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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Trap Master

Card Number SDY 043
Average Rating -  2.36 (based on 5 reviews).

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - June 13, 2002


Continuing Our fun week.... is.....
Trap Master
Causual Play: 3.3
Tourney play: 2.5
-One of the only traphole counters.
-One of the few effect mons in the game.
-Like all effect monsters low attack/defense
-you could get a magic card
-One time use....=/
RFP: It is like one of the few trap hole counters in the game. It can also
get good things like wobuku or reinforcements. Also another thing that makes
this card special is that its one of the few effect monsters in the game.
RFC: Well like all effect monsters this one has low attack points and
defense points. Lets see what this card can defend against. It can defend
against Man Eater Bug and wall of illusion. Also it can defend against all
the monsters you'd be crazy, if you played them. So the only two cards that
are actully played that this card can defend against is Man eater bug, and
wall of illusion. Unless the target of this card is face up you  are taking
a chance of hitting a magic card with this card. And finally this effect is
a one time use, although if it was  a more then once use it would be a lot
better. Dream clown will have an effect like Man Eater Bug's. accept is a
more then one time use.
the stern mystic(tomorrows cotd) + trap master: see what your oppenent has,
and then use your trap master on a trap card. Dont ask me why you'd be
playing these two bad cards in the same deck.
TrapMaster + de-spell: If you manage to hit a magic card then you can always
de-spell it(again usually smart players would save de-spell for swords of
revealing light)
So tomorrow we end fun week... awww what a shame, but we will have metal
raiders out soon so that is a plus... As always good luck and happy


Thursday - Trap Master

Trap Master has a flip effect that targets one Trap card on the field and destroys it. I've played against a few people who have used this card effectively, yet I still think it's one of the low-end effect monsters.

What I like about Trap Master is that if you do end up destroying a Trap card it will most likely be something that would of caused you problems in the near future (Trap Hole, Waboku, & Reinforcements).

The problem is that it will not always destroy a Trap card (If it's a Magic card then it is flipped back down). If your opponent has no cards in his Magic/Trap zone and this cards effect is activated, you must target one of your own cards.  There is an easy way around this though. If you have a Magic card in your Magic/Trap zone, simply target that and no harm will be done to you.

Also, the fact that it has low ATK & DEF makes it even more unplayable in my eyes. Most the time it will just take up room in your deck that could have been used for more effective monsters.

When the effect does go off, it's usually worth it.

Rating: 2/5


Ahh, here’s an odd little guy… Trap Master gives you the Flip effect of De-Spell, only for Traps… Even with Trap Hole flying about, this is not widely used. Why? Because it sucks up a summon for a turn. Today’s decks are all about speed. Taking up a summon just to maybe hit and destroy a trap is not worth it. Well, it IS worth it, but deck space decrees that Trap Master is unplayable. ;/
Rating: 1.7/5 ­ Another promising card shut down but the might deck space. ;/


Overall Score: 3.0 (it's tech in its purest form)
Casual Play: 3.0
Tournament Play: 3.0
This is a nifty little card.  For one measly reverse effect, you can destroy an opponent's trap card.  This opens up a lot of opportunities.  That trap card you destroy could be something dangerous like a Mirror Force, Magic Jammer, Seven Tools of the Bandit, or Trap Hole.  If you are playing a Dragon deck, this is an excellent counter to Dragon Capture Jar.  Sadly, this is all this card is useful for, because its stats aren't exactly top-notch.
Trap Master + The Stern Mystic = Check your opponent's set cards to see if there are any threatening Traps, then use Trap Master to nuke it.
Raigeki/Dark Hole/Man-Eater Bug: Destroys him before he can activate his effect.
Casual/Tournament Play:
It couldn't hurt to fit one or two of these critters into your side deck.  If your opponent plays a lot of traps, these guys will help.
Good tech.
Metal Raiders:
Lots of dangerous traps here (mentioned above).  That one Heavy Storm might not be enough to get them all.
TOMORROW'S COTD: The Stern Mystic.  The second half of the anti-trap combo.


Continuing in the week of...er, mediocre cards, we have Trap Master. This card is better than the others this week, but not by much. It's just kinda average, and doesn't see much play. The stats aren't good (not by the standards set by other cards, anyway), and the effect, while useful, isn't wonderful.

Basically, this card's use is to stop Trap Holes that otherwise would be impossible to get rid of and impossible to stop. Reinforcements and Reverse Trap may also be removed, but the main target is Trap Hole. Why isn't the effect that great? Oftentimes, you just won't hit what you were hoping for. You may get a magic card that was placed face down, or the aforementioned Reinforcements and Reverse Trap.

Anyway, I wouldn't waste a whole monster just to get at a Trap Hole, and it's not any good otherwise. I suggest against playing it, basically. Use better monsters.

Rating - 2.6 Better, but still not great.


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