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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Heavy Storm

"Destroys all Magic and Trap Cards on the field."

Card Number - MRD-142
Average Rating -  4.56 (based on 4 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - July 9, 2002


Well Pojo Fans, after our week of nice rest relaxation, etc, etc, us cotd pplz are back. And today's card is. . .
Heavy Storm:
Tourney Play: 4
Casual Play: 4
Overall Play: You guessed it...4
+ Its not restricted 1 per deck, yet...
+ It is one of those cards that can help clear the field.
+ Gets rid of oppenent's Magic/Trap cards.
- It has a dark hole like effect.
- Magic Jammer stops it right in its tracks.
- If you play it on the field your oppenent's heavy storm could own you.
RFP: In Japan, right now, this card is restricted one per deck, but in America its two per deck. This makes this card pretty nice, because you'll have a better chance of drawing it. The more of a copy that you have of a card the better chance you will end up drawing it. So, by not restricting it one per deck, a pro is that you have a better chance to draw it, because it is more available to you. Remember the old days of just LoB and you were afraid to attack, because of Wabuku? Well this card is one of those cards that helps you clear the field for a direct damage assault. So imo anything that can clear the field for an open attack is a pretty good card. And finally, the obvious. It gets rid of your oppenent's magic/traps. So Trap Hole can now be countered. And you could get rid of your oppenent's Mirror Force, and that is always a plus.
RFC: Anything with a Dark Hole like effect, you shouldnt use unless your about to win the game or if you have a clear field on your side before using the card. Another really good card that counters this one is Magic Jammer. Although all you really need for this is a Seven Tools of the Bandit, and then Magic Jammer will be negated. And finally say you want to play it on the field, and save it for later. And if your oppenent uses there own Heavy Storm then they could get rid of your stuff, and the Heavy Storm. Although I would keep this card in my hand, and use it when I was ready.
Heavy Storm + Raigeki: Clear field to do max damage to your oppenent.
Heavy Storm + Magician of Faith or Mask of Darkness: Discard your mirror force or raigeki? Get it back with either Magician of Faith or Mask of Darkness...
Thats about it. Last week I went to Orgins in Ohio and placed top 4 at both Yugioh tournies. I had fun, and met meh online Buddies. I also met Rouge there. He was pretty cool, and owned me in the top 4 of the constructed tourney. I'll beat him next time ;) Um yea thats besides the point. Next year if ya can make Orgins, go it was a blast, and as always good luck and happy dueling!!


Tuesday - Heavy Storm

This is the card that makes going second a good thing. If I open up with one of these in my hand, I almost always choose to go second.

It can be very devastating when your opponent lays half their hand on the field and you strip it away. As you should know, the best time to play this is when you have nothing in your Magic/Trap section, or atleast nothing of significant importance.

Being able to do mass destruction to Magic/Trap cards can be very powerful in this game. I was suprised when I heard that Heavy Storm was being restricted to 2. I was almost sure it would of been restricted to 1.

Rating: 4.8/5

On a side note, I just got back from a weekend vacation to Origins in Columbus, Ohio. I wasn't able to compete in either of the Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments, but I must say the new league looks like a bright future for this game. Right now I'm just hoping my local comic shop was one of the 300 selected to do the first season.

Congrats' to Zap for making 3rd place in the Yu-Gi-Oh! constructed tournament.


Tue- Heavy Storm
Heavy Storm is our next MRD card of the day… To start it off, Heavy Storm is pre-restricted and for a good reason- it is basically the only decent way of destroying Magic/ Trap cards. It is basically the Dark Hole for M/Ts. Now, the obvious time to use it is when you’ve got no M/T and your opponent has 2-5. However, timing with Heavy Storm can get a lot trickier and generally more effective.
One M/T- Well, you really shouldn’t use HS against one M/T unless you’re afraid your Barrel Dragon will be trap holed. You needn’t worry about it being countered; if it’s a negation card, it’ll get used up anyway.
Two M/T- Now here it gets a little harder. If they negate your HS, their other face down card is either Mirror Force or a restricted card. In this case, switch most of your monsters into defense mode, then attack with your strongest monster, assuming you can kill their monster. Either you’ll take the Mirror hit or you’ll kill their monster. Either way, you’ve determined that their Mirror Force is no longer on the field. Of course, this won’t work if your monster isn’t worthy of being Mirror’ed. =/

Three + M/T- Just play HS and hope for the best. At worst, they lose their Jammer and a card/ Judgment and half their lp. Best you clear the M/T field. =\

When to play:
Before playing a monster- They’ll lose their Trap Hole, and give you freedom to play the Barrel.
Before playing a restricted magic- If they Jamm it, they’ll lose their magic negation. If they don’t, they have an empty field. Win/win situation.
Heavy Storm + (Flip) Big Eye + (Flip) Magician of Faith + Barrel Dragon + Barrel’s effect + (Card from MoF)
The meanest combo out there. Heavy Storm drains your opponent’s retaliation. Big Eye gives you the power to continue your assault next turn (or this turn if you MoF Pot of Greed). Magician of Faith gives you back a nice card, so you can get more draw power or clear the Monster field. Barrel is a heavy hitter and could destroy a monster for ya. If you play a Magic Jammer down as well, you could stay in the lead for a good portion of the game.
Rating: 4.5/5 ­ Drawback is that you lose your M/T as well. Not that big, obviously.


No review.


Been a little while since we've had a card of the day. We do have a good one today, however. Heavy Storm is restricted to two for good reason - it can remove your opponents defenses, leaving them completely open to assault. Of course, there's more to this card than just that, so, read on.

As I said earlier, Heavy Storm leaves your opponent very open to a complete assault. Just remember to lay your traps AFTER the Heavy Storm, as such technicalities are important. Anyway, with Heavy Storm, you don't have much to fear from your opponent, especially if you combine it with a mass monster removal magic card such as Raigeki. Then you leave your opponent powerless to stop your least for the turn, anyway.

There's not a whole lot of things to say about Heavy Storm, other than how good it is. It's gamebreaking, and will definitely help you win if timed right. Be wary about using it too often though, because you may lose a lot of important traps and your Swords of Revealing Light.

Rating - 4.95 It rocks and two should be in every deck. Just use it at the right time, of course.

Trunks the Swordsman No review.
Codith No review.



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