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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Princess of Tsurugi

Card Number - MRD-086
Average Rating -  2.48 (based on 2 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - July 12, 2002


Hey CoTD peeps... Today's CoTD is.... Princess of Tsurugi.
Casual Play: 3.8
Tourney Play: 2.7
Overall Play: 3.25
+ It can do direct damage.
- Low attack and defense.
- Your at most going to do only 1500 damage with this card.
RFP: Ah, we finally come to royalty in our CoTD. This princess is the just desserts for magics and traps. Except after using the effect, you can always tribute princess for a summoned skull. Also if you have a robbin' gobblin on your side of the field you would get to discard a card from your oppenent's hand.
RFC: Well, like most effect monsters this one is weak. It only has a small 900 attack, and a weak 700 defense. So obviously it isn't going to stay on the field a long time. Also, just like Just Desserts at most your only going to be doing 1500 or so damage to your oppenent. Overall this card isn't very good. I mean its ok in a burner deck, but other then that its a below average card.
Just Desserts + Princess Of Tsurugi= Direct damage based on your oppenent's field.
Princess Of Tsurugi + Heavy Storm= Make them take damage from there Magics/traps, and then wipe out there defenses with heavy storm.
Robbin' Goblin + Princess Of Tsurugi= Direct damage, and then hand obliteration.
Thats it for today we'll be here next week with more CoTDS. Good luck and happy dueling!


No review.


Fri- Princess of Tsurugi
This is a pretty new card- Princess of Tsurugi. Itís the Just Desserts, only inverted. Itís a flip effect monster that does 500 lp for every M/T on their field.
Good? Not really.
I suppose it has its uses in a Burner deck, but nowadays, no one generally plays many M/Ts on the field. Why? Heavy Storm. People can actually effectively destroy your M/T field (De-Spell doesnít count >=O ). The best youíll get is usually 1000 lp damage, 1500 lp if youíre lucky. Thatís hardly worth playing, IMO. But if youíre in need of some effect monsters in a Burner, then by all means- take her. :O
Rating: 1.7/5 ≠ Being able to do stuff gives her a score.


No review.


No review.
Trunks the Swordsman No review.
Codith No review.



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