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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Beast of Talwar

Card Number - PSV- 103

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 12.03.02


Beast of Talwar
LV 6/2400 ATK/2150 DEF

I like the art on this card. I heard that this is also the first card printed here in the US (like Dark Raichu was for Pokemon). Kinda cool, eh?

2400 ATK if almost as good as Summoned Skull. If you don't want to run too many Summoned Skulls, you might want to consider playing this card. You can't search it with Witch of the Black Forest though.

Should you play it? Personally I don't really see a point since you can just run Summoned Skulls or Jinzo. It might work in a Shield and Sword deck though...

Rating: 3/5
Yonex Beast of Talwar -- Monday

Introduction: Talwar! Tawlar! Tawlar! (Don't know what it means though).

Level 6

Why should you use it?
*Big Monster
*No side"effect"

Why shouldn't you use it?
*Tribute monster
*High defense

Reasons: I'm back! I took last week off because of some homework and
Thanksgiving. But I don't think it was that much anyways. Now I'm back to
start this report. Now let's start with an interesting week. We look at
Beast of Tawlar (Don't ask what Talwar means, me and Nick don't know what it
is either). This is a big monster, as big as the almighty Jinzo and Summoned
Skull. This monster packs in a 2400 ATK Points with a whopping 2150 DEF
Points. This is one big monster. This monster has no "side" effect like
jinzo, so it almost is like a summoned skull. It's strong defense means that
it can be set, which is good against those pesky Trap Holes. Also, if your
looking for a 2400 and rather use something else rather than Jinzo this
might be your pick. This monster has "balanced" stats written all over it.
Though this is a tribute mosnter which makes it kind of bad. Also with the
high defense means it is harder to search out with Witch of the Black
Forest. Summoned Skull is a lot better because Witch can search it out, and
it has 100 ATK points more, enough to kill those Jinzo. Though, its your
decision. You are picking a well balanced monster, over a powerful monster?
Well it's your choice.

Rating: Not bad monster at all. But defitantely won't replace the two big
tribute monsters, Summoned Skull and Jinzo. If your using this, I highly
suggest using Summoned Skull or Jinzo over it. This monster gets a 3.2 It's
not bad, but there is 2 way better monsters than this "Talwar."

Conclusion: Talwar?! Talwar?! Talwar?! Talwar?! Talwar?! Still don't know
what it means.

wartortle32 Monday - Beast of Talwar

Today we look at beast of Talwar. This monster has no
effect and has stats of 2400/2150.

This monster is just a watered down version of Summoned Skull. First off it has the lower attack. And second it has the higher defense. Of course at first that sounds like a good thing, but if you think about it, you dont use cards like this to defend anyway. And that higher defense means that you cant search for it with Witch of the Black Forest.

I give this card a 3/5. The attack is still nothing to scoff at, but just stick with the skulls.

Martin Beast of Talwar is pretty bland,
It's a card you don't want in your hand,
Summoned Skull is simply a better find,
The 100 less attack will put you in a bind.

That is simply what it is. Very few tribute monsters are played as is. With Jinzo having an ability better than this, and Summoned Skull having a better attack, all at the same tribute cost, this card just doesn't cut it. The better defense isn't even something needed. You would mainly need a tribute monster to attack with.

The card isn't bad, there just are better choices.

Monday - Beast of Talwar
o.o  I'm doing a CotD?  Wow.  Anyways, I've had, umm, issues the past couple of weeks, so I've kind of neglected my CotD duties.  I also noticed my column hasn't been updated in almost 3 months, so expect a new one soon.  OK, time for the review.
This is a card that was created exclusively for the English release of Pharaoh's Servant.  It currently doesn't exist in Japanese (although it might, one of these days).  For a Level 6, 2400/2150 isn't that bad of stats, although Summoned Skull outpowers it and Jinzo has an effect.  If you ever need to put it in Defense, though, it stands a better chance of surviving.  When would that happen?  Dunno :/  It can use Shield & Sword better than the above, if for some perverse reason you ever end up using the two cards together :/
Score: 2.9
Not only does it get outpowered by Skull and doesn't have an effect like Jinzo, you can't even Witch of the Black Forest it out!  Two words: trade bait.




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