and everything will be right in the world. But until then, we are ending fun week with.....

The Stern Mystic

Casual Play: 3.5
Tourney Play: 2.25

-You can see what your oppenent has in store for you.
-It is an effect monster with decent stats.

-Still not good enough stats to be tourney worthy.
-It has a dark hole like effect.
-One time use only.
-Wastes space.

RFP: Well, one of the few things thats good about this card, is that you can see what your oppenent has on the field. This is an advantage, because you can plan ahead for the worst if needed. Also this is an effect monster with not that bad stats. I mean 1500 attk 1200 defense for an effect monster is the best so far.

RFC: If it had a 1600 attack, I honestly would play this card. I mean the ability to see your oppenent's field cards is pretty good, but there are two big reasons why I wouldn't play this card in a deck. One of the reasons is that it only has 1500 attack. All the big cards have atleast 1600, except for the effect cards.  Another big reason I wouldn't play this card in a deck, is the reason you wouldn't play ALL fun cards in a deck. Because it wastes space. I mean who wants to waste space on The Stern Mystic? Not me thats for sure. The last reason this card isn't really playable material, is because it effects ALL players. So your oppenent can prepare for your cards as well.


The Stern Mystic + trap master/reaper of the cards: Don't ask me why you'd be playing All those cards in a deck, but you'll get to see your oppenent's m/t then destroy a trap.

The Stern Mystic + De-spell/Armed Ninja: Same as above accept for magic.

So the point of this cotd is they don't call fun cards, fun cards for nothing. And as always good luck and happy dueling. : O


No review yet.


The Stern Mystic, eh? Heh, well, I like this card. =P Giving you the ability to see face down cards is great, IMO. The stats, eh, kinda suck, but I don’t care. ;P I’m considering playing him when later sets come out that will enable me to negate various cards. Think of it this way, he’s a wide spread De-Spell (because we KNOW you don’t use De-Spell of SORL, you use it to check out face down cards). His time has not come yet, but soon… Maybe soon…
Rating: 2/5 ­ Mystic is not worth it yet… Just not enough deck space. =\


You know, I did give Trap Master a 3.0 yesterday, but I think that was WAY too high.  It can have a 2.5 =/
Overall Score: 3.0 (this isn't that bad)
Casual/Tournament Play: 3.0
I'll keep this one short.  If you fear your opponent has something really dastardly face-down on the field, use this card.  It will shine a light on all their face-down cards.  This will let you see if they are packing Mirror Force, Trap Hole, Magic Jammer, Man-Eater Bug, etc.  None of the effects activate either!  Of course, the bad part is, it also flips over all of your face-down cards, so try to have as little of them as possible. 1500/1200 aren't bad stats either, although you won't be winning much battles with them =/
The Stern Mystic + any Magic/Trap removal = Let's see what's hiding so we know which one to attack!
Standard monster removal stuff.
Casual/Tournament Play:
You should sideboard at least one if you always get paranoid of what your opponent has on the field.  This can break up their psychological advantage (big words =P).
NEXT WEEK: We're seriously almost out of "decent" cards to rate, so expect the next week or two to be major grab bags!


Today we have another average card, with an effect that just isn't great, The Stern Mystic. It has uses with other cards but overall is somewhat bad. It lets you see what your opponent has in store for you, sure, but it does nothing more than that.

Granted there are combos with it, but those combos usually involve too much effort for too little pay-off. You could use this in combo with a De-spell and get rid of an opponent's set magic card, or with a Trap Master. That's about it for combos, and those don't really help that much, unless you're lucky enough for your opponent to have placed a Raigeki or another restricted magic card.

The stats themselves aren't great, nor are they terrible. With a little help it can be powerful, but not as powerful as others. The Stern Mystic isn't meant for battles with other monsters, basically. It's big use is its effect but the effect isn't great, which is why you really shouldn't use this card, either, unless in a fun deck.

Rating - 2.1 It has uses, but they are extremely limited. Just play better cards.


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