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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Solemn Wishes

Card Number - PSV-055

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 12.09.02


Solemn Wishes

A lot of people really like this card, and I mean REALLY like it. Whenever you draw a card, you gain 500LP. That's nice. Aside the fact that it makes it harder for your opponent to kill you, it also combos with cards like Burning Land and Chain Energy (well some what..). If you play a stall deck, throwing in a couple of Solemn Wishes is also nice just in case your opponent manages to get rid of your stall cards and attack for a lot of damage. It's also good if you play one of my most favorite Counter Traps, Solemn Judgment. Both Solemns... ~_^

Overall, I like the card a lot. Although it won't win you games by itself, it can prevent you from losing and buys you time. Does it go into every deck? No. If you play aggresively, this card is not for you. If you like to play defensively and conservatively, try this card out. You might like it...

Rating: 4/5
Yonex Solemn Wish -- Friday

Introduction: I wish for more Life Points!!!

Continuous Trap
You gain 500 Life Points when you draw a card (or cards).

Why should you use it?
*Gain life

Why shouldn't you use it?
*Gaining life won't win
*Situation waste of space

Reasons: Today we look at Solemn Wish. How greatful for this people who got
their wish of staying home today. Well, all this card does is just gain
life. In my opinion, this is just to annoy the heck out of someone, unles
you got something to do with gaining life. Basically, you just gain Life
during each of your Draw Phase, and if you run any other draw cards, you
gain more Life. Gaining life won't get you the win, unless you got a monster
that can just make your opponent take damage each turn. Good example is with
Burning Land, but still not really worth it. Well, if your losing, this
won't help you that much. 500 Life Points is very little, when a 3000 ATK
can easily kill you.

Rating: This card is pointless, this would just annoy your opponent to
death. This card gets a 2.9. It's not that bad at all.

Conclusion: I wish that no one is going to play one of these annoying cards.

wartortle32 Friday - Solemn Wishes

Today we look at solemn wishes. This card gives you 500 LP when you draw a card or cards.

Basically, you're gaining 500 LP a turn. This will certainly hurt burner decks if they cant destroy this as it will be hard to keep the damage coming when the opponent is gaining 500 of it back every turn. Plus, it combos nicely with cards like card destruction and pot of greed. You get extra LP in addition to the cards. It's definitely a great card for stall decks. Simply build up your LP while the opponent's deck gets drained.

I give this card a 3.3/5. I'm not going to go as far as to say that this belongs in every deck, but you should consider it as it can give you a great advantage if you can keep it out long enough.


Friday - Solemn Wishes

This is definitely one of those traps your opponent will want to destroy immediately.  What's even better is that this card fits perfectly into the slower control decks.  Also, if you can remove your oppoentns threats, you can set yourself up for a solid second half of a game.  This is a great card that is highly playable.  It's definitely not a game breaker, but it can buy you all the time int he world that you need to find your game breakers.

Rating: 4.1
SomeGuy Friday - Solemn Wishes

PSV-055 - Common
Continuous Trap
You gain 500 Life Points when you draw a card (or cards).

This is a pretty interesting card. I can see it working well in Stall decks and possibly Exodia. A 500 LP gain every turn isn't bad considering that you can make that number jump with a combination of a few other cards. One way to do this is via Card Destruction. There's the possibility of gaining a few thousand life that way. Too bad Card Destruction has been recently restricted to one.

The LP you gain per turn works great with cards such as Messenger of Peace and Imperial Order. This doesn't mean to throw three Solemn Wishes into your deck though, simply just play with a single copy. Unless, your deck strategy is to gain insane amounts of LP.

The latest Tournament Pack Ultra Rare, Morphing Jar, can gain you an easy 2500 LP if Solemn Wishes is on the field. That too is another restricted card.

And as always Pot of Greed, two cards along with +1000 LP is always nice.

Remember, effects such as Morphing Jar #2 and Cyber Jar will not gain you any LP. The reason for this is because they both plainly state "pick up" rather than "draw".

Rating: 3/5

Friday - Solemn Wishes
Well now, this card has possibilities!  This is the other half of the Burning Land combo, which basically makes you take no damage while your opponent takes 500 damage every turn.  500 LP per draw (not per card) would be really good if there was more drawing in this game.  So far, we have Pot of Greed, Card Destruction, Morphing Jar, Upstart Goblin, Masked Sorcerer, and Appropriate (I probably missed something, but :/).
In a stall deck, adding 500 LP (or 1000 if you have 2!) per turn can be really annoying.  Just watch out for a Megamorph deck, because your opponent would almost be guaranteed to have less LP than you (and Megamorph decks are becoming more frequent).
I think this card is nice because it makes Imperial Order's payment only 200 LP per turn, meaning you could keep it out the whole game if you felt like it.  That could be really annoying if you play a Heavy Trap deck.  Just Solemn Judgment the Jinzo and you're in business.
Score: 3.5
This card has major possibilities.  Seriously.  Try it out, you may like it.




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