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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Sword of Dark Destruction

Card Number - SDY 020
Average Rating - 2.8

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - June 10, 2002


hey I'd like to call this week fun week, because we are looking at cards that typically dont see play... our first fun card is....
Sword of Dark destruction..
Tourney play 3.0
Fun play: 4.0
+ Plus 400 attack to any dark main type mon.
+ When used with la jinn or ryu kishin you can kill the basic defense monsters
- de-spell ownz it
- minus 200 defense
- reverse trap ownz this
RFP: Well the +400 attack is good, because it can help kill your oppenents mons. After all power is important in this game. So when you kill there monsters obviously it raises your chances of winning. Also do you have a pesky wall of illusion? or aqua madoor? Well with this card you can get your attack over there defenses, and destroy them. So this card has its purposes, mainly to overpower your oppenent.
RFC: Well de-spell laughs at this card, as your mon becomes weaker again >_< Thats not a big con though, because usually people like to save there de-spells on sorl.  so there arent really any worries about de-spell. -200 defense is also one of those cons that doesnt really matter. I mean if you attach sword of dark destruction to a la jinn I dont think you would put it in defense mode. So again this isnt really a con, but it is one to mention. And finally this card gets pwned by reverse trap. I play 2 of those reverse trap in my deck, and reverse trap has saved me so many times. The reaosn why reverse trap ownz sodd is because it would make la jinn a 1400 attack mon and a ryu kishin 1200 attack mon. Making them easy targets to kill.
SODD + Wall of Illusion + reverse trap: This combo works, because you can have a wall of illusion with a 1400 attack, but then there is that draw back of 1650 defese. well when you think yer oppenent is gonna attack switch wall to defense mode, and then when they attack flip over reverse trap.. since you are in defense mode this would add 200 defense points to your original 1850 and you'd have a 1400 attack mon and a 2050 defense mon for one turn. The 1400 attack would stay though.
SODD + DARK mon: This is obvious
Well thats the cotd cya tomorrow, and as always good luck and happy dueling... :)


Monday - Sword of Dark Destruction

SoDD is in my opinion, the best ATK enhancer in game (Well, for now). Even though it lowers the monsters DEF by 200, it's still a pretty strong card. Your not going to be putting the monster in DEF mode anyway, so either way it doesn't matter.

A great point about SoDD is that it can be attached to any Dark monster. With that in mind, it can be a great attachment to Ryu-Kishin Powered. Boosting him from a decent 1600 ATK to a great 2000 ATK. Summoned Skull and La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp are also Dark monsters which allow them to benefit nicely from it.

The big weakness to SoDD, and other ATK/DEF enhancers, is that they usually don't last very long with cards like Fissure, Dark Hoke, Man-Eater Bug, and Raigeki in almost everyones deck. If you can effectively get an attack or two from SoDD, consider its job done. If by any chance it lasts longer then that, then you will have gotten a nice advantage.

If you run plenty of Dark monster in your deck and have some spaces open, than a couple of SoDD could do you some good. If used effectively it can become a strong, game deciding card.

Rating: 3/5


Todayís COTD is the best true Equipment magic. Sword of Dark Destruction beefs up your attack by 400. The nice part is that it stays on you, unlike Reinforcements. The bad part is you canít keep it face down and activate it during Battle Phases. ;-; Well, aside from the fact that 400 isnít really that great (heck, later sets get 700 to both ATK and DEF and it works on any monster. =/) this is the best Equipment card. Well, honestly what else is there to talk about? It gives its bonus to dark so it basically helps out all decks right threreÖ ;/
Rating: 1.7/5 ≠ Just not worth it, IMO. Donít bother with Equipments yet.


Overall Score: 3.5 (currently the best equipment card)
Casual Play: 3.5
Tournament Play: 3.5
I introduce you to Sword of Dark Destruction, currently the only worthwhile equipment card in the current environment.  With it, Tri-Horned Dragon can beat Blue Eyes.  With it and Yami, Summoned Skull can beat Blue Eyes.  With it, Dragon Zombie can beat La Jinn. Etc, etc, etc.
The only problem is, Reinforcements nullifies and tops it =/
You've seen them all before.
De-Spell: Bye bye.
Casual Play:
Power is not as likely to be an issue here, but you'll still see them in almost every deck.
Tournament Play:
You may see them here as well, but by September, we will (possibly) have Magic Ruler, and some really sweet equip cards that work on ANY monsters.  Otherwise, this guy is worth slapping a couple in.
Use it, abuse it, and watch your opponent's Blue Eyes cry.
Metal Raiders:
Sword of Deep-Seated gives you a 500 attack increase on any type of monster and it goes back to the top of your deck if it gets buried.  This could be a good or bad thing, depending on whether you are trying to topdeck that Raigeki to win =/  Heavy Storm and Magic Jammer also nuke this thing out of existence, but I don't know who would waste a Magic Jammer on this thing when they could use it on a restricted card =/
TOMORROW'S COTD: Dian Keto the Cure Master.  Free health for all!


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