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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Horn of Heaven

Card Number - MRD-130
Average Rating - 2.31 (based on 4 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - July 19, 2002


Friday - Horn of Heaven

Horn of Heaven reads: Offer 1 of your own monsters on the field as tribute to negate the summon (including Special Summon) of a monster and destroy it.

The only reason to play Horn of Heaven is because it is able to counter Special Summons. Besides that, it's not that great of a card.

Even though Trap Hole can not hit targets as broad as Horn of Heaven, it is still a much better card because it has no extra cost. And pretty much all the time, your biggest threats are monsters that Trap Hole may target.

Tributing a monster is a pretty big cost most of the time. Horn of Heaven is in my opinion, the worst of the four counters (Magic Jammer, Seven Tools of the Bandit, Solemn Judgment, and Horn of Heaven).

There's not many combos you can use in conjunction with Horn of Heaven, besides using Sangan or Witch of the Black Forest as tribute to it. Which is pretty basic in itself.

Rating: 2.5/5


Fri- Horn of Heaven
The worst Counter Trap of MRD, IMO. It is basically Share the Pain and Trap Hole in one. But we all know Share the Pain r suk. =\
Good points:
You can stop those pesky flip and effect monsters!
You can stop those pesky flip and effect monsters!
Uhhh, you kill a monster!
Bad Points:
Solemn Judgement > Horn of Heaven any day of the week.
You kill your own monster.
Not only that, but it has to be on the field! >X(
Wonít work on a set (obviously)
Wonít work when you attack them (they arenít being summoned, mearly flipped. -_-;)
Conclusion: Horn of Heaven r suk.
Rating: 1.6/5 ≠ It can do stuff better than other things that suck!


We round out SomeGuy's week of cards by looking at another negation trap, Horn of Heaven.
Card Text:
Counter Trap
Offer 1 of your own monsters on the field as a Tribute to negate the summon (including Special Summon) of a monster and destroy it.
Say goodbye to your precious Monster Reborned monster!  You will think twice about using Monster Reborn, because when that monster hits the field, your opponent flips one of these over, sacrifices one of their monsters, and you just wasted a Monster Reborn.
To be perfectly honest, I'd rather discard a card from my hand to use Magic Jammer than sacrifice one of my monsters to use Horn of Heaven.  And I'll stick with Trap Hole as well.  Sure, it can't destroy Special Summoned monsters, but that's a small price to pay.  I don't like the idea of destroying one of my monsters.
Horn of Heaven + Witch of the Black Forest/Sangan = Hey, you get a monster from your deck out of it!
Magic Jammer: This is just better to negate Monster Reborn and its effect.
Seven Tools: Hey, I just destroyed a monster for no reason!  Yay!
Should YOU play it?
Unless you are playing a VERY heavy monster removal deck (i.e. 3 of these, 3 Trap Holes, 3 Fissures, etc), I'd stay far, far away from this guy.
I'll give this guy a 1.9 just as I did Fake Trap.  It has a nice effect, but there are just cards that do the job much better.


No review.
Trunks the Swordsman No review.
Codith No review.
Hey cotd fans, I am sorry about yesterday's CoTD. I didn't understand the card, and you should disregard my Fake Trap CoTD. Hey we all make mistakes... :O
Um yea so anyways, today's cotd is....
Horn of Heaven:
Tourney Play: 2.7
Causual Play: 3.8
Overall Play: 3.25
+ Almost the same thing as trap hole.
+ Can even discard special summons.
+ It adds more monster removal to the game.
- Wastes space?
- You have to discard one of your own monsters with this card.
RFP: Well, the pros of this card are very good. I mean it discards any monster, that is summoned. Its kind of a big brother to trap hole. Since trap hole puts some restrictions on what you can discard. Another thing that makes this card better then trap hole is that its allowed to discard special summons. With this power, things like monster reborn, and even fusions can be destroyed. That right there makes this card decent. The power to discard any monster that is summoned is very nice to have, because it gives you versitility. And finally this card adds more monster removal to the game. I personally love any monster removal card, because it frees up the field so I can attack my oppenent directly. Which of course 90% of the time wins you games.
RFC: Well, this card would be better then trap hole, if it didnt have its nasty side effect. Which is you have to discard one of your own in order to use this card. Also since its not a staple card it wastes space. The reason why trap hole is better then this card, even though this card has some very nice pros, is that the normal trap hole doesnt need to have a mon on the field to use. This one does, making it also very bad if your about to lose the game, and you don't have any monsters on the field. And then your oppenent top decks a monster and wins the game. So even though this card seems better then trap hole, it isn't because of the effect this card has on it. Its bascially like a kamikaze(sp?) mon removal card. You hurt yourself. but also you hurt your oppenent.
Horn Of Heaven + Sangan/Witch of the black forest: This allows you to get a piece of exodia(if your playing exodia) or it allows you to search your deck for a monster card.
Horn Of Heaven + Effect Monster + Oppenent's open field: This combo is used late game. Say you want to use your Man-Eater Bug that turn, but your afraid your oppenent will topdeck a monster. All you have to do is use the effect, and maybe do some direct damage, and then if your oppenent top decks a mon discard the used up effect monster, and discard there monster.
Well, this card really isn't that bad. It has some cons, but it can also win you games. As always, good luck and happy dueling.



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